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How elected officals should behave

I think of the six months I lived in NJ.  The people opened their doors to me and their restaurants.  NJ is the only place outside of the South where eating is a hobby and love affair.  The bad part, the food is damn good.  Warning, the people in NJ, even Newark, are sweet, loving and kind people.  Wear sweat pants and be prepared to eat your way across the state.   I ask everyone reading my blog to please text RedCross to 9099 to send $10 to help those affected. 


Sandy does have a silver lining.  That lining is elected officials doing their jobs regardless of political affiliation.  Christie's response to President Obama's response to Sandy gives to me hope that all is not lost in America.  Maybe there is more to us than Democrat or Republican.  Am I a dreamer? I hope I am not the only one. 

The media has made much of President Obama and Christie actually working together for the people.  It is a sham…

Whoopi cushion for Faux News

I arrived home after the football game to see a cry for help to stop the bullying of Whoopie Goldberg.  I had to wonder what she had done?  It seems her crime was to ask a question many in the 47% are thinking:  Romney family's military service.  Faux News' usual suspects ran with what appeared to be a lack of knowledge on the part of Ms Goldberg.  It was even suggested she should have done more research.

Although Ms Goldberg is a comedian, black, and female I have reasons to suspect she is a critical thinker.  In fact her follow-up statement after Mrs. Romney's smirk filled reply about the Morman religion confirmed the true nature of  the conversation.  The truth, as I view it, the Romneys love to see America at war but find a mission when called by the country to serve in the war. 

Mitt championed Vietnam but did choose to go to France on a mission.  Mitt's sons all five are healthy and have not served in the military although our nation has been at war since 1990.  …

Vote my way! or else lose your job

I found that thought I had lost earlier.   I post my thought here for it is longer than 140 characters.  I have no links for I need feedback from you.  We need to create a listing of the CEOs telling their employees a vote for Obama is a vote to be laid-off.   We need to be ready to take the intellectual talent from those CEOs to form new ethical corporations. 

It is very telling of the value these CEOs place on those they employ.  It is time for Americans to take a stand.  Voting is our right.  It is not a privilege to be earned. Voting should not be subjugated to the whims of CEOs.  We need to make our voices heard at the ballot box and where we spend our money.

Train of thought- Seriously I lost it

I had a really fired up rant over some other statement from Mitt.  I have forgotten it while watching President Obama on the Daily Show.  Wish I could remember what it was.  Multi-tasking getting teenager in bed and homework checked. Worried about student loan payments.  What was on my mind?  I dislike losing my self-righteous rage.

I had a wonderful tittle.  Geez what was it?  Mitt says so much wealthy entitled stuff that gets my goat I have a hard time deciding what requires my time.

I feel like a woman

I shall write more about the debate but I must post this quick thought.  When Mitt said binders full of women, my first thought was did he not know any qualified women at Bain?  He spent according to him 25 years in private industry (note: Mitt is over 60 where were the other 35 + years).

Seriously, he had no qualifed women at Bain?
Seriously, women only need flex time to cook dinner for their families?
Seriously, the MSM attempting to pain President Obama as rude with Candy? Seriously?

Binders full of women
President Obama's response

Keep in mind Mitt Romney is not off the mark with the GOP.  The RNC chair has stated Romney is on mark.

Fairness Doctrine - Liberal media

Today I sent an email to my local radio station asking for a time slot.  I shall see if I am allotted time on the station. I have asked in person and via snail mail. 

I asked for a slot on the new Urban radio station that broadcasts football games of the private academies created after Brown v. Topeka....  I live in a very conservative area, hence the name of my blog.  The media where I live is much the same as the rest of the United States, not liberal.  Reagan's elimination of the Fairness Doctrine allowed conservative media owners to change the narrative presented to the American people. The people here for the most part are under informed or choose not to engage with the local media because it is skewed against free thinking.

Please wish me well.  Although I have blogtalk radio, I wish to be able to reach the people in my area as well.  Many here do not have broadband or access to a computer.  Currently offline radio and print media still have value in this area when it come…

Twitter limit during debate

I somehow hit the 1K tweet limit during the debate.  The man shut me down.  I enjoyed the debate.  Mitt was not allowed to lie.  He was called on each lie. 

I can be reached at  Maybe my Twitter account will be restored.

Past time to talk about Mitt as governor

Tonight bloggers need to do what the MSM will not do, tell the truth.  As luck would have it, I have associates from Massachusetts who tell a different story about Mitt's term as governor.  These people would be those who worked for the State of Massachusetts.  There are many things about Mitt we need to tell and to relate back to the GOP as a whole.  His term as governor of Massachusetts is just one of many things the public needs to hear.

I am posting below comments from others who have gone on the record with the Obama campaign about Mitten's term as governor.  

Massachusetts Officials Speak Out Against Romney’s Revisionist History
CHICAGO – Mitt Romney’s campaign is telegraphing that he’ll talk about his faux bipartisanship tonight. The debate hasn’t even started yet, and they’re already pushing an argument that is completely divorced from reality. The truth is the real Romney didn’t reach across the aisle in Massachusetts like he claims.
In response to Mitt Romney revi…

A letter to Romney

Mr. Romney:
Today, before the debate tonight, I take the time to write to you.I write to ask that you simply tell the truth or sign a contract with the America people that your words of love and of empathy for the plight of 47% of us will be followed with actions that improve life in America for the 47% who have no sense of accountability.Your lies, I am too poor to use $3 words to describe your first debate performance, hurt the 47% of us who are attempting to have a better quality of life in the United States.
I live in Mississippi.You have come here twice to successfully raise money for your campaign but at no point did you do anything beyond cheesy platitudes.Rather than address the depressed wages and the income disparity in Mississippi, you suggested Mississippi is a model for the rest of the nation.Do ya’ll in the 53% really think grits are enough for living?Do ya’ll think it is okay for people to work 16 hours per day yet still not be middle class?I really would like to kno…

What I desire from a re-election

I write the post in response to a question put to me on Twitter. There are some things for which 140 characters are not enough. I was asked what I expect from President Obama's re-election. In truth, I expect nothing if Congress continues to be made up of those who seek nothing more than to discredit the President at the expense of the American people. President Obama showed to me, during his first term, his understanding of the desires of the American people. I am working with others across the United States to get out the vote to change Congress from those owned by the multinational corporations to those who desire to do what is best for the people of America.

Currently the President seems to stand alone in desiring to do what is best for Americans. I am not saying he walks on water. There are several executive orders from the Bush Administration that on the civil liberties of Americans which the President have not rescinded. The President's silence on laws that prohibit th…

Politics back in churches?

Checkout this article. Churches not losing tax status over political endorsements? Bring it on. Huffington Post (@HuffingtonPost) tweeted at 2:15 PM on Fri, Oct 05, 2012: Pastors Are likely to get away with endorsements from the pulpit this Sunday ( Get the official Twitter app at

Who was that unmasked man at the debate?

Who was that unmasked man at the debate? Seriously, I want to know who was Mitt last night? He backed off so many of the promises he made to win the GOP primary. In short Mitt lied his ass off. Joe Scarborough failed to take on the fact Mitt lied his ass off. Instead Joe applauded the bullish and manic behavior of the GOP candidate. I have yet to hear any conservative call Mitt Romney out on his blatant lies. Maybe they have become jaded at this point with his lies. If I had voted for Mitt Romney in the GOP primaries I would be madder than a wet hen in the Mississippi heat. Mitt Romeny made a hard left turn during the first debate. He reminded voters, as Newt pointed out several times, why he was able to be governor of Massachusetts. I should have seen this crab walk when he mentioned that he favored something like the Dream Act. Mitt, too little too late. Latinos were watching the GOP primary debates. In fact, we all watched the GOP primary debates (holla at your "bro&…

Statement from OFA Campaign Manager Jim Messina on Tonight’s Debate

CHICAGO – Obama for America released the following statement from Campaign Manager Jim Messina in reaction to tonight’s debate: “The President spoke directly to voters tonight about his vision for an economy that grows from the middle out, while Mitt Romney spent the night on the defensive, doubled down on the same bad ideas that crashed the economy, and got testy when he was pushed on specifics. Romney confirmed that he opposes a single dollar in new revenue from the wealthiest to reduce the deficit and continued to hide the details about how he’d accomplish his plans because he knows they don’t add up and are bad for the middle-class. He was unable and unwilling to explain the math behind his $5 trillion tax cut favoring the wealthy, refused to say what rules he’d put in place to protect consumers after repealing Wall Street reform, and didn’t offer a single idea to protect families from insurance company abuses after repealing Obamacare. Tonight the American people saw the…

Troops in Afghanistan

Take time today to contact your member of Congress to express your support for the troops still in Afghanistan.  We need to bring all of our troops home. We need to show support beyond parades and yellow ribbions. Please make the call today.