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Blizzard in NYC is not Katrina

Late last night as I was going through Twitter, I noticed a mention of the NYC blizzard being Katrina. Given the amount of coverage by the MSM one might think it was in the same category as Katrina but allow me to say, it is\was not. I speak as someone who has been in blizzards in NY and Montreal and lived to tell my tale after Katrina.

I live in Mississippi. In fact I lived in southern Mississippi at the time of Katrina. I fled to my mother’s house, 4.5 hours from where Katrina came ashore. The problem with my fleeing was I stayed in Mississippi, although in the northeastern part. In that area of Mississippi Katrina still had winds that topped out at 85 mph. Katrina caused residents of Mississippi, 4.5 hours away from where she hit land, to be without electricity for a minimum of two weeks in the hot and humid Mississippi climate. Katrina was a bad chic.

George Bush in his infinite wisdom thought 1) Mississippi was some part of the world “ ..this part of the world.” 2) Katri…

Quickie Gov Barbour

H. Barbour is to meet with NAACP president on release if Scott sisters. He needs to step up his game if he wishes to beat Obama. He needs a Karl Rove makeover. Only Karl Rove can feed death to the voters and nothing is said, just more votes.

Check out for the live interview at 11am CST. I am about to be ill at this pre 2012 pandering. If he wants my vote he needs to show he cares more about people than corporations. Choosing a shipyard over Katrina victims is not good in my view.

Stranded on the tarmac

Although I was home this holiday due in part to illness, I can understand the frustrations of those stranded on airplanes and in airports. It may come as a surprise to some that I have such empathy given I have written my dismay with the unbalance in new coverage by the 24 news services. As someone who at one point flew to a different city every week for work, I understand the frustration of stranded passengers. When the Passengers’ Bill of Rights came into being April 2010, I was overjoyed.

An associate of mine who suffers from anxiety spent 5 hours on the tarmac a few years before the bill and I myself have over 100 tarmac hours. It is beyond humane to leave people stuck on the tarmac for over an hour. There are some of us who become freaked out when the plane fails to move after an hour. It is especially hard when the air stops being circulated. The passage of the bill I thought was a life saver. I now know the bill does not apply to foreign airlines. Why are the planes of …

Tea partied

Am I alone in noticing that Rand Paul celebrated his primary victory at the Bowling Green Country Club? It seemed to me an odd way to celebrate a victory for the people. What people gained a victory by his win?

The first clue to the identity of these people came from his very own mouth, Tea Party people. Given I am not a tea party member( income less than $150k, white, Republican, anti-government, need 1,000 guns in my home, accept Rush Limbaugh as a prophet, even in today's times I can not be a member of the Bowling Green Country Club, and I prefer to do my own research rather than swallow media kool-aid), I knew he was not claiming a victory in my name. What does his victory mean for people who do not fit his demographic? Should I be out buying multiple guns and large quantities of ammo? Should I build a bunker where I can hide out from the enemy? My plan of action does not adhere to such extremes.

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Snow bound

Today I rested. I did not rest by choice, my body gave out after having been pushed for the last few days. During my forced rest period I attempted to watch the news. After two hours of non-stop snow reporting I could not understand how the 24 hour news services stayed on the airwaves.

It would be understandable if the reporting centered around closures or other PSAs but it was not the case. The reporting centered around how people felt about the weather. Where are the journalist. I know there had to have been some event somewhere in the world worthy of being reported on the national 24 hour news service.

Having been in blizzards, ice storms and hurricanes I understand the importance of reporting on the weather. I do not understand the importance of showing people sleeping at the airport. If I am off base with my view please, someone let me know.

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Tis be the season


I admit that our nation is not where we desire to be but the number of people shopping on Christmas' eve let me know we will get there. Before the elections all we heard was dour news regarding our economy. My faith in the American people comes from the history of this nation. We did not become who we are by rolling over and just taking it. We are a nation of innovators, can do, and will do people. The large number of people out shopping today let's me know we will do. There is hope alive in the people although our power players do their collective best to undermine our financial security for personal benefits. As each of you take time to think of this past year, keep hope alive in your hearts. Do not give into the darkness pitched nightly by the MSM. Know yourself and the history of this nation to come back against all odds. Happy holiday


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Trip to VA

Today did not go as planned for me. My WWII stepfather was ill the previous night. It was a shock to see him, a man who moves as if he is 60, swollen and partially moving. After a few threats of angering my mother he consented to going to the VA. I got him and my mother to the VA just in time. His throat was closing due to a reaction to a change in his medication.

As I walked the halls of the VA I noticed all the vets. I thought how they once had the healthy bodies of youth. I wondered how many had service related illnesses as did my stepfather and my father? When I learned that my stepfather's medication had been changed by a nurse practictionar(sp) in our small town 70 miles from the VA I became a bit perturbed. Once again our vets are being shortchanged by our government. I have an associate who was once instructed to get meds from a civilian pharmacy and then to submit a form for reimbursement. Her maintenance medication was out if stock.

We can not outsource the care of…

Happy Holidays

No matter what you celebrate, I hope joy and peace are yours this season. I have enjoyed the full moon, good food, and the love of others. I have shared of my time and talents with joy.

I shall return to ranting and raving soon enough. At this moment I am reflective of the good in my life. Many thanks to each of you.

Pell grant
Haley Barbour
GOP in 2011

Will be my rants when this mood leaves me.

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911 Responders

This post will be the shortest ever to this blog. 911 responder health care act. Must we really call Congress on this bill? If we must call congress on this bill are those the types of people we want or need in DC?

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Salvation Army

Today I have been blessed to share with my son one of my favorite activities. We are volunteering at the Salvation Army Christmas toy issue. In the past ,due to his age, he did not participate with me in these activities but now that he is a young man of 13, I am proud to have him at my side.

I have during my years taught to him that which my grandmother taught to me: when you have been blessed pass it on. When my grandmother planted her garden she planted for the man unseen in need. When she canned she canned for the man unseen. This tradition I have attempted to pass on to my son. Only time will tell if I have been successful.

As for now we arrived at the location a little over an hour before the start of distribution. We waited in line to be told which gift to pick from the storehouse. It was nice to see other people excited about the opportunity to serve others. The only people stressed were the staff of the Salvation Army when the numbers became confused. The only fault I had …

Who has a dream

I shall start by confessing my ignorance and confusion regarding the Dream Act. I have been living under the impression that the United States has had a military provision for citizenship since the birth of our nation. I was under the impression that during the Korean and Vietnam War this provision was used heavily to fill the gaps left by those who turned to Guard services to avoid a sure shipment to overseas duty.

It would be a small thing to say that I am shocked to know that no such provision existed and therefore we need the Dream Act ( I am dismayed by the resistance to the act from Congress given our national history. Who are the people who have voted against the dream act? ( ). What is their motivation? These questions beg for answers if we are to move forward as a nation.

I would say this movement is a fear response from WASPs but M…

Standing on tax cuts

I shall have more to say later today. I am reviewing document on health care reform. I am thankful for those in Congress taking a stance in a seemingly no win battle. It is my hope that the American public understand the reason for their opposition to the tax cut compromise. Even though the compromise would extend UI it also forces us to continue borrowing money.

We must stop borrowing money if we are to get out of this hole we have dug for ourselves over the last 9 years. We must face reality which states we must pay off our creditors now.

Contact your Congress person today to let them know how you feel about their position. The "tomorrow" has become today and today we must pay.

Happy Eating

Quick post. I am currently reviewing the Affordable Care Act 2010. As I review this document, I pause to listen to a story about Happy Meals. A mother in California of a six year old is suing McDonalds over Happy Meal's targeted marketing. WTF?!?! I am working on my last child who is 13. After having help rear 4 other children, I fail to see this woman's view. My no is no. Say no offer healthy choices that do not include a trip to McDonalds. At some point you must accept responsibility as a parent. I have always been quick to let children know I am doing my job as the adult by limiting treats in their lives. You may not be the "cool" parent but you will be the one with children who have healthy eating habits. This lawsuit is a waste of time and money.

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The woman is back!!!! (Elton John is my leader) I am only 10% away from being my normal self but I am ready to tackle life again. Today, I shall write of my view on healthcare reform.

One of two things that I fear the new House will waste time and money on is how not to fund healthcare reform. The other is using federal funds to trace the president’s place of birth. In regards to healthcare reform, I see it being unfunded and nothing done to improve it. In my personal view, I do think there is more that can be done to ensure the health of our citizens. I am all for a system similar to Sweden’s ( There seems to be such a rush to create failure for President Obama that some are not seeing a glaring reality of life. Our aging population is increasing and short of gassing everyone over 55, we must do something now to prepare the system to handle the increase in participants. In addition, due to globalization our r…

Tom Udell response

I have for the last three weeks been writing and faxing our members of congress. Here is the first response I have received from more than 500 communications.

December 10, 2010
Dear Ms. harmon,

Thank you for contacting me regarding taxes and government spending. I appreciate hearing from you about these very important matters.

The recent economic crisis combined with fiscally irresponsible policies that took us from a budget surplus in 2000 to dramatic budget deficits by 2008 has created an untenable fiscal situation for our nation. We must continue to work to put or fiscal house back in order. Failing to do so could have damaging long-term consequences for our economy.

Throughout my years of public service, I have maintained a commitment to fiscal discipline. As a Representative and Senator, I have fought to establish a pay-as-you-go, or "pay-go" policy to combat unchecked federal spending. Pay-go policy requires that any legislation that increases direct spending or reduces…

Too poop to post much

I promise to have a more lengthy and blistering blog tomorrow. Today, I do not posses the faculties to deliver such a blog. Whatever, kooties my son had over the weekend are now thriving in me. However, so is the life of a mom. In addition, being a daughter I could not rest as planned for I had promised my elderly stepfather I would install blinds at his home. I would have come out better hiring someone. Having said all of the above here is my short posting for today.

Am I alone in noticing the hypocrisy in D.C. amongst the Republicans? Where was all of the outrage at Wikileaks founder, when Valerie Plame’s identity was leaked? Her outing at the start of our wars did more to hurt the security of this country than Wikileaks. If our country is so intent on roasting those who tell secrets, then should not Cheney be on the spit?

Also, where are the fiscal responsible Republicans? The ones who recognize this tax deal is not good for the country. Let the fiscal responsible people …

Apology Please

Unlike my previous drawn out fantasy filled post this one is short and real. President Obsma's latest action has futhered divided his base. This base that elected him us made up of democrats, idependents, real republicans, and people who saw this country getting off track early 2001. In short Presudent Obama's base is huge. He was elected by a huge majority which was a mandate of how off base the last administration was for this country.

His base has begun infighting for he has yet to show that he is willing to fight for the change he proposes. When the wiff of an altercation hits the air he immediately seeks to find middle ground. By and large he was elected to fight. He was elected to fight the do nothing democracts elected in 2006. Yet he has done nothing much as have they( Harry obstruction Reid).

His base is fighting on the merits that rolling over is good or detrimental to the fiscal foundation of this nation. ( can you guess my stance?). My dearest associate spent …

Rollover Beethoven the U.S.A. does

Yesterday's news sadden and enraged me at the same time. I took some chill time today with my family. As a systems' admin I am designed to understand logic and logical repairs even when they seem out of the box in nature. What I do not understand is the logic of borrowing money to extend UI benefits because we will not allow the temporary tax cuts to expire. We could not afford these tax cuts in 2001 when G.W.B. and "the rubber stamping" Congress enacted them. It was a short sighted solution in 2001 to stave off a depression that did not work.

I just do not understand the Republican desire to continue with a solution that has not worked in the 9 years it has been in operation. All that it has done is eliminate a projected surplus left by the Clinton administration. What is Obama thinking? Force the hands of the GOP members calling for a tax cut. Make them go home to their constituents, who may or may not be receiving UI benefits. Make them tell these people w…

Beating a horse to death

I am a simple person with a checkered past. However, in all my doings not harming others has been my main objective. I have been honest in my dealings just not always able to followup. Having given the above statement to dispel any notion I am Jesus or even close to Jesus, I shall now wax on about tax cuts. This morning I remembered a scripture, Matt. 17:24-27 King James. This scripture was about Jesus, a fish, and taxes. What I took away from the scripture is as long as I am in Spirit all will be provided. I need not worry a out the pressures of society for all will be provided.
It does not mean I am to be a none productive member of society it means I am not to allow societal pressures to derail my walk in spirit.
I have been middle class, upperclass, and lower class. In all honest I enjoy being able to travel when and where I so desire. I enjoy knowing there is enough money to supply my needs and my wants.
However, in my travels amongst the classes, I have learned not to put money …

We can not afford tax cuts

After the Senate failed twice to make any headway on tax cuts and UI benefits, I took a little timeout from shouting to be silent. I spent 2 hours and 20 minutes being quiet with my son as we watched Harry Potter. Today, I awaken early to get to the store to buy food to aid in my son’s combat of the season’s first cold. During the shopping and the quiet time, I continued to wonder if maybe I am the one missing something. I do not have the alphabet soup behind my name or statistical knowledge, as do those in the Senate. I may be alone in seeing a crisis where there is none.

However, just as I thought to put away the shingle of my blog in favor of teaching public school, I got a retweet of a NY Times article ( Reading the article I was reminded how, my close to retirement age mother, who has advanced degrees, was laid-off as a teacher under the guise of budget cuts from the state…


Yesterday, I could post nothing. The failure of the Senate, twice,to vote on taxes is so very telling of the next two years. I shall post my full thoughts later today. It is a sad state of affairs.

Independent voting

Third parties, rising from the depths to gain control of a nation caught in a whirlpool is what I predict for the near future. Do keep in mind I am not Ms. Cleo but I do make this predication. Third parties have been around for over 100 years ( at the national level of our political system. Ross Perot the most famous candidate of recent times accurately predicted the economic mess in which we now found ourselves. Ron Paul, father of Tea Bagger number one, Rand Paul, was wooed by many Independents to run apart from the Republican machine. However, giving into the fear of disrupting the smooth processes brought about by the two party systems; too afraid to pull a “Nadar”, he declined to run as an independent. Ron Paul and Kucinich for 2012 what a ticket.

Why do we have a fear of going outside of the two parties? Could it be the redressing, given to anyone who dares to vote outside of the D…

The people wil also rise

I am sitting here with my son at the dentist office. My phone is almost drained as I work to keep up with the tweets that are creating a din today.

People seem to be most upset with Congress and the President. The anger is not about policy per se. The anger is rising from the caving- in to the demands of the current republican minority. They , President and actual current majority in Congress, are giving in based on the threat of a future republican majority. I also feel the disgust that is running rampant amongst the populace. As a height challenged American, I have yet to backdown from a fight when I have faith I am in the right. Why are they?

Seeing our leaders rollover like lap dogs to the demands of the corporate puppet masters is painful to me and other individual Americans. Seeing our leaders shove spoons full of thallium down our throats, while telling us it will make things better is inhuman at best. This painful, inhumane, confusing behavior on the part of out leaders is fa…

UI Letter to Congress

December 1, 2010

Dear Senator,

I am writing to ask you to support the extension of UI benefits. I would have sent a tweet but you do not follow me on Twitter, therefore I have sent this fax. I also would have sent this fax yesterday but a storm system hit my area of Mississippi. We are still busy picking up the mess.

The storm made the extension of Ui benefits more tangible. Extension of UI benefits will help this economy get back on it's feet more than a tax cut for upper level earners. It is wrong to hold the money for electric bill, gas bill, and in some cases medicine hostage in exchange for tax cuts for the upper level earners.

I agree there is waste in the government but UI checks have a direct immediate impact on local economies.

If you need to cut governmental waste, eliminate the departments created after 2001. Spend more to automate tasks that are currently being done by redundant agencies or personnel. Sure on the short term it will add to the unemployment rolls but even…