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I shall host for an event this Saturday at the Capitol in Jackson MS. I am moved to action not out of fear or anger but because it is time for action. I have watched media manipulation since the Reagan years. Even as a child I was able to discern media stories from real life. However I have encountered those who are victims of the hype. The sad part is those people have been elected to office. Governor Walker was upfront during his campaign about what he would,yet, he was elected anyway. He was elected due to a low voter turnout for mid-term elections. Those who did turnout to vote were also victims of media hype in the United States.

Media hype states:
Blacks have special programs that give free things to them

A woman is too dumb to make a decision regarding her own body but is smart enough to rear a child alone in silence.

Pre-emptive wars are a must to ensure our safety.

American corporations will trickle-down profits to employees and the communities that host the corporations. There will be no massive disparity in wages between management and hourly workers. The corporation will not relocate outside the United States to save money on health insurance and labor costs.

The biggest piece of hype today is the general American public is too stupid to govern itself and must have the aid if political insiders to understand what is needed by the public.

Such hype has become so accepted that it has taken Gov Walker to awaken the sleeping American public. I am moved to keep this movement going not out of fear or anger but out of love for my country. I love my country and I am just tired of the lies used to keep us fighting each other. As long as we vote against our best interest ( ie Gov Walker) we will not improve our lives. Only the lives of those who in power will be financially improved and in some cases the status quo will remain untouched.

We must do something now. Act out of love not fear to show those who would oppress us that we will not take it anymore. We are too smart for such low level thinking. Get up get out do something

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