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Perception Lost

There are times when a stay at a hotel is less than desired.  Several weeks ago I had such an event at the Marriott Marquis downtown Atlanta.  The surface issue was almost 90% of the hotel's 1000+ rooms were rented to college students.  The mid-level issue for me was not being treated as a business traveler by some of the staff.  The reason I am writing this blog posting is what I see as a loss of perspective.

When I realized the hotel was booked solid by college students, I strengthen my resolve to deal with kids for the weekend. Although, I did not party at hotels as a college student, I did remember the stories I had read in the news.  I am a short woman but at no time did I fee threaten by the students.  Even when I redress them in regards to a comment , the only thing they said to me was yes ma'am.  I am not writing to state these students were angels but their event was not Armageddon. 

My issue arose when a member of hotel security did not treat me with the proper res…