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GOP Healthcare Reform

This thought was done on the fly from my iPhone Match 31.
If the new health care law will hurt job, the economy and increase the deficit as claimed by the GOP, why are they not pushing harder for a repeal of this new law? I may just be too country to understand why someone or a group would allow something so detrimental to our nation to occur without putting up a fight to the death. Such behavior is as bad as getting a memo on 9/11 prior to the attack and then doing nothing. My words are not meant to alarm but to make Americans ask questions if those who seek to keep them in a constant excititory state. It is well known that when a person is in a state of excitement be the source anger, hate, or love his/her level of compentency is lowered.
Update to this March 31 thought. The healthcare reform bill after much unncessary wrangling has been pushed through Congress. We have issues at home and abroad that deserve our attention yet the GOP is still attempting to make healthcare re…

Children of Single Parents

Something I wrote March 27, 2009 about single parenting.

Last week, as I was reading the opinions in the local paper in the small Mississippi town where I reside, I had to ask myself if a written opinion on single parent homes was written only to generate a response. As much as I desired not to give in to the assumed ploy, I found myself up late writing a response to the parroted and hubris nature of the opinion. The argument in the opinion was for the ostracizing of single parent homes because children born out of wedlock were not able to be equal to children born in wedlock even when income was the same for both households.

Born out of wedlock is but one of several reasons a child can be in a single parent household. War, death, abuse, adoption, and divorce are all other reasons children can be in single parent households. All of the reasons have the ability to create a need for social support of the children involved. Given the sanctimonious tone of the writing, one would think…

Tips for the President

Below is the letter I am sending to President prior to his live appearance on Larry King. Someone has to tell the President he needs to take a stand against his detractors. Class is good but getting beatdown by misrepresentation is not.

Mr. President,

I did not vote for you in the last election, however; I do not desire to see you take responsibility for stuff over which you have little control. Someone should have said to you long ago the oil spill is not your fault. I have a few pointers before you appear on Larry King Live tonight.

• Jobs in exchanged for clearing the way for other candidates. This issue is a non-issue that is being highlighted by the “powers that be” to cover you in mud. Let it be known that our attention and federal dollars need to be focused on Israel, Korea, and the oil spill. Special prosecutors are a waste of money and time.

• Israel has stated it has the right to attack anyone attempting to run the blockade. It sounds to me as if Israel is the aggresso…

The Day the Patriots Died

The patriots died the day Obama won the election. In truth their collective death began when it became apparent that Obama just may win the election. Their death marked the beginning of another sad chapter in the history of my country. Sitting by the graveside of the patriots was another group who had waited for so long to unleash unmitigated hatred once more in this great land of mine. While many of us looked to the heavens for hope and gave thanks for the greatness of this land, this group prepared for the undermining of the foundations of our nation.

This group claimed to be grassroots yet the only thing “grassroots” about the group has been its ability to appeal to the base need for violence amongst it devotees. Many of the devotees of this group fight against things that would benefit them the most. If it were not for the sad tragedy of watching those addicted to hate fight against an imaginary monster, one would laugh at the bricks, name calling, and spittle that fly from t…

Tire(d) of Walmart

Two weeks ago, I decided I had had my fill of Walmart’s ineptitude when it came to my vehicle. I got my truck in 1999. I have used Walmart, because of price, to supply all the tires for my truck since 2000. I was, once more, infuriated to learn that my purchase history was incorrect. Previously my address\phone information had not been updated as requested. Prior to the address change incident oil was not placed into my vehicle after an oil change ( I caught that error right away). Two weeks ago, I learned a tire I had purchased and had installed at Walmart was not listed under my purchase history. In fact, the tire’s DOT number was not listed at all. I was left in a pickle due to my error in relying on Walmart to have accurate records of my vehicle service.

I had taken my truck to Walmart to have a flat repaired if possible and if not possible, to have my spare placed on my truck until, I was ready to purchase a full set of tires. My spare, by the way, is a full-size tire I p…