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MLK Day tweet from McCain

I had expected to spend this MLK day doing what I normally do, nothing. As a note I do not celebrate many American holidays out of deference to my faith. My own birthday is just another day in the year on which I give thanks to God for life. I respect the rights of others to celebrate whatever holiday they so choose. It is America and we have such rights. As you read my thoughts on MLK day keep my back notes in mind.

I had planned to write about being civil and opinions in the news. However, Sen. McCain sent out a tweet of honor for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I was immediately in a state of shock. The man who fought so vehemently against making MLK day a holiday was tweeting about the honor of MLK Jr.? I was shocked ,25 years ago he could not see the honor. He could only see Robert E. Lee not being so honored. He helped to broker a deal to have MLK day be the same as Robert E Lee's birthday.
I remember so well the fight against MLK day. My mother was against schools being out for MLK day and felt there were more important things in the Black community than getting a holiday. My mother,who walked with Dr. King when he came to Mississippi, made it a point to remind us why he did what he did. He would not have wanted a day in his honor given he was a man of God. His fight to get Blacks access to quality education means he would want Black children in school. My mother's view was only Jesus deserved a day.

If Sen. McCain had used my mother's logic for his fight against MLK day I suppose I would not think of his tweet as pandering. He relied on his Mississippi military family background to influence his arguments against MLK day( I am just guessing here for I do not live in his head).

At the end of the day, I am glad to see progress in my country and in the mind of Sen. McCain. I appreciate Dr. King's following God's words to his heart. I am thankful to B. Rustin for helping guide Dr. King during the movement. I am thankful that I live in a country where social, political, and financial injustices can be resolved by peaceful means.

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