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Root Issues

Recently I applied for a position that requires a great deal of physical labor. It is a temporary position so I figure I shall be ok in regards to my health. As I looked around the room I noticed an absence of males applying for the position. Given the physical demands of the position I would have thought to have seen more males. My county currently has a very high rate of unemployment. I was baffled by the lack of male applicants. However understanding came to me the moment I was told to take a drug test. This company did a same day drug test.

Prior to my applying for the position, I had told a certain male of the opening. This male gave to me reason after reason as to why he had not applied. Each time it was not his fault. Yet as I gave my sample to the lab technician, I understood his issue. Smoking pot can stand in the way of employment. In fact he was kicked out of a job training program for being "hot" on a urine test.

When Nissan came to Mississippi it was alarming the number of qualified applicants who could not pass a drug test. In between the 9 years since Nissan's arrival, one would think the population would have gotten a clue. I have to wonder if Toyota is having a similar issue. Is Mississippi becoming the poster child of the drug culture?

It would be so easy to say unemployment rates are the results in total of Republican policies. In truth some of it lies within our own hands. When we refuse to do the simplest things to obtain employment it stops being a government issue. It becomes an issue of the individual that affects the whole.

I think back to everything I have done to be able to not only get a job but to maintain one. In order to keep the symptoms of a chronic disease at bay, I have sleep in strange positions, eaten certain foods, awaken at early morning hours to work my muscles, and I even went to see a doctor. When I encounter someone who refuses to stop smoking pot to get a job, I am highly ticked off. I am liberal than most. What you do on your time at your home is your business. Pot unlike other mind altering substances is not addictive. In fact chocolate is more addictive than pot. Coffee is more addictive. I have gone,not without pain, days without either chocolate or coffee. I know it is possible to go with pot in order to get a job.

To mitigate this particular issue we must do a few things in my view. Teach the young how to be responsible. Teach children how to see all of the options in any given situation. Stop overloading our children with gifts and unearned income.

My one drug view is to develop tests that measure a certain level if drugs in the body. Some of the things given to me by my doctors to control the chronic disease in my body make it hard for me to drive ( my reason for not taking my meds) let alone function on the job. Current drug tests are too fine in their measurements.

All in all this issue is one that can be corrected. It is one that must be corrected at the root of the matter by each individual.

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