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The people wil also rise

I am sitting here with my son at the dentist office. My phone is almost drained as I work to keep up with the tweets that are creating a din today.

People seem to be most upset with Congress and the President. The anger is not about policy per se. The anger is rising from the caving- in to the demands of the current republican minority. They , President and actual current majority in Congress, are giving in based on the threat of a future republican majority. I also feel the disgust that is running rampant amongst the populace. As a height challenged American, I have yet to backdown from a fight when I have faith I am in the right. Why are they?

Seeing our leaders rollover like lap dogs to the demands of the corporate puppet masters is painful to me and other individual Americans. Seeing our leaders shove spoons full of thallium down our throats, while telling us it will make things better is inhuman at best. This painful, inhumane, confusing behavior on the part of out leaders is fanning the embers of anger.

Those embers are not from a people looking for government to bring on the return of Jesus as leader of the state. Those embers are not from those seeking to further kick those whom are already writhing on the ground. Nor are those embers from those who wish to continue the tax cut party knowing the rent is past due. No, those embers are from the still silent majority who last spoke in 2006.

The mid-term election 2010 was far from a mandate or a rejection. It was what it was; apathy. However do not take apathy for a mandate of Newscorp's governmental policies. Those polices are the ones fanning the coals into what is about to become the roaring flame that will finally purge D.C. of the self-serving narcissts who claim to be public servants.

The writing is on the wall. The queen of self-service, Nancy Pelosi, has been doing what is best for Americans and she is not even up for election. Do not let the dissmisal of blue dog democrats lure you.Congress, into believing America is conservative. We love freedom and liberty too much to be contained in a conservative pressure cooker. We are free thinkers and not sheep. A day of reckoning is coming that may arrive before 2012. Stop working against people to support corporations.

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