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Wisconsin did not see it coming

It is late as I start this blog post. My anger level may be higher than normal. It would be easy for me to call Gov. Walker the dick his actions seem to say he is. However, as I listen to his campaign advertisements, I discern he is doing nothing more or less than what he said he would do.

The people in Wisconsin did not turn out to vote last year. Those who did vote turned out for Walker. They fell for his rhetoric on social entitlement programs. Now those same people have come to understand that unions, health benefits for public servants, and pensions for those same people are also social entitlements in Walker's view.

My rant tonight is not the idiotic action of Gov. Walker. Tonight I rant against those who vote against their best interests and those who do not vote. If we sit at home during elections then we get what we get, Gov. Walker. It is time we standup and speak-out.

We must organize and get out into the street. It is time we go door to door spreading the news. We must hold real town-halls weekly. We must not allow Americans to forget how the 2001 tax cuts have hurt us. We must remember how corporations have been given special protections and rights. We can not afford to forget the attack on teachers, firemen, and police officers. We must take to heart the attempts to dumb down Americans by the cuts to NPR and PBS. We must not allow the Wisconsin moment to fade. We must be heard.

I am done with my rant. I am off to dream sweet dreams. Blessings

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