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To be patriotic

December  25th was the day some Americans  headed out to the local theaters to show love for the nation.  They  did it by watching  a movie  that was a sure box office  flop.  Had not The Interview  been a victim  of hackers attempting  to deny Americans freedom , the movie was a box office failure.  Yet thanks  to North  Korea  and hackers  this movie  will make  millions.  I'm  not claiming  to be the Miss Cleo of movies but I am good at knowing  when a film will be a box office  hit.  There are times I watch movies  that are not box office  hit but they normally  are movies of some importance  to society.  The Interview holds no societal  importance  and would not have been a box office hit. I am not a movie snob.  I love movies.  I love  the art  in the process of creating  movies.  I love the writing , story boarding, set creation, cast selection , location selection ,  directing, acting, filming, sound mixing , and the actual  screens used to show a movie.  I love movies.  I…

Meetings are like committees

The items below came from the meeting  President  Obama  had with members  of the current  protests  regarding  the inequality  of law in America via  I have added my comments.  Among other avenues for change, the group’s demands include:
*The federal government using its power to prosecute police officers that kill or abuse people.== Civics & Constitution  be returned  to our high  schools. This demand opens the door  for  countless  government  over reach suits.  The first step is to establish it at state level. The people  must vote in local  and state  elections. ==*Removing local district attorneys from the job of holding police accountable, and instead having independent prosecutors at the local level charged with prosecuting officers.== Again  another demand that opens  up the Pandora  box of government  over reach . Again people  must take part in local  & state elections . ==*The establishment of community review boards that can make recommendations …


If a frog had wings it wouldn't hit its ass when it jumped.  That saying is something I heard often growing up in the South.  If......

Today we are about to hear the results from the grand jury in the death of Mike Brown.  The national media and government have hyped up the possibility of a riot.  A St. Louis police officer killed herself with a new gun she had purchased for the riots.

If can be the start of something great or it can be the start of a person becoming locked in fears unfounded.  The if put out by the media and the governing bodies of Missouri have put forth a fear that is causing panic.

If only people would stop to think.

Rape: Let's get real about it. :update link

This weekend I had dedicated to finally finishing my NaNoWriMo novel , I can say with certainty, it won’t happen this year.  The last time I update my blog was after Mike Brown was killed.  I have been depressed.  Tonight, I am up writing not because of Mike Brown but rape.  Sadly we live in a rape driven culture. 
Rape is accepted as a strange norm in America.  Rappers rap about, Eminem .  It is used as a threat to keep kids out of prision, “Got soap on a rope?”  Even my favorite television show depicts violent sexual scenes.  Rape, in our developed first world nation, is accepted.
As long as I live, I shall never forget a woman telling to me the story of her desire to beat a teenager (15) for having sex with her husband.  I asked her if she thought the teen was the issue.  A forty plus year old man with a 15 year old girl is rape.  There is nothing sexy about a 15 year old.  A 15 year old can only consent to fries with that shake. 
I remember a former lover telling to me one nigh…

Racism Without Boundaries.

This week, a most interesting headline was in my Twitter feed: " Lesbian Couple Sues Sperm Bank for Providing Wrong Donor Sperm".  This particular headline allows for an immediate understanding as to why she has a suit.  A breach of contract has occurred.  However, there was other headlines, "White Woman Sue Over Black Sperm Donor Error", that gave pause, after actually reading the report.  The pregnant pause birth the reality of institutional racism within every subset of our society.

Racism can be found within all groups of our society.  A person's sexual orientation, economical status, or education doesn't prevent he or she from being a racist.  Failure to acknowledge the racist ideals we promote as being racist only allows for the continued acceptance of racism as natural.  It is not natural.  It is taught.  We teach it when we use fear or anger to describe a group of people who are different than the group in which we place ourselves.  We teach it by o…


This morning while on Twitter, I was engaged by a troll after I replied to something tweeted by Michelle Malkin.  During the course of the exchange the troll said something to me that gave to me pause.  I logged off Twitter and proceeded to think of the troll's comment to me.  I pondered should I reply and is there value in replying?  The troll asked me if I had ever been homeless.

It was a timely question for I am technically speaking homeless.  Unlike the troll, I don't blame Obama or even Bush for my current housing status.  It was my decision to walk away from a undesirable domestic situation.  In fact I walked away with a kid in tow.   I walked away from the situation knowing it wouldn't help my debt ratio decrease but I walked for my own level of sanity.

I am not living in the house where I paid off the mortgage but sleeping in a spare bedroom at the home of a friend.   I don't complain for even after I walked away from my domestic situation, I have slept in som…

When numbers matter more than facts

It is important for us to question the information we are given.   This morning after waking, a story of a police officer shot in Ferguson,  Missouri came across my Twitter TL.  My initial reaction was what thug saw an opportunity to make things worse.   After reading the story, I understood why people live in fear in America. Rather than report a police was shot in the line of duty near Ferguson,  the report was "Police shot in Ferguson".  The issue in Ferguson is getting the usual Mississippi twist.  The twist that says,  " See they are animals and should be gunned down in the streets. "  Sadly there are people who will read the headline ( sensationalism at best and institutional racism at its worst) without reading the story.  If done for clicks it is sad.  If done as earnest journalism,  we are screwed as a nation.  It is my hope we will have a return to actual reporting rather than rating grabs.  How Mississippi media plays the story:…

Seriously, WTF is Wrong in Florida

I am at a wondrous loss of ability to fathom what an 11 year old child was doing at a nightclub at 1 AM in 2014.  What is really going on in Florida?  I love to party. I am not knocking adults partying until whenever. However children out after 1AM, different story.  You may not see a bruise but an 11 year old in club at 1AM is abuse. I awoke this morning thinking wow I missed SNL again.  When I read of the nightclub shooting,  I thought maybe I am too strict.  I had jump my 17 year old ' s ass the previous night for being awake, in bed, at home, after midnight.   Kids need their sleep.   At 17 if you are not working,  you need to also be in bed after midnight.   Because of my work and political events, I have had my kids out after 9 pm on occasions.  I felt like a poster child for unfit parenting on those occasions.   I shake my head at the puzzlement that arises when children act out in violent manners.   It is not a puzzle.   We as parents and a society are at fault.  Nightclub…

Black Men Scare Some People

I know I cannot be alone in thinking, "What is taught in the homes of White people in America". There is a fear amongst White people when it comes to people of color that is deadly.  This fear is deadly for it causes White people to behave without thinking.   It is worse when the people acting based on fear instilled in them since childhood have a badge or are elected officials (Peter King).

The deaths in the links above show the inequality how law is applied in America.  When the people are White male, every attempt is made to "reason" with them.  Yet people of color are killed on site.…

Reform in a Nation of Immigrants

Quick thought.  President Obama is a 2nd term highest office in the land holder & a natural born U.S. citizen.  Immigration reform is not for him.  It is about the United States doing right for the hell of it.  Those people worried about our borders are more of a threat to the nation than a bus load of children.   Congress get right. It is 2014 and it still can take up to 20 years to become a citizen.   We needed real reform in 1994.  Stop the grandstanding and just do the right thing.  Our borders are fine when we allow our trained enforcers of recognized leagal authority to do their jobs. We have enough laws to deal with the punitive side of immigration.   We don't have enough to ease the backlog of applications for citizenship.  It is not about Obama.  It is about doing right.

Perception Lost

There are times when a stay at a hotel is less than desired.  Several weeks ago I had such an event at the Marriott Marquis downtown Atlanta.  The surface issue was almost 90% of the hotel's 1000+ rooms were rented to college students.  The mid-level issue for me was not being treated as a business traveler by some of the staff.  The reason I am writing this blog posting is what I see as a loss of perspective.

When I realized the hotel was booked solid by college students, I strengthen my resolve to deal with kids for the weekend. Although, I did not party at hotels as a college student, I did remember the stories I had read in the news.  I am a short woman but at no time did I fee threaten by the students.  Even when I redress them in regards to a comment , the only thing they said to me was yes ma'am.  I am not writing to state these students were angels but their event was not Armageddon. 

My issue arose when a member of hotel security did not treat me with the proper res…

When trolling goes wrong

Tonight, as I responded to a tweet about the recent tragedy in California, a user on Twitter responded to my post.  This user thought to be a troll.  After an exchange of roughly 100 tweets to me, he decided I may make money off his tweets.  He stated don't publish my tweets to your website.

I informed him the internet is still free.  When you post in a public forum you face many risks.  This person who sought to troll me about gun control attempted to threaten me.  I have little respect for trolls who lawyer up (Zimmerman style) when getting ass kicked.  As I explained to the person, he/she had two choices call lawyer to get understanding of laws or start scrubbing his/her tweets.

What he/she fails to understand is a lawsuit over his/her tweets to me(while trolling) would increase my readership and allow me to be able to blog full-time without having to work my 60 hour weeks.

....and he continues to cry foul while trolling.

....and he continues to threat while trolling
A little …

Alert: Progressive, Liberal, and Dems Read and Learn Time

This posting  is the contents of an email sent from the Tea Party to a buddy of mine.  Dems if we are to win this mid-term we need to put the money raised into action and not into personal bank accounts.  Time for action not dinners.

Actual content from email sent to a buddy:

Right now we have teams in Mississippi knocking on doors
and talking to folks about the primary race for US Senate.

Will you come join us in Mississippi for
a day, two days, or through June 3?

travel and lodging paid for by TPPCF


Will you make simple (really simple), quick
phone calls from home with our
easy to use website system?


Will you do nothing?

“Bad men need no better opportunity than
when good men look on and do nothing.” Contributions to the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund are not tax deductible
as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

When Boehner crows it is time to check on the chicks

When Boehner crows it is time to check on the chicks

I am not a scholar on public policy or even transportation.  However I have learned to watch  the sleight of hand that occurs in DC.  When  our policy makers pass legislation but only crow about there being no ear marks, I hear warning bells.  As of this writing I have not fully read the bill but a few key things about it demand questioning.   I pulled from the following questions and quotes. As I read on the website, I was immediately drawn to this statement: “Several agricultural groups and the Waterways Council expressed support for the conference report - even though many were still digging through the details.” – It seems I am not alone in fully reviewing the legislation that passed in the house.  As of May 15th 20014 neither had several agricultural groups and the Waterways Council.  I skimmed…

Don't Sleep on OAS: Read the comments

This posting is about not sleeping on the actions of a specific group in America.  These people have watched hours of Fox News and have lived in fear since 2001.  These people hoard food and prepare for zombie wars.  I watched the chatter on Twitter as millions failed to appear for the Operation American Spring take over of DC.  Most was ridicule a few saw the dangers lurking.

Allow me to state the obvious, these people could be routed via 3 drones in less than 1 hour.  However the real danger is we are dealing with a cowardly sect.  They buy guns and ammo in bulk.  They put their women and children on the front line.  They shoot unarmed Black teens and scream the teens threatened them.  Although we did not see 30 million in  DC marching to overthrow the govt, I don't doubt they exists.

Some of them are just flat-out racists and others are those who have lived in government sponsored fear since 2001.   Fox News has been continuing the fear campaign since the end of the Bush admin…

Wasting money

This posting is quick.  I have some studying to do today.  Although I have been known to throw money on the crap table, I am relatively thrifty.  Given my thrifty nature it is natural for me to be perturb with the hearings being held by Issa.  Issa has wasted both time and money attempting to create scandals.  At this point I can only see the scandals as being a nod to the base(Tea Party).  Just a nod mind you for theses hearings have no foundations.

One would think, after the multi-million dollar pornographic novel written by Kenneth Starr at the tax payers' expense, the GOP would give up the hunt for impeachment.  The only scandal I can see sits in the House.  It is a scandal that Issa is allowed to waste the money and the time of the American people.

Congress needs to get busy with our infrastructure.  We need for the EPA to be made stronger to handle the mass violation of regulation by corporations cutting costs.   We need for Congress to do the work of the people not run a t…

Why we have an oligarchy in America

We have an oligarchy in America because we, the people allow it.  We allow the puppets of corporations to create a fear of lack in us.  When we give into such fear we give up our right to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. 

> You need to get right. This country can't sustain what it has now. Good luck out there. @GOPLeader&mdash">">@GOPLeader— Just Jeff (@Jeff_Matus) April">">April 16, 2014

Let go of the fear.   We can make it as a nation but we must first stop being fearful.  Fear creates the hate that have us oppressing one another rather than growing.

Think about it and then make the change.

Billboard in Louisiana

Dear MoveOn member,We won! A federal judge just ruled that we can keep up our billboard criticizing tea party Governor Bobby Jindal for standing between 242,000 Louisianans and Medicaid.(Quick recap: Republican governors and legislators are blocking a shocking 5 million Americans from accessing health care by refusing to accept federal funding to expand Medicaid. When we put up billboards in nine states calling out Republicans for standing in the way of health care, the state of Louisiana sued us, demanding we take down one of the billboards. But today, the judge issued a preliminary decision that allows our billboard to stay up and paves the way for the whole lawsuit to end with a victory).But here's the funny part: When we first put up the billboard, we reserved the space for only a month—and had no idea we'd be facing a lawsuit. Now, even though our billboard can legally stay up, financially it will have to come down soon —unless we extend our buy.Chip in to help us ensure …

GOP memo to MSM: Shut that shyt down

I preface this blog with this statement:  I rarely watch television because of my work hours and other commitments. 

Friday, April 11th, I was able to watch roughly 1 hour's worth of television.  Within the 1 hour of  off-on watching, I saw three attacks by women on the equal pay narrative.  These attacks were coming from commentators on "liberal" media outlets. 

Although these women stated there is no inequality in pay for women, all I heard was "Shut that shyt down now."  The GOP may not be the most savvy when it comes to new media but they have traditional media on lock.  These women were on various media outlets to stop the narrative of inequality of pay from gaining traction.

It is my view, this effort by the GOP will fail for the GOP still fails to understand women.  Girls may be gullible but women are much more complex in thinking.  It is offensive to me, as a woman, to see upper middleclass to wealthy women on television speaking on behalf of GOP agai…

Congressional Democrats and the ACA

At some point someone will awaken to the fact the ACA is not healthcare, it is a set of regulation for health insurance providers.I have sat by since 2010 watching the crazy over allowing more people to purchase health insurance at an affordable rate.
The ACA is not President Obama’s idea.It is the brainchild of the Republican party’s think tank, The Heritage Foundation.It is geared to put more public dollars into the hands of private enterprise.It is not the plan actually put forth by President Obama.
Yet, we still have some Democrats running away from the ACA instead of calling it out very simple as I have done in less than 250 words.We need Democrats with spines to be elected to office.People unafraid to say, “ACA is not the best but it is better than no regulation of the healthcare insurance market.”It is simple.Each Democrat in Congress should be in his or her state making such things known.It is not for the President to push ACA.Congress, grow an loving spine and talk to the peopl…

Don't Let Money Rule You

This week there was much gnashing of teeth after the SCOTUS , stated more money could be put into politics by businesses.On the surface it looks horrible, however; it is not the end of the world.IMHO the only thing this decision means it is imperative to get out the vote in 2014.
This election cycle hinges on enough people becoming awakened and informed.When people let go of their fear and hate of other Americans, progress happens.We have the current repressive government because of the grip of fear on Americans.It is time for it to end.
It is time to assuage those fears and to get out the vote.If each person desiring more progressive legislation spoke to one person per day, no amount of gerrymandering or money will allow this nation to regress.Preach to the people, "Don't sell your voice".  We only have to look at the Afghani people. Under threat of violence they voted.

Make babies woman

A buddy and I often discuss the closing of Women's Health clinics that also perform abortions  She and I came to the conclusion the issue was not about abortion but access to the pill.  The uproar by Hobby Lobby over having the pill covered by insurance seems to give some credence to our thoughts.  There is a movement by some to force women to give birth.

When I discuss the matter on Twitter the response is usually, "Well Black people have more abortions".  First, I don't care if humans look like me in the future.  My concern is that we have evolved to a level that speaks to the love we should be showing now. Secondly, who here wishes they had that Cro-magnon or Neanderthal look working for them?  Yet, there is a sector in America very concered about the "browning" of America. 

How many tanning beds do we have in this nation?  In all honesty, I know my Chickasaw and Choctaw ancestors were worried about the "whitening" of their land.  They had goo…

Who is the governor? ??

I have posted the contents of an email from David Vitter.   What is he saying about Jindal? Is Jindal not the governor of Louisiana?  What is Jindal not doing? I know he is at CPAC but is he governing or is Vitter?   Is there a plan to send Jindal to DC? The email Dear Friend,You probably remember the massive fraud and abuse of welfare cards in north Louisiana last fall. If not, there was a computer glitch that essentially left welfare cards through the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) program with no limit for a period of time.We later learned that some of the beneficiaries took advantage of that glitch and knowingly checked out grocery store items far above their legal limit –some stole hundreds of dollars’ worth in groceries.This is absolutely a case of theft and fraud –especially against taxpayers. Additionally, it hurts the honest beneficiaries of that program who really need the help.I’ve been working to get Louisiana’s Attorney General Buddy Caldwell and Department of Children…

The GOP plans for jobs: Beware of GOP bearing jobs

It seems I may have hit a nerve with a certain person I follow on Twitter.  While not responding to me directly, I saw the response to my question of "Where are the comprehensive job bills from the GOP House".  Well, as I have often stated there have been no truly comprehensive job bills from the GOP that do not defraud the public.  (Twitter limits one to 140 characters)  GOP Ideas for Jobs  Before voting for bills look closely I say and obviously Harry Reid has seen the light.  Each of these bills produce the means for more public money to be transferred to private individuals/corporations.  We the public get shafted while others become wealthy during our jobless recovery. 

I shall not go through the entire list but know they all are similar vehicles for the transference of wealthy from the public to corporations.  Click here for entire list

Jobs at expense of health #1
I live in Mississippi where my governor was okay with letting BP off the hook for payments.  I enjoy havin…

Priorities #1

I start each day with a vow to ignore the crap in life.However, being I am often on Twitter, it is hard to ignore the repetitive crap.As much as I wish to spend my time blogging about the Jim Crowe crap in Arizona, I don’t have the time.I find I must say something about Black people with misplaced priorities.In this case it is Uganda.WTF Uganda?Is homosexuality really your major issue?Let’s keep it real for a moment.

HIV, War, Rape, Poverty, etc….

Work with me.


Quick rant on a male's feeling of entitlment to being human

I am posting this thought before my indignation dies.  I am not sure what century the GOP lives but it is not in the one containing 2014.  These MOFOs have lost their ever loving minds.  I shall refrain from using one of my favorite phrases but trust I am very irate. 

They have had classes on how to speak to people who are not Wealthy, White, male, heterosexual, and Protestant but it seems those classes were for naught.  Time and time again the GOP has shown what it thinks of people who do not fit the afore mention category. 

What has my nipples twisted today?  Actually reading where someone in the GOP thinks women are hosts.  What the hell?  I love SyFy more than most but I know enough to know women are not hosts.  We are human beings capable of logical thought.  At this moment, I am not sure what type of stupid the GOP is smoking.  Calling a woman a motherFucking host.  Really? 

Who is being paid to sleep with this humanoid?  He/she is earning her money.  I need to get a cup of c…

Black Boy my Nightmare

The murder of Jordan Davis sits heavily on my heart. As a Black mother, I can only birth Black babies. I have all boys. Each time I read of a racial motivated killing of a Black male my stomach knots. There are those who say I should be upset with the gang violence.  I say to those I don't celebrate violence of any nature.  However, while I can warn my children to not be in a gang or to not deal in drugs, I can't tell them to not be Black. I refuse to teach my children to not excel.  The fear in America of Black males, from a  historical view is ridiculous,  is justified each time an aggressive killer is not penalized because he can say he was afraid for his life.  At no time in American history can it be shown where Blacks organized into parties designed to seek out Whites to murder.  The Black Panther party wasn't formed for such actions.  Yet American history is riddle with such instances of Blacks being hunted for sport. We have been murdered with the blessings of the …

Break in my norm

Just a break. I take. 
It is not my norm but I need to let you know you are appreciated.  I feel I must state it for it seems you are always the object of hate.When you are near I don't have fear. Love for you fills me. I smile knowing you exist.  I show my love for you without shame.  Yes, it shocks you when I am so open. But for me to deny the joy of you I would need to be heavily toking.  There are times you question my devotion but quell such thoughts. I have been with you even when you denied me.  I stand, waiting for you to remember my love as being true.  I love your darkness.  Richer than cocoa with a natural sweetness extracted from the bitterness of your environment ; you I treasure.   Just a break. Just taking time to reflect on the love.  You are more than the media campaign designed to tame your ambitions. Take this love and just be.

New century no time for old games

As I prepared to write my comments on the Marcus Smart/Jeff Orr incident, I noticed a grown-ass man push a chair in the path of two running children at McDs.  I moved the chair and informed the man I was helping him by preventing the children from tripping.  I informed him that if the children tripped he and I would have an altercation.  He had not one word to say to me.  Punk assed grown assed men don't fuck with grown-ups only those they consider weak.  These people are the ones who will take pics of their gun collections to post on FB or Twitter.  These are the ones who will heckle college kids with racial slurs, "go back to Africa", or "Where is your green card."  As a mother, I can only hope my example of not being a punk has become embedded in my kids.  Real strength comes from knowing who you are and not seeking to belittle others. 

My thoughts on Marcus Smart and Jeff Orr are simple.

Marcus don't let it get to you.  It is sad to say but there are ma…

I am 1 of the 2 Million

I am wondering how to write my 40th-ish response on the Affordable Care Act.  Do I include links or just speak from my heart?  Given I have linked my blog in the past to a new level in regards to the ACA, I shall just speak from my heart.  I am tired of the Koch driven media campaign against the ACA.  Why is so much fake news being generated against an imperfect plan that is better than the for-profit system we had?  Who really wants to keep Americans tied down in medical debt?  Who benefits?

I am not writing to answer any of those questions.  Hell, they have been answered several times over.  I am writing to address the bullshit that exploded after the CBO report.  I am one of the 2 million people who waited almost 4 years for one of the major parts of the ACA to kick in.  October 14, 2013 I was one happy person.  I knew my forced labor in exchange for affordable health insurance was at an end.  The timing came at a great time for me. 

I am a single parent with one child left to get …