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Tips for the President

Below is the letter I am sending to President prior to his live appearance on Larry King. Someone has to tell the President he needs to take a stand against his detractors. Class is good but getting beatdown by misrepresentation is not.

Mr. President,

I did not vote for you in the last election, however; I do not desire to see you take responsibility for stuff over which you have little control. Someone should have said to you long ago the oil spill is not your fault. I have a few pointers before you appear on Larry King Live tonight.

• Jobs in exchanged for clearing the way for other candidates. This issue is a non-issue that is being highlighted by the “powers that be” to cover you in mud. Let it be known that our attention and federal dollars need to be focused on Israel, Korea, and the oil spill. Special prosecutors are a waste of money and time.

• Israel has stated it has the right to attack anyone attempting to run the blockade. It sounds to me as if Israel is the aggressor. It is time to change how Washington operates. Even if you risk not having a second term, it is time to say no to AIPAC. Israel is wrong and we should let them know they no longer have our support.

• The oil spill is not your fault. I know it is crucial to do something about the oil spill but really, what can our military do? We need our military on our borders to prevent the drug violence from spilling over from Mexico. Florida needs to gird up, as Mississippi shall do to keep the oil at bay. BP must pay for the clean up of the Gulf not the American taxpayers.

• Ashcroft has been quoted as saying you have waited to late to bring criminal charges. I agree you should have brought war crimes against the former administration within your first 100 days in office. In regards to the oil spill, there is time after this emergency to file criminal charges. I can think of many other things the federal government needs to do for the states along the Gulf of Mexico. We need habitat rehabilitation, business loss reimbursement, funds for non-petroleum workers who are now unemployed due to the spill, healthcare for those affected by the oil spill, and many other things.

• Finally, watch your step in D.C. As you can see, from the two Democrats who have mentioned a job offer in exchange for not running for office, you have no friends except for the ones you brought with you. I have faith that if you keep all of your campaign promises all will be well. Even if you have to fight, fight the good fight. Americans will remember those who fought against you at the polls. Keep the faith of the righteous.

I am in Mississippi, currently not employed and I have a great deal of student loan debt? Is there anyway to tie my volunteer hours to the reduction of my student loan debt? I ask because I shall volunteer out of love for my coastline but it would be good to reduce my student loan debt at the same time.


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