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UI Letter to Congress

December 1, 2010

Dear Senator,

I am writing to ask you to support the extension of UI benefits. I would have sent a tweet but you do not follow me on Twitter, therefore I have sent this fax. I also would have sent this fax yesterday but a storm system hit my area of Mississippi. We are still busy picking up the mess.

The storm made the extension of Ui benefits more tangible. Extension of UI benefits will help this economy get back on it's feet more than a tax cut for upper level earners. It is wrong to hold the money for electric bill, gas bill, and in some cases medicine hostage in exchange for tax cuts for the upper level earners.

I agree there is waste in the government but UI checks have a direct immediate impact on local economies.

If you need to cut governmental waste, eliminate the departments created after 2001. Spend more to automate tasks that are currently being done by redundant agencies or personnel. Sure on the short term it will add to the unemployment rolls but eventually 9 to 12 months those persons will find a job.

It is a travesty akin to the one played by state governments with stimulus finding to hold UI benefits hostage. This political ploy is one that will not beat well for those who engage in such behavior. When politicians forget that people not corporations vote at the polls, then they forget why they were elected.

I thank you for your time

amsmadwoman (A Mississippi Mad Woman)
Twitter: amsmadwoman

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