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Time for something new

Boycotting worked so long ago. Now is the time to buycott. Buy shares in corporations that are not being good corporate citizens and then use your vote as a stockholder to change corporate climate. Another option is to create good corporate citizen corporations to provide the services we need.

It is time we get our government to do what is best for all citizens.

Email I got today from

Tell Verizon: Drop the new fee for paying bills online

Libby --

Hey - it's Molly! Remember when together we beat Bank of America -- and the whole banking industry backed away from charging us just for using our debit cards?

Well, it’s time to get the band back together. Verizon just announced a new fee for paying your bills online. Really. Even though paying via internet is fully automated.

It’s not just about the money (though if you’re like me, you don’t have extra cash to be sending to a giant phone company in order to pay your own bills). It’s that Verizon thinks it can do anything to its …

We must hold our elected officials accountable

Short simple to the point. It is all in the title. Please read the links below and then take action. It is time that we return to being a progressive nation. We must stop the regression of our society. Between ALEC and Tea Party we are seeing a return to the robber barons era in America. We must take a stand. Tea Party was allowed to run rampant with guns yet peace OWS participants have been beaten, sprayed, and arrested. We must take a stand. We must return our government to the people. Our country was formed because a group of people were tired of being controlled by corporations via the government. We must take a stand.

Black people for Ron Paul

I am posting a link regarding Ron Paul and how some Blacks view him. I personally will not vote for Ron Paul. I will not vote for anyone who is OK with anyone's dying because of a lack of health insurance. Ron Paul is logical on some items of public policy. However he misses the mark on other items. Some of the things he says are liberating yet most of what he says and does is not beneficial for the whole. Having said what I have said, Ron Paul is the only current GOP candidate who can give President Obama a run for the money. Newt's cries of racism by Paul fall on deaf ears. Newt knows Paul is a strong contender. The GOP powers that be know Ron Paul is a real contender who will not play by the GOP rules. Check out the video. Please let me know what you think of the video. Video Links:…

People speak up

I write this note to Americans. My countrymen we have, in theory ,more power than any other group of people on the planet. Why are we remaining silent as our rights and social protections are being taken from us? It is time for us to stop protecting corporations. The job creators being given special protection and tax dollars are not creating jobs in America. We have a problem and we must speak up and out.

Please read the article below. We cannot afford any more of Republican Party rhetoric

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Xmas War

When will Americans wake-up to the lack of a war on Christmas. Today, I am thankful McDonald's is open. What other religion in America closes the post office? What other religion in America closes schools? How many public schools in America have Christmas plays? There is no war on Christmas. The "war on Christmas" is nothing more than a construct by the media to maintain the numbers of those who vote Republican. It sole reason for existence is to create a victim mentality to increase the numbers of the Republican party. Looking at "Christians" in America under a microscope very little Christ can be found in the Republican party (IMHO). Knowing scripture and attending church become nullified when the death of someone without insurance is celebrated. There is a war on Christmas but it is not against the holiday or the closure of public and private concerns for the holiday. The war against Christmas comes when people give into the demands of Madison Av…

Once more Americans being held hostage at Christmas time

It seems to me that the GOP likes holding Americans hostage at Christmas time. Last year the GOP flexed its triceps over the Bush Tax Cuts. GOP demands we continue to enjoy protecting "job creators" while we lie in the dark room of our home ill because we can not afford electric or medication. We must get Boehner and crew to understand we will not take it anymore. It is time for us to become active. I watched Boehner's press conference today. He told only one truth in the entire 5 minutes of speaking. I have posted a link to the conference. Guess what I found to be the one truth(whole truth) in his speech. Best quote of the day : " The disagreement here is not between the Speaker and the president." He said it's not the president's responsibility to act as a "marriage counselor" between Republicans in the two chambers." (…

Where is my nation?

Where are my people at? I am appalled by the hatred towards Muslims. Lowes which is my store of choice pulled ads from Muslims in America. Lowes, which supports NASCAR, pulled ads from a show that depicts the actual lives of most American Muslims. NASCAR fans are not known for big MLK Day celebrations yet Lowes support.

We, as Americans, have lost our ever loving minds. We have become so fearful, thanks to the constant images of radical Muslims in our media. We now refuse to learn how unfounded is our fear of Muslims. Sad. I want my nation back to sanity

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More children dead under pressure

America what is going on? Yes, my children drive me batty but each time I desire to beat them into the middle if next year, I remember why I have them.

It is time we as a people learn how to have peace. The peace that allows us to face all storms. Blessings to parents struggling everywhere. Blessings to the children caught in the struggles if their parents.

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An American Nightmare

As politics is played in DC, Americans suffer. Companies are hiring but at low wages and without benefits. People drive greater distances for employment yet we have no high speed rail. Healthcare costs rise while GOP guilt those who need coverage into foregoing care. Games are played daily in DC with the lives of the American middle and lower classes. Welcome to the American Nightmare.

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Newt 101

Great read

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Call to call Congress

Orin Hatch complains about GOP not being involved in the latest proposal from Dems. Correct me if I am wrong but I thought the GOP was locked into a deal with Grover Norquist. A deal that limits the GOP to solving our fiscal issue to only social spending cuts. Sad part the Dems actually included GOP cuts. Yet the GOP continues to be the party of no.

Please make a call to Congress. Once more GOP holding poor, working poor, & real middle class hostage at Christmas time. Make the call. It is time to get Congress to listen.

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OWS dead? Again?

I am so angry at this moment I cannot type straight. I am sick of false stories planted in the media to kill a real people's movement (OWS). OWS is not dead nor is it dying. Please read the article. We must get more real stories into the media about Occupy. This woman has not been to Occupy she is only repeating a lie created in the MSM to kill Occupy. The people of Occupy are too busy attempting to make a change to think of orgy and the like. MSM is being irresponsible to all at Occupy as Occupiers. There are those at Occupy camps who are not Occupiers but people intent on killing the movement by any means necessary. Please spread the good of Occupy. We must be the media until the media reports truth.

Does Crazy Ever Take A Holiday

Short and sweet. Check out this link.

How much more crazy from GOP must we have? Read up on Newt's early life and then read his comments. Newt needs a blessing. Sad sad little man.

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