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Early morning mess

I love America. No snark. I love my nation. My love is the reason I am so very concerned about the fight against Affordable Care Act. How can some proclaim this nation to be a Christian nation while fighting against access to quality healthcare for all? My nation has become more fearful and vengeful. The hatred born of fear no longer dwells deep within; it now lives in the open.

I am not a law scholar. In my simple view it does not make sense to fight a healthcare mandate when people are forced to buy auto insurance. In my view it does not matter if I pay because of a state or federal law, I am still paying. This suit against affordable healthcare is baseless in my view.

It is ridiculous for SCOTUS to make a decision on a law they have not read. Yes, I expect them to read all 2,700 pages. It is their job. My nation is about to set a sad precedent which will only serve to make the union less strong and less stable. States should have rights but not rights that supersede wha…

Bullying by another name is still oppresion

Today, I took the time from all I had to do for the day to participate in a "Stop the War on Women" protest. The purpose of the protest was the legislation at both the state and national level regarding the reproductive rights of women. Many of the speeches today were good. There was one speech that stuck out to me. The speaker mentioned the lack of LGBT support at the rally. I was shocked for I thought, am I not a "dyke". My being a lesbian is not one of the things on which I am quiet in Mississippi. It was then I remembered another speech that was similar. A Caucasian person, who attends the same spiritual service as I do, wondered if she should speak out on Treyvon Martin's murder. I thought at that time, why not you both are human and what happened was inhumane. Those incidents occurring within the same week coupled with an offline buddy making a statement about Jews started me to thinking. I should preface my thought with a little background. …

Hate vs Drugs

Recently in Mississippi we have had two deaths that could look to be racial to the untrained eye. In the first death a black male was shot in the back after being chased by two white males. What I am about to write is not factual just an observation. When the story broke two words caught my attention " scrap metal ". My first thought drugs not race were at the root of this crime. We shall not know the whole story for a plea deal was reached.

The second incident occurred this month at MSU. A white male was killed by a black male. Two things caught my attention. The black male was not a student at MSU. The white male was not in his dorm room. My first thought drugs. It has been confirmed drugs were at the root.

The two deaths I have mentioned at this point can be attributed to drugs not race. However Treyvon Martin's death and the Anderson death last Summner in Mississippi have race at the root. Anderson was a victim because the perpetrator was seeking a bla…

Being in Christ

There are times when being in Christ is not easy. The murder of Treyvone Martin is one such time. It is in these times that I find myself having to go deeper to be in Christ. However, I must be in Christ.

I am not in Christ because I am a punk. There is in me, a Black mother, the urge to strap up to take a trip to Florida. The urge is in me to "stand my ground" in 23 states. However I know that urge is not Christ. I have learned in my advance age how the universe brings about a perfect justice.

There are those who are praying for mass chaos to develop in the wake of Treyvon Martin's murder. There are those itching to pull on the cache of guns in their homes. There are those angry at yet another death where the crime was not being White.

Now is not the time for fear to rule our hearts and minds. Now is the time to allow the love of the Christ spirit to shine. We must know love will be the only way out of this mess. Fear in the absence of love, crested the law tha…

America thou have lost it

This link says much about fear in America. It speaks to why FL has a shoot first law.

Fear. Plain and simple fear.

Who runs your state?

I am keeping this one short and sweet. Please read the links. The legislation we are seeing across the nation is coming from one place. I should say the faulty and shortsighted legislation we are seeing is coming from one place, ALEC. Take the time to get to know it. Spend time with it so you can recognize it. These people are so brazen they are no longer changing the names. It is time for us to return control of our country to the people.

Y'all should eat my grits no cheese

It is two days after the GOP primary in Mississippi. We are still laughing at Mitt's attempt to cuddle up to us with cheesy grits and a few y'alls thrown in. In my area of Mississippi it is yaw'all(10 second word). Had he come here expecting us to be able to count to 20 without removing our shoes, he may have been taken a little bit more seriously. I am not sure if Mitt's grits ranks with Bush's "this part of the world" statement after Katrina but it ranks. Truthfully, I enjoy cheese in my grits along with garlic and red pepper. However, I do not think my love of grits, a bowl every morning, makes me Southern. Although I was born in Southern California and partially reared in Southern Wisconsin, I consider myself a full blown Mississippian. Along with keeping my grits to myself, I also speak without care of accent. The fact that I can tell you how to get from Memphis to the Coast without using the interstate or Google says I am from Mississippi.…

Planned parenthood rrsponse from Obama for America

In Race to the Bottom, Mitt Romney Vows to “Get Rid Of” Planned Parenthood

Chicago, IL—Obama for America Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter released the following statement in response to Mitt Romney’s comments today that he would “get rid of” Planned Parenthood to help balance the federal budget. A video of his remarks is here:

“Mitt Romney’s comments today that he would ‘get rid of’ Planned Parenthood show how low he is willing to go to pander to the most extreme elements of the Republican base. Planned Parenthood is a vital health care provider for millions of American women, giving them affordable access to life-saving services like mammograms and cervical cancer screenings. Even more offensive is that he would justify on fiscal grounds the elimination of Planned Parenthood, which represents 0.01% of the federal budget, even as he proposes a $5 trillion tax plan that would give massive tax breaks to millionaires and…

Day 58 2012

Learning of my cousin's death was a reminder of why I am making a change in lifestyle. I do not expect to live forever but I can stop rushing death's visit to my door.

I admit the change is not easy. Learning to get enough sleep each night has been the hardest part yet. Because I walk 3 to 5 miles five days a week I am not rushing the weight lifting. I am pushing myself to give up more of the starches. Love those starches.

We need to talk

Today I shall attend a wake for a younger cousin. On hearing of her death my first response was "that little girl". It had been do many years since I had seen her. I spent the day attempting to see her as a woman. I wondered why I have been spared when others in the family have not. I also spent the day wondering why my family was in denial about genetic disorders. In this case my cousin dead due to lupus. My family and people in general need to be honest about genetic disorders.

In my family there are a few things we are most like to experience. Ovarian and lung cancers are top of the list. The next comes stroke. The women are usually limited to two live births at the most , provided they do not die during the first birth.

Having enough medical history for a case study one would think my family would be more open about medical matters. Yet I went blindly into pregnancy not knowing until after my child's birth of the family history.

Knowing of our history I would …

Day 57 2012

I was sleeping well. However recently I am sleeping but not resting. Working hard to get back on scheduled. The lack of rest and recent health scare for son was a setback.

Confusion reigns

If the Affordable Healthcare Act of 2010 is unconstitutional then how does the new act in VA stand up? Forcing a woman to pay for a medical procedure that us not necessary is not constitutional. I could be wrong but it seems requiring listening to fetal heart beat before an abortion is more intrusive on rights of an individual than purchasing health insurance.