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Repubs Egyptian fear

This morning I could not devote my full attention to C. Armanpour so I put it on my DVR. I watched the episode before the Grammys. As I listened to Gingrich and Pawkenty speak on Egypt I gave thanks for my blessings.

Until the full implication of not having a cowboy Republican president in office during the 18 days in Egypt hit me tonight, I would have said my son was my top blessings. Tonight I am blessed that my son will have a chance to become a man in a truly democratic world because the Republicans are not in power.

If Pawlenty and Gingrich are the best the Republicans can offer then it is best Republicans stay out of power. These two guests spent their entire time on Armanpour berating the president's handling of the Egyptian situation.

I did not approve of the administration's handling in regards to the delay in coming out in support of the people. Nor do I approve of the administration's continuation of fear based policies towards countries in the Near East. Unlike Pawlenty or Gingrich I do not fault the president on one hand and then basically state I would have had the same response as the president. I am always for the people to be free if oppression.

When Armanpour asked both men directly what type of response should have been given they both danced around the direct question. All that I could take away from their responses was fear.

Basically, to my ears, they stated more of the cloak and dagger negotiations that allowed Mubarak to stay in power for 30 years would have been the best strategy. I got this impression several minutes after they had danced around the direct question from Armanpour. Their response is one based in fear. Each hinted to a desire for the United States to use foreign aid as a tool to affect the outcome of the new Egyptian government. These Republicans are not listening to the people abroad or even here at home.

Do they really think that people who protested for 18 days really give a hoot about our giving financial aid to Egypt? These people were out in the streets protesting because the aid we sent to Egypt was not trickling down to the people. Have the Republicans not heard the people of Egypt say they do not welcome American interference in the formation of their new government?

These representatives of Republican leadership have absolutely no clue. First they accuse via various media outlets the president of being a Muslim. Secondly they have forested a culture of hatred for Muslims in the American people. Third they are implying that Egyptians are violent and hell bent on killing Jews.

It would be a good idea for Republican leaders to befriend a Muslim not connected to oil. It would also be a good idea for these leaders to learn a little more about the country of Egypt beyond what they see from the staterooms. It is concerning to me that they can not go beyond Islam enough to learn a lesson from Egypt or our intervention in Iran so many years ago.

We as a country must get out of the nation building (colonization ) business. We must end our support of those who oppress their own people just to keep gas in our cars or Israel safe. Those days are over for us. It is time that we understand that we are not the sole owners of intelligence of democratic government. I have faith that the Egyptian people can govern themselves. I have faith that they will survive even if we do not send aid. Although should we not send aid to a democratically elected government then we may look like the fear based policies we have had in place for over 30 years. That look is not a good look.

As for me I give thanks that I have been blessed to see democracy come to a Muslim country. I am blessed the Republicans are not in a position to implement any of the fear based rhetoric I heard from their representation today. May this world remain so blessed.

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