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The price we pay

I am a woman who enjoys peace. I do not think war is the answer to all of our issues. This morning I am open to the possiblity of leveling Afghanistan and setting up a Walmart every 30 miles. I would also throw in a McDonald's. If we are there to do a job that is necessary to our national security then we need to do the job and stop playing. It is time to setup shop in Afghanistan.

Ok, I am not too happy about the recent death of our troops. Those children on that helicopter could be the children of my classmates. I am tired of seeing our children sent off to fight for rich people. I am a bit pissy this morning but as a mother, a former Navy enlistee, and as a citizen of this nation I have the right to be a bit pissy.

Either we allow our children to do the job they were sent to do without restraint, it is war, or we bring them home now.

Also for those quick to say how much of a blow the deaths were, you do not know our might. I am tempted to take a trip with my coffee mug to visit the Taliban. I think they need help with waking up.

Just my angry thoughts this mornng. I may calm down some after coffee but I doubt it. These are our children not cannon fodder.


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Quick  and dirty   Star Trek  Discovery  is everything  I  thought  it would  be.  It is my hope the White  boys  chill the fuck out .  There will be a White male captain .   The Black  woman  will be of a lowered  status.  White  boys  are you appeased ?
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