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Hate vs Drugs

Recently in Mississippi we have had two deaths that could look to be racial to the untrained eye. In the first death a black male was shot in the back after being chased by two white males. What I am about to write is not factual just an observation. When the story broke two words caught my attention " scrap metal ". My first thought drugs not race were at the root of this crime. We shall not know the whole story for a plea deal was reached.

The second incident occurred this month at MSU. A white male was killed by a black male. Two things caught my attention. The black male was not a student at MSU. The white male was not in his dorm room. My first thought drugs. It has been confirmed drugs were at the root.

The two deaths I have mentioned at this point can be attributed to drugs not race. However Treyvon Martin's death and the Anderson death last Summner in Mississippi have race at the root. Anderson was a victim because the perpetrator was seeking a black to harm. Treyvon Martin was the victim of racial profiling. Killing is bad and to kill based on race is terrible. It is horrific.

President Obama did not imply that if the situation was reversed it would be less horrific. However Gingrich and Santorum attacking President Obama's comments as being divisive show a lack of racial awareness.

I have read comments by whites claiming the recent death of the white male MSU student was racial. I have heard comments of whites being concerned about blacks desiring to start a racial war. I can not speak for NBPP but most blacks I know are not thinking of killing whites. The hottest topic amongst blacks I know is gas money to get to work. In fact most of the people I know no matter racial background are more concerned with gas money than starting a racial war.

There is a small minority in America thirsting for a racial holy war. I find nothing holy about war, especially if based on race. We need honest dialogue on racial conflicts rather than inflammatory words.

Star (Kosciusko , MS)


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