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Alert: Progressive, Liberal, and Dems Read and Learn Time

This posting  is the contents of an email sent from the Tea Party to a buddy of mine.  Dems if we are to win this mid-term we need to put the money raised into action and not into personal bank accounts.  Time for action not dinners.

Actual content from email sent to a buddy:

Right now we have teams in Mississippi knocking on doors
and talking to folks about the primary race for US Senate.

Will you come join us in Mississippi for
a day, two days, or through June 3?

travel and lodging paid for by TPPCF


Will you make simple (really simple), quick
phone calls from home with our
easy to use website system?



Will you do nothing?

“Bad men need no better opportunity than
when good men look on and do nothing.”
Contributions to the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund are not tax deductible
as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.


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