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A call to action

If you did not get the memo here it is:

Friend --

Today I asked for a joint session of Congress where I will lay out a clear plan to get Americans back to work. Next week, I will deliver the details of the plan and call on lawmakers to pass it.

Whether they will do the job they were elected to do is ultimately up to them.

But both you and I can pressure them to do the right thing. We can send the message that the American people are playing by the rules and meeting their responsibilities -- and it's time for our leaders in Congress to meet theirs.

And we must hold them accountable if they don't.

So I'm asking you to stand with me in calling on Congress to step up and take action on jobs:

No matter how things go in the weeks and months ahead, this will be an important challenge for our organization.

It's been a long time since Congress was focused on what the American people need them to be focused on.

I know that you're frustrated by th…

Can We Come Together?

Our country is still in crisis yet we still have games in DC. Until we are on track with sound fiscal policies our elected officials in DC need to be at work.

We need our government returned to us from the corporate over lords. It is time for us to write letters. We need to ask why so much blockage in DC.

Let's get busy.

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Dear Readers

The man has me working both in and out of the home. Ok truthfully. I have been plain tired. I am working and driving long hours. However, I think of things about which to blog.

The latest thought is why are we forcing the president to sell something that will help a majority of Americans? I am lost as to why we are. We must speak out. It is time to write letters to all media outlets to express our displeasure with the blockage in DC. We must speak out against the corporate controlled voiced Tea Party. Currently, the Tea Party, a small representation of Americans, is controlling our economic narrative. We must regain control of the economic narrative of our nation to ensure the well being of all Americans.

Start writing today. We will be heard.

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Say A Little Prayer

Today as I have for several days, I felt a little guilt. The guilt I felt was over the joy of not having another storm heading towards my state. I am thankful that Mississippi is being spared Irene. If it sounds selfish it is. However, I have watched the people here carry on after storms and floods. I know the people here are very resilient but another Katrina after the year of storms we have weathered thus far this year would be a bit much for any sane mind left in the state.

I send out a prayer for those in the path of Irene. I solicit the prayers of others for the people in the path of Irene. Positive thought in my view can do much. Keep positive thoughts flowing for those facing Irene.

With love, light, and joy.

Just Tired

When will we see a change. How do we become the change we desire? I am tired. Everyday MSM buries information we need for improving our lives. Yet we do not call out for news we can use. We desire to hear the latest none story of who is gay or divorcing. Wake up America.

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A Black Governor in Mississippi?

Has the South progressed enough for a Black governor in Mississippi? We shall see. MS is at the mercy of Tea Party candidates. It is a must for Mississippi to make history by electing a candidate that is anti-Tea Party.

More to come. Will race or economics win?

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Life is Good

I have veggie chili in the crock pot and wine in my hand. My child is making A's life is good.

Yet in the midst of the good life I think of the trouble on the horizon. A hurricane threatens the Eastern seaboard and the IMF threatens world domination.

How did I go from wine to IMF domination? Simple, watching television. In the middle of giving thanks it hit me how blessed I am to have grown up on the edge of the Empire. While I do not advocate world domination I benefit from the imperialistic actions of my nation. Yea! Me. I comfort myself with the knowledge that if Jesus wanted me poor I would not have been born on the edge of the empire.

Yet something gnaws at my insides when I see the oil laden Sudan split and put itself at the mercy of the IMF. Seeing Libya poised to become the next to suckle at the teet of the IMF stirs something inside of me. I desire to scream to shout to them of the grave error they are making. Yet my selfish need to enjoy my latte in an air conditioned …

Wake up America Part 4

Environmental, health, safety, and socioeconomic concerns associated with oil recovery from U.S. tar-sand deposits: State-of-knowledge

Remember to click the links at the bottom and the title link.

I know very well how tough times are in America. However, if I am not willing to sell my body to feed my family why would I sell my country? I am depending on my children and my friends' children being able to live off the land for generations to come. If we sell out now to various energery concerns that will only pollute our land then how can we expect our children's chlidren to be able to live off the land? We need solutions to energy demands but the tar sands are not the answer and building a pipeland across the pristine mid-west is not the answer for job creation.

I enjoy eating but polluting our fields and streams is not the way to create jobs. We need the "job creators" to go back to the drawing borad. Also, why is there no press coverage over the protests of …

Warning: Profanity laced posting; Liberal Meida

Liberal media my ever loving hinney. If the liberals controlled the media the political narrative in America would more accurately match the reality of Americans. Conservatives control our media and actively surpress any ideas that would lessen the corporate control on our government.

Recent case in point: Mississippi, go figure, eh? We have a run-off in the Democractic primary for governor; no new outlet is running any stories about the upcoming (August 23rd) primaries. They are too focused on continuing to incite anger by promoting presidential noimantions that will not amount to much until 2012.

Am I alone? Am I the only one seeing this freaking disparity in the reporting of "news" in this country. We, liberals, must develope our own distribution networks for news, (CurrentTV, FreeSpeech Tv, and Link TV).

We can no longer afford to just sit back and take it. We have been taking it for over 10 years.

Rankin Co. Democrats 'Rankin County News…

Republican Strategy

This morning on C. Armanpour I heard the most ridiculous statement of my day; “John Huntsman while appealing to a majority of Americans will not appeal to the majority of Republicans.” I am paraphrasing the statement for I am blind in one eye and barely seeing out of the other. Frank Luntz made my head spin faster than the “Ryan Budget Plan”.

I am seriously sitting at my local McD’s on my second cup of coffee and my head is still spinning. He, Luntz, went on to state how Paul Ryan or Chris Christie would be good candidates. I thought in my uber-liberal heart, “please let Ryan or Christie be the Republican choice.” In the spirit of competition I could not understand why if the Republicans really wanted to win they do not make the two Mormons the frontrunners. (Tongue now stuck in cheek) Seriously the only Republican candidates with a chance to unseat Obama, other than the Bizzaro Obama from a parallel universe, would be Romney or Huntsman. They both have proven that they under…

Wake up America Pt 4 We must wake up now. How deep will we allow the GOP to sink us? Obama's main issue is the lack of B slapping the GOP with the truth.

We must not become fragmented at this time. It is time for the other 98% to have a voice in DC. Our vote alone guarantees our voice in Congress.

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EPA regulations

....are not killing jobs. If corporations actually had to abide by the EPA regulations then jobs would be created. We have very few people in America enforcing EPA regulations. We have even fewer people currently mitigating current EPA violations. Rather than killing jobs EPA regulations offer an opportunity to create jobs.

We must think about the stuff the media feeds to us.

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Are we now Egypt

Please read this link:

We must wake-up people before it is too late for our nation.

Recently on the History Channel I watched a show about the old west, “Cowboys and Outlaws”. The premise of the show was about cattle barons in Wyoming killing homesteaders. The show’s highpoint, in my view, was the description of how the cattle barons hired gunslingers from Texas to kill homesteaders. A local sheriff decided after the death of two homesteaders to not allow the gunslingers to kill anymore homesteaders. However, one of the gunslingers was able to get word to then President Harding who sent out the cavalry to rescue the gunslingers from the hands of the sheriff.

As I watched the show, I thought how history often repeats itself when people choose not to learn from history. I look at the current position of our nation. Those who have power to alter our path for the best choose not to do so. In fact they ch…

Help in Mississippi: We still have hate

This weekend the movie, “The Help” opened across the nation. This movie is based on the service of Black women in White households in Mississippi. As this movie was preparing to make its national debut an incident in Mississippi from June 25th of this year finally made the national news. On June 25th a young man committed vehicular homicide. The young man is White and the victim was a Black man. The accused is quoted as saying “Let’s go mess with some niggers” on the night he committed the murder of the Black man. A Facebook discussion has erupted over the incident pitting friends of the accused against members of the Black community who see this as another day in Mississippi. As I read the posts on the matter, I thought how sad for Mississippi to not be able to break free of its past because of the continued hate in its present.

The posts to my amazement centered not so much on the murdering aspect of the incident or how to mitigate such actions in the future but as to whether…

Quick Thought on Bachmann

Watching Bachmann on State of the Union, she is without a clue. She refuses to acknowledge how the GOP debate on the debt ceiling caused the S&P downgrade. She could not come up with a major piece of legislation on which she compromise. She would reinstate Don't Ask Don't Tell. She is still under the impression that the president sets monetary policy and not Congress. Her thinking is the reasoning is the reason we now have 12 people running Congress. She is willing to turn over her duties in Congress to a body of 12. Why are we even talking with her?

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America Listen to what they are saying

Contract with America, spells out in D.C. English what the GOP desires for the middle class, the working poor, and the poor. Today, Boehner in one of his tweets lamented the fight the Democrats put up to keep Medicare. He blamed the ruckus over the debt ceiling on the Democrats refusal to cut Medicare. (

People if you are not listening at least read. The Tea Party has managed to hijack the government of the United States. Their demands are complete protection of the assets of the wealthy. In turn they will allow us to have substandard living that is slightly above that of people who have not encountered Western civilization.

If we do not say anything then we should not expect things to change. We must say something. Last night the people in WI spoke at the polls. Although the GOP managed to win back most of the seats, the people spok…

Back to school

Blog update hit and miss until 8/15. Back to school and racist stuff in Mississippi. I must take a stand. Aliberalinthemidst is about to be active offline for a week. Hatred taught to children is not good for the species.

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We need some spending

While the GOP spends hours cutting jobs( government spending), our nation infrastructure rots. In Kemp Texas the water has been turned off because the pipes have rotted.

Government spending is not all bad. We need some spending and we need it now. It is time the GOP gets with the jobs program. They have gone out of the way to stifle employment to hurt Obama.

GOP get over it Obama will win. Become economic enablers. Tell your owners (job creators ) to get off the cash reserves to put money back into the economy.

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The price we pay

I am a woman who enjoys peace. I do not think war is the answer to all of our issues. This morning I am open to the possiblity of leveling Afghanistan and setting up a Walmart every 30 miles. I would also throw in a McDonald's. If we are there to do a job that is necessary to our national security then we need to do the job and stop playing. It is time to setup shop in Afghanistan.

Ok, I am not too happy about the recent death of our troops. Those children on that helicopter could be the children of my classmates. I am tired of seeing our children sent off to fight for rich people. I am a bit pissy this morning but as a mother, a former Navy enlistee, and as a citizen of this nation I have the right to be a bit pissy.

Either we allow our children to do the job they were sent to do without restraint, it is war, or we bring them home now.

Also for those quick to say how much of a blow the deaths were, you do not know our might. I am tempted to take a trip with my cof…

Ole Susanna don't you cry...You now have birth control

I am having a very hard time understanding the uproar over insurance companies being required to cover birth control without copay. My initial lack of comprehension comes from trying to justify insurance companies long coverage of Viagra but steadfast refusal to cover birth control. I am further confused by the uproar when one considers the underfunding of Planned Parenthood which provided birth control for many young women. I am even more confused by the "holier-than-thou" women who are taking to the media outlets to denounce private insurance being required to cover birth control. These same people would deny social benefits to people while insisting these people not engage in birth control. They have some romance about yesteryear that does not match up with the reality of yesteryear.

If anyone takes offense to my next set of words so be it. I am speaking my personal truth.

It is hard as a woman to move quickly up the career ladder when you are a "real" pa…

A thought about Mississippi Primary

I have had a thought running around in my mind all day. In my hometown( redder than most counties) there were 4k votes in the Dem primary and 439 in Rep primary. I am thinking there was a large amount of crossover voting yesterday.

Also there are too many reports of errors at the polls.

We need to ensure this election is not rigged to keep the state red. There is a reason I am despondent over not having a progressive running for Secretary of State and State Auditor. We must start now with our game plane to keep the elections honest. Also we must get people to the polls and check the voting rolls for accuracy.

Just my thoughts. Something is at play and we must be ready for it.

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Short and sweet posting

Am I the only person concerned about the lack of representation in Congress? We are giving our power of representation to just 12 people? People wake the heck up. It is time for us to stand up and to speak out. There is something not right with our allowing 12 people to make decisions for our nation.

Congress needs to grow-up and do its job. Obama is not its Daddy and the we do not need a Super Committee( gang of 12) to ensure that Congress eats its peas. We need to express our concern for this legislation. Something foul is in the air.

Links ( If Geithner is for it we need to be against it) PLEASE READ)

No blog update

Tonight I have nothing to say. My nation needs healing from the recent round of stupidity it has endured.

Send your blessing and love to us. We are in need.

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Confusion in the midst

Dear Readers,

I thank you for your support and your readership. As you know I write to give voice to my frustration with what I see as an attack on the liberties of the American people by corporations and the minions of those corporations. Last night I was totally confused by what I read about the "Deal" in regards to the debt ceiling. I have been confused for several weeks. It is hard for me to understand the raising of the debt ceiling in support of war mongering but not for the welfare of the American people. What type of nation are we that we can not care for the least amongst us?

This morning my coffee does not tastes as sweet or bring with it the normal comfort I find in its warmth. I wish I could say I felt betrayed but I do not. If you are a regular reader of my column then you know it is good for me to be wrong about something. When my super sensitive BS meter is right about something it is not good for humanity. My meter has been going off since June of 2…