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Same stuff different year

People we have a problem in America. Why are we still fighting the same issues we were fighting 10 years ago?

I reviewed my blog postings and articles I have written over the years. I found repetition.

I have yet to write about the correct fuel required for interplanetary travel. I have not written any articles complaining about the broadband speed from my isolated rule abode. I could not find any writings discussing the lack of space in advance mathematics classes in public high schools.

I saw several writings supporting pro-choice. There were articles discussing the modern day attempts to keep voters from voting. There were articles snout illegal wars. There were articles about government waste. I even wrote on the detriment to our economy the Bush tax cuts would have. Why am I rehashing tired articles?

Because we continue to allow the same group of clowns to represent us. I have watched President Obama butt his head against the wall trying to get change in DC. It is a crying sha…

Follow me....

No blog update. Major crazy in Mississippi. I am working to prevent crazy from becoming law of the land.

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My blog may suffer for a moment but I am updating quick thoughts hourly on FB and Twitter.

Mississippi has an all out assault on women in the works. We also have a candidate for governor who balanced the budget on the backs of the states's poor.

Join me in healing the crazy before it becomes a national epidemic.


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I have been told to leave the nation. I am told I should live in a socialist nation. Should I tell this person I do live in a socialist nation? We have been socialist since the founding of our nation.

These people actually believe social programs are the reason for our national debt. We must change the narrative in this nation. There are people actually falling for trickle down economics.

Wake up America. Wake up. The FB poster told to me thus morning the wealthy would stop the liberals from achieving any form of success. It is strange those who have wrapped themselves in God & flag are the ones calling for war against the poor and working poor.

I am at a loss of understanding how their minds work. Are these the people of Clockwork Organge?

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Ours to lose

I have reached that point. I must be honest by saying that point includes my financial information being changed without my consent. I am now in a financial bind because of no access to my finances. All of that aside, I spent the last of my spare cash on a political donation for a candidate running for statewide office in Mississippi. Now as to the point I have reached, it is the point of being pissed with people who clamor for change but do nothing to facilitate that change. President Obama has finally come out swinging and I am pulling eye-teeth to get people to just call Congress to support the president. I mean really. These are the same people who are upset with Congress and demand more of President Obama but they will not spend 5 minutes on the phone. They will spend hours on Twitter, Facebook, or talking with me but they will not call Congress. People we have a problem. If we do not get the change we desire it is on us. It is not the fault of anyone but us. There …

A Beautiful Life

What is the value of a life? For whom is the toll of the bell justified? As a liberal I have been able to see the hearts of today's Republican by watching the reactions at the recent GOP debates. The crowd cheered the deaths of those by execution in Texas( The crowd later chanted for the death of an uninsured 30 year old man ( ) Yet these are the same people calling for an end to abortion. What I witnessed is a level of regression that recalls the films of the single celled organisms from biology. Are we not highly developed organisms with the ability to reason? In my home state of Mississippi, where I am sure there were people cheering the exceution of other humans and the deaths of people without medical insurance, we have a proposition on our ballot regarding making abortion illegal, Measure 26 ( The language of the measure is: ( source :…

Take a moment to call the House


District Name Party Room Phone Committee Assignment
1 Bonner, Jo R 2236 RHOB 202-225-4931 Ethics, Chairman
2 Roby, Martha R 414 CHOB 202-225-2901 Agriculture
Armed Services
Education and the Workforce
3 Rogers (AL), Mike R 324 CHOB 202-225-3261 Armed Services
Homeland Security
4 Aderholt, Robert R 2264 RHOB 202-225-4876 Appropriations
5 Brooks, Mo R 1641 LHOB 202-225-4801 Armed Services
Homeland Security
Science, Space, and Technology
6 Bachus, Spencer R 2246 RHOB 202-225-4921 Financial Services, Chairman
7 Sewell, Terri A. D 1133 LHOB 202-225-2665 Agriculture
Science, Space, and Technology


District Name Party Room Phone Committee Assignment
At Large Young, Don R 2314 RHOB 202-225-5765 Natural Resources
Transportation and Infrastructure

American Samoa

District Name Party Room Phone Committee Assignment
At Large Faleomavaega, Eni F. H. D 2422 RHOB 202-225-8577 Foreign Aff…

GOP not aiding in the storms of American life

Thanks to my FB buddy Mary for pumping up my blog. Since she put it on blast with Crooks And Liars (, I decided to drive the 10 miles to town to update this blog using my laptop. Thanks Mary for the shout out.

Another motivator for my updating tonight after a long day at work is the title link. There seems to be a high cost for getting a clue that Cantor does not wish to pay. Must we suffer for his lack of knowledge? He is a victim of the same misinformation that plagues many in America.

A young man in his 20's said today he would not be able to retire until he was 90. I had to say something to him. 1. The amount of FICA taken out of a person's check does not equate to the amount that person receives in SSI payments. 2. Warren Buffett can not turn FICA into a small living in 50 years. 3. If he is able to work at 90 then give thanks that his b…

Pain sells

9/11/2001 was not a good day for our nation. However, there have been a few good 9/11 days since 2001. It amazes me how we come together to celebrate the pain but not the joy of the growth from the pain.

Mel Gibson made a billion from the pain of Christ which renewed hatred for Jews. Yet a movie celebrating the joy of Christ only makes it to network television.

People there is joy in life and we must live it.

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Backwards is as backwards does

Warning if you click on the title link you will cry or feel a sense of anger. You may do both. I am positing a handbill I created against Proposition 26 in Mississippi. This proposition in short order is to make abortions illegal. Rather than have the state to endure the cost of an unnecessary legal battle, it would be best if Mississippians voted No on Proposition 26.

Let the facts speak for themselves in regards to what we as Mississippians and as Americans need to have on our minds more than we do abortion.


Children in Mississippi as of 2008: 768,704
Children in foster care as of 2008: 3,126
Number of children victims of abuse and neglect (2008) 6,272
Number of grandparents raising grandchildren (2008) 48,144
Number of poor children (2008) 220,446
Number of children living in extreme poverty (2008) 107,09…

6 PM CST 9/8/11 Be There a Call to action

We the people need to watch the President's speech. We need to call every media outlet to express our views the next morning. We need to call our members of Congress to ask why they were not there or how do they plan to stand with the President to get this country on track? President Obama has taught to me, a bellicose type human, the art of compromise. He has made every attempt to be peaceful in the face of blind hatred, disrespect, and obstruction. We need to support him tomorrow for Congress is not. Congress is wrapped snug in the pocket of the Koch brothers and friends.

Our government is by the people, for the people and of the people. We must stop being inactive critics and become active problem solvers. It is up to us for our Congress is not doing it. The have abdicated their jobs to 12 people. Really?!!

It is a shame the GOP felt a presidential debate was more important than hearing what the President has to say. It is pure hypocrisy for the GOP has been demandin…

Liberal Moaning

Take a moment to read the title link. Here it is again.

Recently, I have engaged in a conversation with a few people on FB whose statements seem to be little more than road blocks put on the highway to stop any progressive movement in Mississippi. If these people are not moles planted to derail a growing liberal movement in Mississippi then I apologize. However, their collective behavior is indicative as to why the Tea Party made some gains in 2010.

Although some would find it strange that I a granola eating tree hugging single mother, with aging parents, and a black lesbian living in Mississippi would vote for a Republican, I do not. There are times when I vote based on the greater good rather than my own key personal issues. I grew-up in a collective society within America that requires one to see beyond one's own nose. Many times Progressives/Liberals are only able to see what is in their imm…

Oh Beautiful...but only on my TV

If you as a reader were to spend time with me offline you would learn in a matter of seconds, I am a tree hugging liberal. This week to hear that President Obama negated the EPA's attempt to provide clean air for future generations hurt. It was a kick in the stomach. It was the quintessential WTF move for a president elected on change. I am sure several other "where's the change" moments can be noted but for now I focus on the EPA ruling.

I could almost see the head of the EPA, Lisa Jackson, throwing her hands up in the air and asking WRF?!?! She has spent over 18 months working hard to promote an understanding of the Clean Air Act only to be toppled by the unfounded notion that the act would derail jobs.

How, I would like to know would jobs be killed by regulation? Regulation of industry in America would create jobs. Corporations would be forced to hire or to train workers to implement the changes required by the legislation. Training people for new tech…

A Mississippi Moment

Yesterday on FB I was privy to a most interesting dialogue regarding the governor's race in Mississippi. There are people actually planning on not voting in the upcoming elections. I understand their questioning of the Black Democratic nominee's commitment to ideals important to Progressives. I am often confused myself as to why Blacks vote Democratic given many of the ideas vocalized by Republicans are often preached in Black homes. Although one can not tell by the numbers of Blacks in single parent homes, who are a teenage parent or even the disproportionate number of Blacks incarcerated, the Black community is very conservative on certain issues. Yet when faced with having a platform vague Democrat or a known social services, school staffing, medicaid cutting Republican in office, I shall support the vague Democrat.

I am a staunch independent. I normally will vote 3rd party. However when faced with the knowledge that a race is of vital importance and will require a…

Respecting the Prez

NASCAR drivers not showing up after White House invite. This headline shows a few issues in our nation. I admit I had little respect for the Bush administration but I was and still am opposed to the wars. However in all of my disgust with the Bush administration, I did not exhibt the disprespect shown to President Obama.

The last time I saw a preident so disrepected without cause was Bill Clinton. Is there something against poor people or people of color occupying the White House? Is the White House only for rich white males?

President Obama has done nothing to deserve the level of disprect of he has received. People must move past a black man occupying the White House. If his own party would back him and if the GOP would stop inciting racial ignornace against him, this country could actually move forward.

These slights against President Obama do nothing for any of us. Boehner's insistence that a GOP debate is more important than actually listening to President Obama's…

Simple confusion

Just a thought: Is the GOP debate more important than discussing a plan for jobs? I mean really. The GOP has hounded the President for not having a detailed jobs plan for months. Yet when he is ready to present a detailed plan they tell him to wait.

Someone please help me to understand the logic. Is the clown college that has become the GOP debates more important than an adult conversation on jobs?

We need to contact Congress to get an understanding of their logic.

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