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Salvation Army

Today I have been blessed to share with my son one of my favorite activities. We are volunteering at the Salvation Army Christmas toy issue. In the past ,due to his age, he did not participate with me in these activities but now that he is a young man of 13, I am proud to have him at my side.

I have during my years taught to him that which my grandmother taught to me: when you have been blessed pass it on. When my grandmother planted her garden she planted for the man unseen in need. When she canned she canned for the man unseen. This tradition I have attempted to pass on to my son. Only time will tell if I have been successful.

As for now we arrived at the location a little over an hour before the start of distribution. We waited in line to be told which gift to pick from the storehouse. It was nice to see other people excited about the opportunity to serve others. The only people stressed were the staff of the Salvation Army when the numbers became confused. The only fault I had was the low number of donations. As I surveyed the room of donations I wished I had more to add to the stockpile. I gave thanks that others were planning ways to be able to give more in 2011. One group leader has decided to buy two bikes per month in order to donate 24 bikes by year's end. One final thought of thanksgiving was the number of young people volunteering their time to assist in the distribution of toys.

Seeing youngsters giving of their time gives hope to me that all will be well for our future. God bless one snd all. I shall rant and rave about Pell grants snd education tomorrow.

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