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If a frog had wings it wouldn't hit its ass when it jumped.  That saying is something I heard often growing up in the South.  If......

Today we are about to hear the results from the grand jury in the death of Mike Brown.  The national media and government have hyped up the possibility of a riot.  A St. Louis police officer killed herself with a new gun she had purchased for the riots.

If can be the start of something great or it can be the start of a person becoming locked in fears unfounded.  The if put out by the media and the governing bodies of Missouri have put forth a fear that is causing panic.

If only people would stop to think.

Rape: Let's get real about it. :update link

This weekend I had dedicated to finally finishing my NaNoWriMo novel , I can say with certainty, it won’t happen this year.  The last time I update my blog was after Mike Brown was killed.  I have been depressed.  Tonight, I am up writing not because of Mike Brown but rape.  Sadly we live in a rape driven culture. 
Rape is accepted as a strange norm in America.  Rappers rap about, Eminem .  It is used as a threat to keep kids out of prision, “Got soap on a rope?”  Even my favorite television show depicts violent sexual scenes.  Rape, in our developed first world nation, is accepted.
As long as I live, I shall never forget a woman telling to me the story of her desire to beat a teenager (15) for having sex with her husband.  I asked her if she thought the teen was the issue.  A forty plus year old man with a 15 year old girl is rape.  There is nothing sexy about a 15 year old.  A 15 year old can only consent to fries with that shake. 
I remember a former lover telling to me one nigh…