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Okay, DOMA was defeated but I am still down. The shit pulled by the SCOTUS Tuesday has me down.   This decision is worse than Citizens United.  This decision opens the door to a multitude of Jim Crowe era voting rights abuses.  This decision shows the incredible bubble in which the justices exist.   Given the Treyvonn Martin shooting, the whites in Mississippi going cross county to beat blacks, and even Paula's issues show we are not a post racial society.  It is imperative that the people dismiss those elected officials who have created a stagnation in progress in America.

Peace in the valley

America, we have an issue.  We are becoming a nation of trigger happy people.  Why?  At some point we need to work on conflict resolution.  Why are we having fights and shootings amongst church members?

I am not seeing Jesus in churches these days.  Maybe if we return Jesus to the Christian churches we will see Jesus in the legislation put forth by members of the GOP claiming to be God fearing. 

Oh how I wish they would follow Jesus rather than talk about him to me.

Southern lady, something seems so shady

I have found myself being well behaved on Twitter and FB after the Paula Deen story broke.I did not give into the #PaulaDeenTVshows or #PaualDeenbestDishes.In part, I had hopes that she was not like other older White Southerners.I had hopes that although she is from Savannah, the only place that comes to mind as being more oppressive for Blacks than the entire state of Mississippi, she was the exception.I loved me some Paula Deen.She was honest about how one got Southern flavor in cooking, butter and mayonnaise.She, unlike many Southerners, did something real about here health when she learned she had diabetes.However, my admiration dwindled when I learned it was not just her brother, Bubba, holding on to the bygone era of the plantation system in the South but she also had such fantasies.“Nigga please”, was my initial reaction when I learned of her desired hopes for a plantation style wedding.Warning this post does not become any less offensive.
The one phrase we can take away from …

life gets better

Happy day Exodus International will close.    Ex-gay is a mythical creature that never existed.   Repressed homosexuality is an alive and well beast.   I hope with Exodus' closing more in the LGBTQ community can develop healthy self views.   I have been amazed at the number who insisted I chose to be gay.   I often ask,  " You believe I have dome sado masochistic desire to live in fear?"  I did not choose to be gay. I choose to hide it for years in order to make high school less abusive.   However the hiding created another set of issues.  I am thankful this pseudo ministry is closing.  After ruining lives for 37 years they close.|+OTB)

I subscribe to crazy and low morals ...pol

Okay, I may not watch Faux News but I do take one for the team in my own way.  I am posting an email from David Vitter. 

On my way to get headache Rx.  


Dear Friend,
I’ve told you before about a government welfare program that hands out free cell phones. And I think many of you agree - the program is fraud-ridden and wasteful. I didn’t think it could get more outrageous, but a recent investigative report reveals that folks giving out these free cell phones don’t even check that the recipients are using them. Those receiving the cell phones can easily go back and get another one, or worse, go out and sell those phones. In this investigative report, the phones were handed out to people who said they planned to sell the phones to buy drugs, shoes, handbags or extra spending cash. Click here to watch investigative video footage. Here’s the scam: if you own a phone and pay your bill, the federal government forces you to pay a fe…

Beyond stupid

At this point I need to boil my water before drinking for something in the water is making people stupid.   Texas congressman is pushing for SNAP cuts on the reason people are buying food at high end stores.  Well hot damn. I had no idea the second hand food store I shopped was high end.   I also suspected the fresh fruits and vegetables I purchased were over priced.   Fault me for desiring fresh fruits over the syrup packed packages at the second hand store.   The GOP rebrand is a failure for they still have the same stupid people in office.  GOP wants a rebrand? They need new thinking people in office. 
loving idiot from Texas

Progression in Mississippi

Quick thought that came while on Twitter.   How can I have so many straight LGBTQ supportive friends in Mississippi but an ass like Bryant is elected governor?   Seriously he and the current legislature would love to send this state back to the antebellum South.   Based on who sits in the governor's chair one would think there are only 3 progressives and 1 liberal in the entire state. Not true.

How do I say bite me ...gubna? Offensive post

I wish I were writing this blog posting in great shock but alas I am not.  My governor, Phil Bryant, has done it again.  It seems he attacks women more than Paul does in the Bible.  His latest attack is nothing more than the vibrations of the GOP's far right wing's desires.  Translation of GOP's far right wing is not Tea Party, but scared white men.  Yes, yes she wrote it and meant it. 
I am tired of these games with the lives of women in America.  We are not some third world nation.  If women in this nation are forced back into third class status, this nation will become third world.  A sure fire recipe for failure is to oppress women.  Best example would be the Middle East, the place where civilization was born (his-story). 
My governor’s comments are in alignment with the legislation he has supported and pushed in the state of Mississippi.I laughed at his attempts to claim he is not understood correctly.We understand him well for he has shown us time and time aga…

Forget India

If this posting offends you so be it.  Some days one just has to say what one feels or is thinking.

Today I am thinking what the hell, India. Another rape?

If the government of India is cavalier in regards to the welfare of women then it is time we pressure American companies to withdraw.  I do not wish to have people who have little regards for the welfare of women here in America on H2B visas doing jobs that can be done by Americans.

I am open to all cultures.  I am closed to the abuse of women.  I do not care what form, I am against the abuse of women and any government that tolerates such behaviors.  I have issues in my state of Mississippi with my governor.  He is for women not being allowed in the job market.  It seems he  would be ok if women were domestic servants just not sitting in the board rooms.

Enough is enough.  It is time to come together to end the degradation of women around the world. 

Where not to go for vacation or business

Because they are women is the answer