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My Woman's Card is in the Mail

Welcome Luvs and Lovers to another wonderful day.  This morning I awoke to a tweet that my state still had spots for the 2016 DNC.  I immediately sent in my email request.  I then put on Corinne Bailey Rae to start my blog post about why I desire to be a delegate.  In 2012 I was running for a spot on the Executive Committee for the Democratic Party when I was, in my view at the time, erroneously voted for the 2012 DNC rather than a spot on the Executive Committee.   However, hindsight shows all things previously hidden.  I learned in 2013 the only horse I can not only lead to water but make drink was myself.   I had multiple family events that pushed me to the brink of sanity.  I spent the next two years doing me.  Getting back to self.   Well now I am back and ready to get back into the fray. When I was traveling the state of Mississippi attending various Democratic functions, my stump was about informing the voters of the issues and candidates.  I also was open about the threat of ch…