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Games rich people play

I know I am not the only person forgoing SNL for C-SPAN tonight.  I watched to see if the rich people in the House of Representatives, on a government sponsored healthcare plan, would really vote for a bill crafted to end access to healthcare for many in the working classes.  The House GOP has spent so much Koch money to gin up support for the underfunding of the Affordable Healthcare Act I am jealous.  Jealous for that is money that could have been spent ginning support for our sub-par infrastructures in America.  However they have wasted time and money to defeat a law that has survived 40 something attempts of nullification.  Games rich people pay.

I continue to think of a line from a Sheryl Crow song, "....I can't afford your gas....".  At the time of this writing, I have $28 dollars in my account and I drive 120 miles each day to work; do the math.  I can't afford this gas coming from DC to subsidize those whose money is longer than my own.  I ask which of the it…

Manufacturer of fear

Recently there has been an all out campaign on Twitter to stop ACA.  However when questioned those opposed to ACA only mouth talking points from Fox or pretend to be most obtuse.  They even denounce the website healthcare
gov.   Why hold on to fear? The $7500 increase has been debunked twice.  There is no " lie" by President Obama in regards to keeping current private insurance.   The government is not forcing anyone to join the exchange.  The President is not interfering with free enterprise by forcing providers to remain in business in states with exchanges.   If a company pulls out of a state that has an exchange it was choice of said company.   If a person is unable to acquire via the exchange comparable coverage then he or she has ground for legal recourse.   People get the facts.   Stop the spread of fear. If the world ends October 1st so be it.  Otherwise, I implore all to go to to view the options now afforded to you.  I wish like heck I had ACA wh…

Cutting SNAP makes a difference Not

There are days I have to wonder about the GOP.  I understand the rationale behind their actions or obstructions.  I wonder why they give into such rationale?  It seems they have forgotten how they came to be elected to office.  People not corporations voted them into office.  Yet each week they forget how they cane to be in office. 

There is not much for me to say in this blog posting.  I have been posting the same thing for years.  It is time for us to vote these people out of office.  It is time for the American people to be more important to the government than corporate interests. 

Cutting SNAP will not improve jack for the nation. 


Childish Moment

Every now and then, I know I am being childish.  I give in to those moments for suppression does not work.  Saturday, as I sat at my mother's house cleaning her computer, for free, again, I had a childish moment.  That moment came when President Obama handed the call to engage in war back to Congress. Although war is a serious contemplation, I stood up and did the "Church Lady" dance.  The dance wasn't pretty but neither are the political games being played when it comes to Syria.

Allow me to go on record as stating, I have marched against wars in my lifetime.  I was given a medical discharge during Desert Storm I from the Navy.  I do not believe in interfering in the fights of other nations.  However, if the people of those nations, the people not the politicians, reach out to us I think we should respond.  America was built on the backs of people from around the world.  America has oppressed those people who have built this nation. However, international support he…