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It is so hard to be gay in MS

Please read the link. There is so much nonsense in our statehouse these days I forget I am gay. It would be great if the biggest issue I had was being gay. However the wholesale oppression of people in MS to ensure the rights of corporations overshadows any homosexual agenda I may have had.

The link refers to yet another means to take public money for private interests. Thanks ALEC. GOP claims to be fiscal responsible but look more like raiders.

MS Legislator calls for death of homosexuals

There are times I wonder if the GOP is aware of itself. Last week MS GOP leaders had their panties in a wad after Gov Perdue of NC made an unfavorable comparison of NC to MS. They went as far as to invite her to MS for a visit. I think she declined. If she is gaythen she made a wise decision. This week state lawmaker, Rep Andy Gipson ( district 77), cited the Bible in his call for the death of homosexuals. Well well what do we have now in MS? Sharia law via King James ' version?

My friends warned me about returning home. However I had no choice for my family needed me. I was reared to place family second only to God. It is with great surprise I now know God has placed a hit on me.

When lawmakers feel free to promote hate for the citizens they were elected to serve we have an issue. Calling out Gov Perdue for holding unto a stereotype of MS is the last thing MS Gov Bryant should have done when lawmakers such as Rep Gipson serve in the MS legislature.

It is 2012. It is…

et tu mi Amor

Okay, if you follow this blog you know, I am honest about ranting. I am ranting today. WTF!!!!! Why are Dems attempting to out GOP the GOP in anything let alone raising money? Why? I mean f'ing really. The Dems must do what they do best, serve the people. It does not take billions to serve the people. Allow the GOP to attempt to buy votes. Dems must use their voices to tell the truth at every given opportunity. Currently with the internet being what it is and with social media on smartphones billions are not needed. We must do the best with what we have. This story makes no sense in light of what is going on in Wisconsin. The best publicity Dems could get at this time is a recall of Scott Walker in WI. However, the DNC is ignorning the request from WI Dems for funds to help defeat Walker. What is the freaking purpose of raising money if not to put boots on the ground? If I hurt some feelings with this posting…

Mississippi Burning Yet Again

The comments made by Governor Perdue of North Carolina offened many Mississippians. Mississippians on both sides of the politics and of various hues were offended. However, I, a Mississippian, am not offended. I understand how those outside of Mississippi could entertain a negative view of Mississippi. Mississippi earned a reputation that is proving hard to dispel. I am not writing to say Mississippi is Damron's Travel Guide top place for homosexuals to visit. I am saying it is not the hell hole some believe. I enjoy waking each day to fresh air. Although my commute to work is long it is not crowded. It is good that when I travel the state I have family no matter where I go. (saves on hotels) However, I do not have my head in the sand. Mississippi has some public policy issues. I shall not attempt to validate the some of the policies in the state by mentioning other states are doing the same thing. I call on the state of Mississippi to do better in regards to the ri…