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Rules and regilation

Tonight I got a tweet from the local news about new regulations for the offshore drilling. I applaud the government for having a commission to look into what caused the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico last summer. What gets me is the call for additional regulation. We had regulations at the time of the oil spill. What we did not have was enforcement of regulation at either the state or federal level.

We need less regulation and more enforcement of the regulations already on the books. Our members of public service have discovered a way to be served by the public. When those who are enforcing the rules turn a blind eye to the various infractions, we get incidents such as the oil spill. The petroleum industry is not the only industry with lax enforcement.

We have guidelines in place for government spending, poultry production, beef production, produce production, dairy production, and even weapons. However, we have had major issues in each of those areas.

Meat and poultry inspectors being bullied into not causing " job killing" facility shutdowns by passing contaminated product caused thousands of Americans to endure food sickness. When the rules for military appropriations are circumvented, companies such as Halliburton are allowed to fleece America of billions. When people are allowed to use loops holes at gun shows, we get military grade weapons in the hands of civilians.

After the recent shootings in Arizona, legislation has been proposed to protect elected officials but not regular civilians from weapons. Those who have fought long and hard to keep guns in the hands of Americans now want those same Americans to stay 1000ft away from government officials ( WTL!!??!!).

There was no new legislation proposed when military grade weapons showed up in the hands of civilians at President Obama's healthcare reform rallies but now there is a call? Just enforce the current laws fairly. Also, I do not wish to have unstable people near me with weapons. Work with me Congress. Am I alone?

Currently the only enforcement I have seen is the prohibition of smart phones inside local, state, and federal offices. WTL!?!? I can barely make a phone call on my iPhone. There is no way I can use it as a weapon. We sweat the small stuff way too much.

My long drawn out point is we have enough laws we need more enforcement. We need to stop reactionary legislation that is often short sighted and counter productive. Please join me in hope that this new offshore regulation will be enforced. We in Mississippi can afford another oil spill.

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