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May Faith Be My Strength Always

I worried for years about blogging my thoughts. I had started a site in 2003 akin to the Huffington Post website. I stopped for it was brought to my attention my views could upset my family's financial welfare. I have now learned that God is my source. Even though I stopped the website ( family's financial welfare was turned upside down. Although something inside me told me to blog, I resisted returning to blogging to speak my voice. To quite that inner gnawing, earlier last year I decided to just get a blogging site. I did nothing on it really.

I continued to go on job interviews, my justification for not blogging my thoughts. The most amazing thing happened in the job interviews. I would either forget the things I have learned and actually taught these last 16 years or I would tell the truth of my desire to go into the ministry ( After the last interview where I forgot everything I knew about the IT industry, I laughed the 120 miles back to my home. I knew God was talking to me. Although, I am not "working" for pay at this point, I have a home with land and a vehicle all paid in full. The two things I did not have before I decided to step out on faith.

I admit I am aware that some of the things I say may offend but I am being honest and expressing myself to the best of my ability. We have shied away for far too long from the unpleasant conversations. We have gone into denial so far that we do not discuss the fact that racism is alive and well. Blacks do not believe they can be racist. Whites actually think Blacks get something for free. (If there are any Black people reading this blog who get things for free please let me know how.) Blacks and Whites expect me, born in el barrio, to laugh at Mexican jokes. ( No hoy.) We are denying the fact that we have a very large population of people over 60 about to retire. We are denying the fact that the United States has a huge working poor class of people. The government insists on trying to make these people middle class but they are the working poor. They live paycheck to paycheck. We are denying there is something amiss in our with our food sources. We refuse to accept anything that makes us remotely uncomfortable.

We must toughen up and accept life for what it is. We must talk with one another. We need to clear the air in order for us to move forward as a nation. We can not move forward when the population lives in fear. A fearful people can do nothing but stay stuck where they are. When I call on you to make moves know I am not asking anything of you that I myself have not done. I shall not tell you how to have faith but I shall share my faith with you. When you move in faith and you move with the intent to harm none and to help all you can be assured of peace within.

I write all of this to send out a big thanks to Professor Frances Fox Piven. She is older now but she is still standing and refusing to be scared into being quite by Glenn Beck. ( Glenn has with the backing of Fox News called this woman an enemy of the sate(paraphrasing). He has presented her works from the past ( effort to make social welfare available to all who needed it) and her recent call for the unemployed to march for their rights. I see her as a Christian woman who desires to help those in need. I see her as a patriot who knows we have the right to assemble in this country. I see her as the wisdom so needed by my generations and the generations after me for guidance. I give thanks that rather than hide in fear she is taking a stand. She is calling for us to have those uncomfortable dialogues we need to have. She is not an enemy of the state she is working to save it. She has stated nothing but the obvious truths we attempt to ignore. We must do something now before it is too late to shore up the gross of self-serving cracks in our country's ideals of freedom.


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