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The Revolution is....

The revolution is televised. As a child I often heard the revolution would not be televised. Today it is being televised. However television is not the medium that is helping to fuel the revolution. The Internet is the media source that has fueled the revolution against the years of fear and hate from the ruling powers.

I am not only speaking of Egypt. I am speaking of all governments and powers that be that have used and continue to use hate and fear to control the people. Some in the U.S. recognize that the revolution is not limited to the Near East. We know that the years of fear and hate used by our own government has sowed the seeds for a peaceful revolution in the United States.

Our revolution will see poor whites and minorities coming together to end the tyranny of the corporate ruling class. We will demand a free quality education in all neighborhoods. We will demand an end to inferior healthcare when we have turned 1/20th of our paychecks over to private insurers in the form of premiums. We will demand that everyone have access to healthcare even if he/she is not employed. We will demand investment in our nations transportation and communication infrastructures. We will demand an end to subsidizing corporations that maintain a majority of their operations outside the United States. We will demand subsidizing renewable energy sources. We will demand that our waterways and bodies of water be kept free if pollution. No more will we accept biological disasters such as the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. We will demand that no legislation be put into place that oppresses a group of people. We will demand an end to the rule of hate and fear that had permeated our nation's government ruling bodies since 9/11.

It is done. Tea will not fuel this revolution. Love, peace, joy, hope, faith, equality and respect will provide the fuel for this revolution. This revolution is building. It is building within the hearts of those who know we can not continue as we are. This revolution was sown in the freedom songs of the 60's song to the young as lullabies. Those songs that spoke if peace and love for all of man kind. Yes, watch as revolution spreads around the world. Prepare for when it comes to your home. No guns or bullets required. All you will need is love for everyone.

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