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Wisconsin did not see it coming

It is late as I start this blog post. My anger level may be higher than normal. It would be easy for me to call Gov. Walker the dick his actions seem to say he is. However, as I listen to his campaign advertisements, I discern he is doing nothing more or less than what he said he would do.

The people in Wisconsin did not turn out to vote last year. Those who did vote turned out for Walker. They fell for his rhetoric on social entitlement programs. Now those same people have come to understand that unions, health benefits for public servants, and pensions for those same people are also social entitlements in Walker's view.

My rant tonight is not the idiotic action of Gov. Walker. Tonight I rant against those who vote against their best interests and those who do not vote. If we sit at home during elections then we get what we get, Gov. Walker. It is time we standup and speak-out.

We must organize and get out into the street. It is time we go door to door spreading the news. We mus…

My Black History Month post

Tomorrow is the last day of February and hence the last day of Black History Month. My son reminded me, as I was writing my P.A.P.P.Y. post (punk assed preachers pimping you), about a long standing issue with Black people. My son said to me," Mama if Black people did all of these good things, why are we not better off in America?" My quick response was to remind him of how I constantly remind him to work with me to make life better for us. I explained how the reason Blacks are not further ahead as our innovative qualities suggest we should be is as a whole we Blacks do not have a mother reminding us to work with her to achieve sustainable success.

As I write this post, I think of an incident involving myself and two Blacks unknown to me. One day, as I was working on a project at a local business, two Blacks in loud whispers commented on my choice of hairstyle. They could not understand why I was faking the funk by wearing my hair in twists. Had they asked me they woul…


Warning this post may be a bit offensive. This topic came to me as I contacted ministers about joining a protest. I received the message that the head office would not want the minister to support any type of political event. After getting the message the word PAPPY(Punk Assed Prechers Pimping You) came to me. What if Martin Luther King or Joesph Lowery had such fears? I was angry and totally disappointed.

I was not angry or disappointed out of some naivete about the laws governing 501c. I was upset and concerned because I had no one willing to risk the 501c to improve the community that hosts the church he/she oversees. This lack of willingness to risk 501c standing hurts poor communities where the church is still the focal point.

It is amazing to me that these religious leaders take money from the poor but will not stand up to support the poor. The rally yesterday(Save the American Dream was about more than supporting Wisconsin. It was about keeping our governme…


I shall host for an event this Saturday at the Capitol in Jackson MS. I am moved to action not out of fear or anger but because it is time for action. I have watched media manipulation since the Reagan years. Even as a child I was able to discern media stories from real life. However I have encountered those who are victims of the hype. The sad part is those people have been elected to office. Governor Walker was upfront during his campaign about what he would,yet, he was elected anyway. He was elected due to a low voter turnout for mid-term elections. Those who did turnout to vote were also victims of media hype in the United States.

Media hype states:
Blacks have special programs that give free things to them

A woman is too dumb to make a decision regarding her own body but is smart enough to rear a child alone in silence.

Pre-emptive wars are a must to ensure our safety.

American corporations will trickle-down profits to employees and the communities that host the corpor…

Get up do something

I am dead tired after a long day of physical labor. I thought not to update blog but feel compelled to do so

Very simply get up America do something. Look at WI!!!! We must not sit quietly while such events to limit the rights of Americans occur.

At the end of the day. If we do not stand up against such corporate dictatorship we all will become drones. is holding speakouts/protests starting tomorrow around the United States against budget cuts and the unAmerican behavior in WI. Get out. Do something positive for our country.

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This Saturday across the nation there will be rallies held to show support for the people on Wisconsin. The people who were told up front by the then candidate Walker what he would do if elected.

I encourage everyone to attend a rally near you. If we turn our heads to what is going on in Wisconsin then we are saying yes to attacks on our freedoms.

I remember the poem that starts out by say the author did nothing until finally it was he who was at risk and had no one to call.

We must take a stand. Our Egyptian moment has come. It is time for us to take a stand against fear and corporate domination of our government.

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Regrouping MS Tag

I had originally written a most eloquent piece on the tag issue in Mississippi. After it was dumped by my BlogPress app, I find myself to be less eloquent. So here in plain speech are my thoughts.

The governor of Mississippi is only deluding himself if he thinks he will be president of the United States. A majority of Americans are over the racial hate that is still virulent in Mississippi. At a time when he could show the nation that he has moved beyond his Mississippi "nigga this and nigga that" Delta origins, he has chosen to embrace continued racial strife.

The one good thing out of this entire tag mess is the coming together of all Mississippians, save the governor and Sons of the Confederacy, to denounce plans to honor the founder of the KKK.

I had avoided writing on the tag issue in Mississippi for we have larger issues. The current budgets in DC will allow money to continue to be siphoned from the pockets of the poor and the working poor by the wealthy. It is my ho…

Friendly Money

This year as budget cuts are bandied about in DC, there are some cuts not mentioned. The amount of money we spend each year to have friends. It is time we stop paying other countries to be friends with us.

Many in DC will tell to you how we must give money to these friends. If we do not the world will come to an end. I say before we cut education at home we must cut foreign aid.

The Egyptians are prepared to go without our aid. They wish to be self governing without our interference. The old political guard keeps missing this statement from the Egyptians.

Israel has a high GDP. It's citizens have healthcare and paid education at the university level. Given the human rights abuse against the Palestinian people we should underfund Israel before we underfund healthcare.

It is time that we move into the 21century. We are still caught up in yesteryear. (This week the budget was printed in massive numbers instead of being downloaded to a Kindle. ) The world is tired of Western coloniza…

MT Day 32

I am back on the bike again. It snowed yesterday. No school in this Southern town.

I had stopped for about 7 days to allow my body to recover from a respiratory illness. Vitamin C works but sometimes the weather is too much for the body to overcome.

I am starting slowly. I am doing an hour on the bike. I refuse to stop. My brother is still ridiculing my efforts but I refuse to stop. Many times in life we stop doing what we desire because of the ridicule of others. The successful people know that to stop because of ridicule does not allow for success. The key is to dig deeper and to keep going. Being able to see a goal in your mind is the key. In my mind I see myself crossing the finish line in less than 26 hours without being winded.

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A time to act

I spent a portion of my night calling people to help with the speak out event is planning for the 24th of February to give voice to the budget cuts. ( My field organizer had pre-warned us not to take any of the comments personally.

However, I did take one call to heart. Warning this post may be a bit racist. I got a return call from a number that had no answer when I originally called. The young black man on the phone seemed dejected that I was not calling for a booty call. He was somewhat offended that I would be calling about political activism. I was offended by his lack of awareness.

I live in Mississippi a state where if not for political activism, my black butt would not have received the education I did receive in Mississippi. I think to my mother, uncle, and Jewish father who risked their lives to make Mississippi a place of equality for all. I think to being called a nigger in the first grade by the superintendent's wife…

Not Alone

This morning as I enjoyed coffee, I read the newsfeed on FB and the tweets on Twitter. What I was able to surmise is I am not alone.

This morning there were many online questioning the budget cuts. These people were asking the same questions as I. What about foreign aid? What about defense budget? What about corporate welfare? What about those 2001 tax cuts?

The biggest question was why are we not mad as hell? The protests in Tunsinia, Egypt, and the UK have been about the disparity in income. Unemployed around the world are pissed. The working poor worldwide are furious. Worldwide these people are so upset they are taking to the streets. They march risking life and income to have freedom from financial oppression. However, in our land of the free we stay sequestered in our homes from a painful reality. We are not free. We fear speaking out lest that one loaf of bread in our Christian homes is taking away by our corporate masters. The only thing we said when Obama did not get the 2001…

Repubs Egyptian fear

This morning I could not devote my full attention to C. Armanpour so I put it on my DVR. I watched the episode before the Grammys. As I listened to Gingrich and Pawkenty speak on Egypt I gave thanks for my blessings.

Until the full implication of not having a cowboy Republican president in office during the 18 days in Egypt hit me tonight, I would have said my son was my top blessings. Tonight I am blessed that my son will have a chance to become a man in a truly democratic world because the Republicans are not in power.

If Pawlenty and Gingrich are the best the Republicans can offer then it is best Republicans stay out of power. These two guests spent their entire time on Armanpour berating the president's handling of the Egyptian situation.

I did not approve of the administration's handling in regards to the delay in coming out in support of the people. Nor do I approve of the administration's continuation of fear based policies towards countries in the Near East. Unlik…

Budget Cuts Just Another Show

I am not sure where to began with this post. It could be drinking hot chocolate instead of coffee has my thinking muddled in the anger that awash my body at the recent pandering in D.C. to the lowest least common denominator. I am disappointed that the president in an attempt to continue his quest for bipartisanship in D.C. has committed to several cuts that will do nothing for the deficit. I am angered that GOP members have put out a list of 74B in budget cuts when our deficit is 1.4T. The fact that these cuts are nothing more than retaliatory cuts at best is even more madding. The cuts proposed will do nothing to offset the budget. In fact these cuts will help add to the deficit.


In making the budget cuts, the party of "no" just looked to what President Obama asked for in 2011 and said no. (
The List of 70 Spending Cuts to be Included in the CR follows:

· Flood Contr…

Nation Building in a Mixed World

The events unfolding in Egypt are more about a world without borders than just simple freedoms of a people. As I watch the United States and Israel sit on the fence watching, I laugh. I laugh at world leaders who are not getting IT. IT is the realization that the Internet has made it a small world after all. The United States and Israel sit in worry that a Muslim, I hate Israel regime, will replace Mubarak. The truth is those people sleeping and marching on the square are not looking for such a regime. If you were to ask those in the square they would say they do not live to see Jewish people dead. They would voice a strong dislike for the racist Israeli policies that keep non-Jews oppressed in Israel.

World leaders must understand we are a small world. The Internet has allowed us to communicate beyond physical, sexual, religious, and political boundaries. Our communication has allowed us to acquire a view point that extends beyond our noses. Our worldwide friendships over the Inte…

MT Day 32

I am back on the bike again. It snowed yesterday. No school in this Southern town.

I had stopped for about 7 days to allow my body to recover from a respiratory illness. Vitamin C works but sometimes the weather is too much for the body to overcome.

I am starting slowly. I am doing an hour on the bike. I refuse to stop. My brother is still ridiculing my efforts but I refuse to stop. Many times in life we stop doing what we desire because of the ridicule of others. The successful people know that to stop because of ridicule does not allow for success. The key is to dig deeper and to keep going. Being able to see a goal in your mind is the key. In my mind I see myself crossing the finish line in less than 26 hours without being winded.

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MT Day 22

I spent weekend caring for sick family. My body is now attempting to given into the bug. I attempted to rest today to allow body to heal naturally. However, family demands have kept me up and at it all day.

I have managed to get healthy snacks, almonds.

I shall get to bed much earlier than normal tonight. My hopes are to sleep through the night and to have no tender ear canals by morning.

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Today as I sat in orientation to become a temporary Walmart employee I had the pleasure of listening to an anti-union ad. This video was played prior to the safety, lifting, or even the welcome to Walmart videos. Although I was not born in Mississippi my upbringing has given many Mississippian traits. One trait is a strong dislike of anyone attempting to snooker me into something. Even if it is something I am normally against such actions just make me want to go the opposite way.

I have not had the opportunity since college to join a union given I usually work as a corporate employee. Even when I could join a union I just could not see giving more of my paycheck to fight off a dismissal from my employment. Call me slow and trusting but I felt the employment laws on the books were enough to protect me as long as I upheld my end of the employment bargain. Note: I am a naturally thrifty person.

The video today was something of an insult to my intelligence. I felt violated in some unna…

In God We Trust

This morning as I was taking my son to school, I noticed the tag on a vehicle from Indiana. The motto on the tag was In God We Trust. I immediately thought back to the fights on the motto being on our currency. I then thought how for all the fighting over words we do not have the actions to backup the words.

We spent years during actual wars in Iraq and Afghanistan debating the motto, 10 commandments, and if this nation was founded to be a Christian nation. We spent so much time debating that we forgot to backup the words of our debates.

I truly have to ask how many people actually trust God? We invade Iraq on a pre-emotive basis to beat terrorism. When we failed to have another Muslim extremist choreographed attack on American soil we beat our chests claiming out might. I can not recall a head bowed in thanks to God. We have placed our trust in military might rather than in the "God" we use to beat others.

I find something amiss with such inconsistencies between words and…

The Revolution is....

The revolution is televised. As a child I often heard the revolution would not be televised. Today it is being televised. However television is not the medium that is helping to fuel the revolution. The Internet is the media source that has fueled the revolution against the years of fear and hate from the ruling powers.

I am not only speaking of Egypt. I am speaking of all governments and powers that be that have used and continue to use hate and fear to control the people. Some in the U.S. recognize that the revolution is not limited to the Near East. We know that the years of fear and hate used by our own government has sowed the seeds for a peaceful revolution in the United States.

Our revolution will see poor whites and minorities coming together to end the tyranny of the corporate ruling class. We will demand a free quality education in all neighborhoods. We will demand an end to inferior healthcare when we have turned 1/20th of our paychecks over to private insurers in the…

Root Issues

Recently I applied for a position that requires a great deal of physical labor. It is a temporary position so I figure I shall be ok in regards to my health. As I looked around the room I noticed an absence of males applying for the position. Given the physical demands of the position I would have thought to have seen more males. My county currently has a very high rate of unemployment. I was baffled by the lack of male applicants. However understanding came to me the moment I was told to take a drug test. This company did a same day drug test.

Prior to my applying for the position, I had told a certain male of the opening. This male gave to me reason after reason as to why he had not applied. Each time it was not his fault. Yet as I gave my sample to the lab technician, I understood his issue. Smoking pot can stand in the way of employment. In fact he was kicked out of a job training program for being "hot" on a urine test.

When Nissan came to Mississippi it was alarmin…

Young Beauty

I am about to hit the hay. Prior to hitting the hay, I watched a show about babies on beauty pageants. I did my best to control the anger inside of me. I failed. I am now writing my disgust with these displays.

I was very upset with the mother of one little boy. She was uber critical of her son. Seeing her I was more against these shows than ever. We should do more to build our children internal qualities.

Night. I think I shall be able to sleep now that I have vented my anger.

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MT Day 29

Hello to all still following. I have been ill since day 22. However, I keep trying.

Here is a word to the wise, know when to say when. I did not take the clue when I began sweating heavily 15 minutes into my workout. The cold weather and rain has made recovery very slow.

The good news is I have not given up. I have faith that I shall be in training form soon.

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Power to the people

This weekend I got a tweet regarding something said by the president. The president is to have said, " it is for government and business to lead America into the future". I replied to the tweet, " I disagree with the president. It is for the American people to lead America to the future.".

I worry that we the people have lost our minds along with our collective will. I can at no point remember turning over my life to government dictates. I am dang sure I have not given into corporate mind control.

We need to awake to the daily warnings. Recently corporations have been given rights as individuals. The Republicans, supported by Fox News, used every bit of misinformation available to get people to vote against the good of the people. There is now a call for school choice rather than improve local schools.

We the people must lead this country. We must let the courts know the difference between individuals and corporations. We must let political parties know the power …


This week started off so well for me. Although I am physically drained, I am still happy about Egypt. I am sadden at the violence after the peace. I see the violence as nothing more than a last attempt to create disruption by those about to lose power. It is my hope that people worldwide see this violence for what it is. We have a government stomping, beating and killing peaceful protesters. Ignore Glenn Beck's call to fear. Take the time to make a call to your person in congress to demand an immediate end of U.S. aid to the Egyptian government.

Peace does work. I am still overjoyed by last week's start of the peace revolution. I maintain hope that it will not be stopped by those seeking bloodshed.

I shall rant more when I have more brain power to do so.

As always thanks for reading.

God is Great

How great is this day? I am fighting respiratory issues but am so happy at the same time. This happened without the need for foreign intervention. It was done without spending 200 million a day on arms. This revolution was of the people, by the people, and for the people. Thanks to the Internet, world leaders were not allowed to turn a blind eye to this revolution. People around the world came together to demand their leaders apply pressure to the Mubarak regime.
Today the people and not back room politics won. Egypt is not the last stop on the power to the people train. That train will pull into the station in the USA in 2012.

Continue to send love and peace to Egypt. Today is a great day for humanity.

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