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The woman is back!!!! (Elton John is my leader) I am only 10% away from being my normal self but I am ready to tackle life again. Today, I shall write of my view on healthcare reform.

One of two things that I fear the new House will waste time and money on is how not to fund healthcare reform. The other is using federal funds to trace the president’s place of birth. In regards to healthcare reform, I see it being unfunded and nothing done to improve it. In my personal view, I do think there is more that can be done to ensure the health of our citizens. I am all for a system similar to Sweden’s ( There seems to be such a rush to create failure for President Obama that some are not seeing a glaring reality of life. Our aging population is increasing and short of gassing everyone over 55, we must do something now to prepare the system to handle the increase in participants. In addition, due to globalization our rate of unemployment will remain high until there is assimilation by American industry into the global workforce. Until that time, the unemployed need to have options to remain healthy. My COBRA was $900 a month. A single mother on UI benefits cannot afford $900 a month COBRA. Our system is not working and I would like to think that we have evolved beyond survival of the fittest in our civilized society.

It is imperative that we start, now, letting Congress know as a whole what we really think of healthcare reform. It is also imperative that we actually educate the public in lay terms what the current healthcare reform offers and denies. There has been so much disinformation in the media about the current healthcare reform, some people who need it would vote against it. Today, I received a tweet stating only 43% of Americans supported healthcare reform. What the tweet did not say was detail what the 57% of non-supports did not like about healthcare reform. The liberal base is upset that it did not go far enough. Some business owners, and rightly so, fear their costs will increase. There are those who are just too confused to think anything good of the reform.

I write today in favor of healthcare reform that goes further than the current reform. I long for a healthcare system that does not force Americans not in the healthcare industry to learn medical coding. I currently have medical debts due to incorrect coding. Try fighting insurance companies on coding issues. I long for a healthcare system that allows employees of small businesses to have comprehensive healthcare without bankrupting the employer. Currently, private insurance companies gouge small business owners who desire to provide health insurance for employees. I desire to see a healthcare system that promotes preventive measures rather than pharmaceutical care. Our system is broken but it can be fixed. A healthy society is a productive society. Reforming healthcare works for us all.

Light reading suggestion: Norway, Sweden, and Luxembourg all share something other than government healthcare systems.


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