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Correction on PERS

I am thankful to my readers. Thanks for your emails Here is an update to my blog posting earlier. People we must stay awake. Be not dumb downed by the system. Stay awake.


I may have given you a wrong number on the PERS lawsuit. I said PERS total assets were $36 billion. I got that figure from the 2010 PERS financial statement.

However, I've been reading that the fund has $20.8 billion as of June 2011. Which means that 16% (not 8%) was swindled from the PERS fund.

MPB says $20 billion:

After reading further, I am OUTRAGED that Barbour's commission is being funded by federal stimulus money. Money that was SUPPOSED to be used on repairing infrastructure and creating jobs.

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Wake UP Mississippi PERS

Every now and then a reader sends information to me that I find useful. I am posting to my blog an update I got today from a reader. I am leaving out the reader's name for I do not have permission but will update with name once I have it. I find the information sent to me to be too important to keep to myself. This is an issue not just for Mississippi but across the nation. Mississippi is the economic poster child for Tea Party economics. We must do something now in Mississippi and across the nation to put life back into proper perceptive for 99% of Americans. Occupy. Occupy now. Sad little buried news items sent to me by a reader: To my fellow liberal mad woman in Mississippi, I came upon your blog on your Occupy night at Smith Park and noticed your comment on PERS. Though certainly not my only reason for supporting the movement, I do consider PERS to be revelant to OWS. You list the cutting of benefits by Boss Hog Barbour and we are in total agreement on that. …

Quick AM thought

If you follow me on Twitter(@amsmadwoman ) or FB(Libby Middleson) then you know I have been active away from my blog. I am working on a guide for voters in Mississippi. However this morning as I dressed I had the opportunity to listen to corporate owned MSM (HLN) discuss the events in Oakland.

Hold your hats for the spin: the police are victims of the protestors. WTL?!!??! I too have heard stories of the police being hit by rocks in Oakland. However I was not in Oakland to confirm. I can not confirm if rocks were thrown or if the person(s) throwing objects were protestors or undercovers.

The spin by MSM is outrages. It shows who owns what in America. There is a continued move to discredit the movement. The police rep on the show claimed the protestors had no respect for law forcing the hands of the police byte news person claimed the protest should not be overnight. I guess neither of them have been impacted by the 8 yrs of bad policy during the Bush administration. I guess the c…

Writing voter guide for MS

Busy with family, Occupy Mississippi, and writing voter guide. Although Mississippi did not produce idiotic immigration legislation it is proposing something much worse, prop 26.

I am seeking views on the proposition and other initiatives on the ballot.

Working against clock. Hope to be press ready by Wednesday.

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My Occupy Night

My Occupy night lasted 2 seconds. Someone whispered rats in my ear and I left. Give thanks to those Occupying. I arrived at the park a veteran of camping in the wild and having slept in a few subway stations. I was ready for police, police dogs, night sticks, fire hoses, and jail. I was not ready for the parade of rodents.
Jackson Mississippi is the same as NYC, Chicago, and Atlanta in regards to what happens when the lights go down. So blessings to all who are occupying to regain our quality of life. Thank you.

I shall say, the police presence at the park while I was there was kind. They were doing safety patrol without harassing. Then again the governor and Lt governor are attempting to cut retirement for public employees. PERS is one of the reasons I thought to brave the night at the park.

Please stay strong on this mission. If you are such as myself answer the call from those Occupying. If you cannot occupy you can support those who do. Send food and first aid supplies. Be …

Occupy Mississippi

Mississippi Occupy Smith Park
October 15, 2011

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It is time to come together. We have a voice. We are not controlled by corporations. We are individuals coming together for the common good of our species. Let's do this people. We bring love, peace, and understanding as we seek economic justice for all


Tonight I rest. I prepare to occupy in Mississippi this Saturday. I read daily of local governments cracking down on the occupation. Daily I read of arrests of those who seek equality of economics for all Americans.

Now is not the time to be faint of heart. We must continue our stand. The Senate's refusal to vote for the jobs bill is reason enough for us to stand.

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Occupy Mississippi

The General Assembly of Occupy Jackson-Occupy Mississippi endorses,
agrees, affirms, and adopts the declaration made by Occupy Wall
Street. We agree that it is representative of our thoughts on the
basic problems we feel we have today.

We come to you at a time when corporations, which place profit over
people, self interest over justice, and oppression over equality, run
our governments. We have peacefully assembled here, as is our right,
to let these facts be known.

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We still stand

Stand you in NYC. Stand those in Boston. Stand people in Atlanta. Stand strong Portland, Main. Stand America.

Rise Mississippi. Join your voice longed silence by those elected to guide you to prosperity. Rise Mississippi. Wipe the tears from your eyes. Stand. Stand and demand a seat at the table. No more will you work 16 hour days just to bring home a tenth of the boss's pay. Rise Mississippi. No longer will your children be undereducated and overworked. Rise Mississippi. Stand stand for a quality of life deserving of one who has worked for so long so many hours and so many days. Rise Mississippi. It is time. Occupy now.

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Still I shall Occupy

It is early AM. I awaken early because of a dream of being arrested without just cause.

News reports of people being arrested and beaten in other states #occupywallstreet fill my twitter and Facebook accounts.

This protest will be one where I shall not bring my son. I prepare for arrest though I have no plans to break any laws.

Do I fear? No. My belief is in doing right for the right reason. I join #occupywallstreet for many reasons. My main reason for joining is to encourage Americans to seek out information on their own. The more we know the more we grow into understanding our rights as citizens. When we sit back and allow others to tell to us our rights we loose them.

Occupywallstreet is important and it is important that we do not stop. We must continue to occupy. No matter the beatings. No matter the detainment. We must stand for our economic rights.

We need universal healthcare in America.
We need our transportation and information infrastructure upgraded.
We need to im…

Kill my seed before it grows

Sheriff John Brown. Stand up. Stand up for your rights. As I channel Bob Marley, I feel those words as never before in my life. Tonight I attended a meeting to plan OccupyMS. I was shocked to see 35 people out to plan in MS.

During the course of the meeting several people made statements that echoed the words of the establishment to kill a movement. OccupyWallStreet is confusing the MSM (corporate controlled need). After attempting to ignore the movement, they are now scrambling to define the movement. After being unable to label a leader or a single cohesive issue, they are now attempting to discredit the movement.

It is for us the people to not depend on MSM to define our movement. America in the last 12 years have created enough ills for us to protests a full year 24/7. This movement is not about a single issue. It is about the collective economic and social oppression of Americans. When roughly 1% of a population controls 89% of all resources and 99% of the people do not have …

Occupy in MS

OccupyWallStreet is a true organic movement. I am attending a meeting in Mississippi for Occupy in Mississippi. We can do this people!

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Who is Christ

We have lost our way in this nation. Can anyone still spell Christ? Immigration laws show a very ugly side of our nature. We have become little more than fake Christians in a nation that stops for Christmas. Check out this story. It should pull more than a heart string. What about a brain muscle? Wake Up America. Simple wake up.

EPA must die or so say Southern people

It amazes me how Southerners continue to work to kill themselves and their children. Georgia has joined the Southern fight to eliminate EPA rules that require companies to be responsible to the environment in the course of business. I am not willing to sell the lives of my children and their children for a dollar today. These Southerners claim it is anti-Southern to care about the environment. I say their claim is full of hog-wash. If we allow corporations to continue to bypass EPA regulations there will be no place to obtain free drinkable water or breathable air. We will find ourselves paying for those things required for life. We will pay the very corporations that polluted the resources beyond usability. People wake up. Think for a moment. Is that paycheck really worth it?…

Harry Reid blocking...again

Harry Reid is up to the same mess that cost the 2010 election for the Dems. President Obama needs our help. Harry Reid and crew have delayed and killed much progressive legislation. Pass it on. Call Congress on the game playing
It is not by chance that the MSM is attempting to kill the Occupy Wall Street movement.

We the people must take a stand. Call Congress tell them to pass the act. Harry Reid must be made to see the light.

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I too have feelings:

Tonight as I was planning what to buy from McDonalds to feed my child, I learned of Steve Jobs death. Before there was the SyFy channel or smart phones it was not cool to be a person such as myself( geek).

I remember reading how stories about Jobs and Gates latest hypothesis in the early 80's made me feel normal. I remember the tingle I got as I would hide away at the local library reading the latest electronics magazine. In those moments I was no longer stuck in a small town in Mississippi. I was at the conventions listening to Jobs explain how the future of computing would be small systems. As I type this blog posting using my iPhone, his words prove to be true. Tonight we have lost much in this nation. Yet I keep hope for I know his legacy has inspired others to follow his steps.

"Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid
the trap of thinking you have something to lose." -- Steve Jobs, 2005
web • 10/5/11 7:40 PM

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Join OWS online

Join the Virtual March on Wall Street by sending your personal story or message of support to
"the 99%" protesters on Wall Street, who are speaking out against corporate greed.

Join The March!
Dear MoveOn member,
As the nights grow colder, the passion of the brave occupiers of Wall Street only grows stronger.

They're called "the 99%," because they stand for all of us left behind by the massive concentration of wealth among the richest 1%. The protesters' unrelenting campaign against the corporate takeover of our democracy is being fought in the best traditions of nonviolent resistance.

The 99% are both an inspiration and a call that needs to be answered. So we're answering it today, in a nationwide Virtual March on Wall Street to support their demand for an economy that serves the many, not the few.

If you've been waiting for an opportunity to stand in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, today is the day to get off the sidelines. Join in the virtual marc…

A Simple Tool. use it

People we continue to ask the president to so something but what are we doing? His own party did not back him but they backed Bush's ill-advised policies. We must contact Congress today. Demand an end to the Bush tax cuts and support for the American Job Act.

Here is the simple tool to be used.

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Cutting my life

This morning I prepare to take my parents to the VA in Jackson. I shall miss a full day's pay to do so. However, I am thankful that I am not having to drive 4 hours to get to them to then drive them to the VA.

Yet, in the midst of my thanks , I think how cuts to programs for veterans cause me to return home. Our government is making cuts to programs that actually help working class families. My missing a day of work is the same as a parent having to stay home because no childcare facilities available.

We must call on Congress to make cuts that matter and to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire.

Please help Americans in need

Pass along this blog posting to all you know. We must take a stand to stop the erosion of our rights as Americans.

Pass this posting to others. We are the difference.

Dear friend,

Thank you for signing up to join the Virtual March on Wall Street. We'll send instructions first thing Wednesday morning. In the meantime, let's get as many people as we can to join the Virtual March! You can invite your friends and family by just forwarding the sample letter below.

Spreading the word is critical, but please only pass this message along to those who know you -- spam hurts our campaign.

Thanks for all you do.

--The Civic Action Team

Here's a sample message to send to your friends:

Subject: Virtual March on Wall Street this Wednesday


Have you seen what's happening on Wall Street?

Thousands of people are occupying the streets to demand that giant banks pay their fair share of taxes, end the foreclosure crisis, and create jobs. The protest has been running for two weeks…

Is Niggerhead Perry's end?

If it is we have an issue in this nation. Perry's end should be his call to end Social Security. His end should be his plans to cut teachers in Texas public schools. His end should be his admittance that he is offended at the idea he can be bought for 5K.

Niggerhead should not be our issue with Perry. I mean really he is from Texas where people think Blacks where\are ok with Jim Crowe. We need to remind America the real issues Perry has.

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