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Power to the people

This weekend I got a tweet regarding something said by the president. The president is to have said, " it is for government and business to lead America into the future". I replied to the tweet, " I disagree with the president. It is for the American people to lead America to the future.".

I worry that we the people have lost our minds along with our collective will. I can at no point remember turning over my life to government dictates. I am dang sure I have not given into corporate mind control.

We need to awake to the daily warnings. Recently corporations have been given rights as individuals. The Republicans, supported by Fox News, used every bit of misinformation available to get people to vote against the good of the people. There is now a call for school choice rather than improve local schools.

We the people must lead this country. We must let the courts know the difference between individuals and corporations. We must let political parties know the power is with the people not a political party. We are too independent to be summed up by one party. We must take back and improve our local schools. We do not need to bus our children across town to get a quality education.

We can do it. We did it before we had corporations. We did it before we had mega school districts. We can do it now. Our time. Our power. Our future.

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