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The Crazy Continues in America

Excuse me if I go astray as I type this posting.  I have worked long hours and watched Scandal.  However, the real scandal is the one committed by the GOP.  Somehow between a desire to see President Obama fail and Koch brother money funding a misinformation campaign, the people in America believe getting cancellation notice of their junk policies is worse than slavery.  Hint: It is not. 

Tonight as I attempting to catch-up on all I missed today, someone replied to me on Twitter about "Obamacare".  I stated the ACA was not actually President Obama's original plan.  This person insisted it was. I then asked the person what plan did she/he have to replace ACA.  Instead of responding the person insisted I was not sane.  I may not be but I do know if we don't have ACA we need something better than the for profit system we currently have.  I digress, my point this person only knows healthcare reform was done while a Black man was in office.

She then sent a link to me of s…

Walking on Water

I am attempting to remember when President Obama stated he walked on water.  I may have missed his saying those words.  However, I do tire of the narrative built by his detractors stating he should walk on water.  He is human; stop the crazy.   He can't plug an oil spill with his dick and although he is brilliant,  he is not a web developer.   
Could the website have been better? Hell yes. Should we have used direct hire FTEs for this project?  Hell yes.  Can it be fixed before November 30th? Hell yes.  It is sad when left leaning media outlets take the Koch narratiive and run with it. There is a failure by the media to inform the public of a need for a change in our healthcare system.   It seems the media would rather take the cheap way out by reporting on a website's failure to launch than why the for profit system has failed American families.
I write opinions not news.  Yet it seems I and others like me report more news than the actual media.   I get most of my news from…