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The Denial continues

I shall make yet another quick blog post, my fingers are frozen. I love rural living but the things I do for high-speed,(Green Acres). I am thinking how to phrase my distaste for not accepting responsibility for one's actions. I am quick to let people know I call myself on my own mess. When I am being messy, I say "girl stop, you are wrong." All I have heard since Saturday has been a continued round of refusal to accept responsibility for actions or words.

I grew up in a home filled with loaded guns. Knowing how to shoot was a requirement to continue living in the house. Day in and day out we were taught the KKK could come at any moment so we had to be ready to shoot. That is a great deal for a child to consume. After being reared in such an environment, I enlisted in the Navy. Due to a medical condition I was released from service before I could finish BASIC. I give these back notes to qualify my next statement. In my writings one would be hard pressed to find a reference to violence.

I am guilty of pleading for people to stop being happy with limited intelligence. Each day I plead with the people of my country and my state to elevate their level of thinking beyond hate and immediate gratification. I am willing to accept the results of my words. I said them, I wrote them, and I meant each one that came from me.

There are times when I do sound of in a torrent of anger when I see adults behave like spoil, rich fraternity brothers doing community service. Glenn, Sarah, Rush, and all the rest need to take a seat and review all that have spewed from their mouths. ( , )If they are ok with what they have said over a period of time then so be it. If they can not see where their words against a group of people in our society (blood libel, etc....) seep into the collective psyche of the nation, then so be it.

I shall not stop calling for those in MSM to spread love instead of hate. I shall not stop holding accountable those in MSM when the chickens come home to roost. I shall not stop believing that my country is better than what it has become a caricature of Alex P. Keaton. I shall not stop knowing in my heart that I am not alone in being tired of constant usage of hate to achieve a political goal.

At the end of the day if they continue to deny, I shall continue to impress on the American psyche the grand art of memory. I shall continue to use words that encourage Americans to understand what they are hearing and reading. I shall continue to use words that have Americans researching what they have read in the MSM for truths. I shall continue to use words that celebrate the diversity that is America. I shall continue to use words that will have all Americans understanding we are one nation, we are all Americans.

Finally: Jesus was an orthodox Jew. Here is a link for matzo balls No blood. Blood libel my frozen hinney. I am just slightly perturbed by the way. Accept responsibility for your actions.

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