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MT Day 6

Whew!!! I am having issues with the video uploads. I am using my iPhone to upload videos. I send a tweet with each upload.

Today, was a good day. I had less pain and only a small amount of swelling. I am really enjoying the bike. I almost enjoy it as much as I do walking.

When working to achieve any type of goal in life, one must be able to stand strong in the face of opposition. Sometimes that opposition comes from those who love you. I had to give love and light to my mother this morning who came to me with an "emergency". Instead of stopping my routine to assist as I would have in the past, I informed her I would assist after I had completed my tasks. I am glad that I continued on my course of action. Her "emergency" was not an emergency that required me to stop taking care of self. Life lesson: Take care of the goose that lays the golden eggs first or you, the goose, will be of no use to anyone.

My playlist is still the same. I managed to wipe out most of the music on my iPhone. My rebuild of my collection is going very slow.

This morning I started out with an apple pie and a cup of coffee at McDonald's. I uploaded a video of my moment at Mickey D's. My lunch was a cup of chilli at Wendy's. My dinner will be a green smoothie (collards, banana, and apple). At the end of the day I shall have consumed less than 1800 calories. My strategy is moderation in eating and increased physical activity. In 14 days I shall add weights to my routine. I am allowing time for the current swelling to reduce before I add the weights.

At mid-day I enjoyed 30 minutes on the bike. My clothes are fitting better already. I know it is just the swelling going down but I take my victories where I find them. Mentally, I am more alert. My outlook on life is very positive and I pass that outlook to others.

As always, I thank each of you for your support. Know that I send love and light to each of you. I do ask that you keep my friends in Australia and New Zealand in your hearts and mind. I have not been able to get a response since the flooding.


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