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A letter to Romney

Mr. Romney:

Today, before the debate tonight, I take the time to write to you.  I write to ask that you simply tell the truth or sign a contract with the America people that your words of love and of empathy for the plight of 47% of us will be followed with actions that improve life in America for the 47% who have no sense of accountability.  Your lies, I am too poor to use $3 words to describe your first debate performance, hurt the 47% of us who are attempting to have a better quality of life in the United States.

I live in Mississippi.  You have come here twice to successfully raise money for your campaign but at no point did you do anything beyond cheesy platitudes.  Rather than address the depressed wages and the income disparity in Mississippi, you suggested Mississippi is a model for the rest of the nation.  Do ya’ll in the 53% really think grits are enough for living?  Do ya’ll think it is okay for people to work 16 hours per day yet still not be middle class?  I really would like to know what ya’ll think of Mississippians. 

Everything you said about the 47% could be seen as an insult by 98% of Mississippians.  We have very few people(<1 .9=".9" be="be" class.="class." considered="considered" in="in" make="make" middle="middle" per="per" span="span" state="state" style="mso-spacerun: yes;" the="the" to="to" who="who" year="year"> 
In fact, given less than 50% of Mississippians are  making $40K per year, middle class is still a dream. It is due to a systemic depression of wages rather than a lack of education that keeps many in the state from being “Middle Class”.   Mississippi is a place where a M.A. will get you lead on the production line if you work hard enough. You, Sir, have defined, via the 47% video, 98% of us as lazy. 

We are far from lazy.  We drive 60 miles one way to earn $10/hr.  However, your lies, which are really the GOP platform of lies, which were formed by the corporations of ALEC, hurt Mississippians.  We hurt when our elected officials believe such lies and legislate based on the lies.  Some say lie is an ugly word but I am too poor to be cute when I and others in Mississippi hurt daily.  These lies repeated daily in the news have an oppressed people believing having affordable health insurance is bad for them.

My governor, Gov. Bryant, is spending time needed governing Mississippi to promote the “ills” of the Affordable Care Act.  However, if the insurance exchange was in place here in Mississippi, I would not have to drive 60 miles one way for work.  I would work as a true independent contractor.  Currently, I work for a company that gets the benefits for hiring me without allowing me to have access to benefits.  The benefit of writing off my commute to work is lost as well as the cost of purchasing insurance on my own.  I am sure $700/month for insurance may not seem like much but for me it is most of my paycheck after you take out fuel and before you take out grocery, utilities, and clothing.  I am currently on the stay healthy or just die quick health insurance plan.  I know it is hard to imagine but there are people who do stay home and die. 

We know the penalty of going to the emergency room for care. The nephew of the ex-governor takes you to court where with a nod and a wink the judge okays a judgment against you.   I and co-workers often joke of how we are worth more dead than alive.  We also joke about not being revived in the event of an accident.  We joke about our economic statuses but we know the truth to our jokes.  The truth is we cannot afford to be sick.  The time when I should be home resting to regain my health is spent in worry about will I have a job and how will I pay my bills.  It is a vicious cycle that can be broken by the Affordable Healthcare Act.   The act you vowed to end your first day in office. 

I am speaking as amember of the 47%.  I am trusting God for my care should you and the Tea Party GOP control all levels of government.  The GOP platform is one that invites not robber barons but a return to the feudal system of Europe.  In that system one born poor only had a 2% chance of escaping poverty.  In that system only those who gained favor of the nobility could afford a physician, an education, or decent housing.  I ask of you, please be honest in the debate tonight.

Sue Harmon


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