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Warning: Profanity laced posting; Liberal Meida

Liberal media my ever loving hinney. If the liberals controlled the media the political narrative in America would more accurately match the reality of Americans. Conservatives control our media and actively surpress any ideas that would lessen the corporate control on our government.

Recent case in point: Mississippi, go figure, eh? We have a run-off in the Democractic primary for governor; no new outlet is running any stories about the upcoming (August 23rd) primaries. They are too focused on continuing to incite anger by promoting presidential noimantions that will not amount to much until 2012.

Am I alone? Am I the only one seeing this freaking disparity in the reporting of "news" in this country. We, liberals, must develope our own distribution networks for news, (CurrentTV, FreeSpeech Tv, and Link TV).

We can no longer afford to just sit back and take it. We have been taking it for over 10 years.

Rankin Co. Democrats 'Rankin County News' has a huge credibility problem if they can't 'remember' to publish a run-off race for our state's highest office.
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