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Priorities #1

I start each day with a vow to ignore the crap in life.However, being I am often on Twitter, it is hard to ignore the repetitive crap.As much as I wish to spend my time blogging about the Jim Crowe crap in Arizona, I don’t have the time.I find I must say something about Black people with misplaced priorities.In this case it is Uganda.WTF Uganda?Is homosexuality really your major issue?Let’s keep it real for a moment.

HIV, War, Rape, Poverty, etc….

Work with me.


Quick rant on a male's feeling of entitlment to being human

I am posting this thought before my indignation dies.  I am not sure what century the GOP lives but it is not in the one containing 2014.  These MOFOs have lost their ever loving minds.  I shall refrain from using one of my favorite phrases but trust I am very irate. 

They have had classes on how to speak to people who are not Wealthy, White, male, heterosexual, and Protestant but it seems those classes were for naught.  Time and time again the GOP has shown what it thinks of people who do not fit the afore mention category. 

What has my nipples twisted today?  Actually reading where someone in the GOP thinks women are hosts.  What the hell?  I love SyFy more than most but I know enough to know women are not hosts.  We are human beings capable of logical thought.  At this moment, I am not sure what type of stupid the GOP is smoking.  Calling a woman a motherFucking host.  Really? 

Who is being paid to sleep with this humanoid?  He/she is earning her money.  I need to get a cup of c…

Black Boy my Nightmare

The murder of Jordan Davis sits heavily on my heart. As a Black mother, I can only birth Black babies. I have all boys. Each time I read of a racial motivated killing of a Black male my stomach knots. There are those who say I should be upset with the gang violence.  I say to those I don't celebrate violence of any nature.  However, while I can warn my children to not be in a gang or to not deal in drugs, I can't tell them to not be Black. I refuse to teach my children to not excel.  The fear in America of Black males, from a  historical view is ridiculous,  is justified each time an aggressive killer is not penalized because he can say he was afraid for his life.  At no time in American history can it be shown where Blacks organized into parties designed to seek out Whites to murder.  The Black Panther party wasn't formed for such actions.  Yet American history is riddle with such instances of Blacks being hunted for sport. We have been murdered with the blessings of the …

Break in my norm

Just a break. I take. 
It is not my norm but I need to let you know you are appreciated.  I feel I must state it for it seems you are always the object of hate.When you are near I don't have fear. Love for you fills me. I smile knowing you exist.  I show my love for you without shame.  Yes, it shocks you when I am so open. But for me to deny the joy of you I would need to be heavily toking.  There are times you question my devotion but quell such thoughts. I have been with you even when you denied me.  I stand, waiting for you to remember my love as being true.  I love your darkness.  Richer than cocoa with a natural sweetness extracted from the bitterness of your environment ; you I treasure.   Just a break. Just taking time to reflect on the love.  You are more than the media campaign designed to tame your ambitions. Take this love and just be.

New century no time for old games

As I prepared to write my comments on the Marcus Smart/Jeff Orr incident, I noticed a grown-ass man push a chair in the path of two running children at McDs.  I moved the chair and informed the man I was helping him by preventing the children from tripping.  I informed him that if the children tripped he and I would have an altercation.  He had not one word to say to me.  Punk assed grown assed men don't fuck with grown-ups only those they consider weak.  These people are the ones who will take pics of their gun collections to post on FB or Twitter.  These are the ones who will heckle college kids with racial slurs, "go back to Africa", or "Where is your green card."  As a mother, I can only hope my example of not being a punk has become embedded in my kids.  Real strength comes from knowing who you are and not seeking to belittle others. 

My thoughts on Marcus Smart and Jeff Orr are simple.

Marcus don't let it get to you.  It is sad to say but there are ma…

I am 1 of the 2 Million

I am wondering how to write my 40th-ish response on the Affordable Care Act.  Do I include links or just speak from my heart?  Given I have linked my blog in the past to a new level in regards to the ACA, I shall just speak from my heart.  I am tired of the Koch driven media campaign against the ACA.  Why is so much fake news being generated against an imperfect plan that is better than the for-profit system we had?  Who really wants to keep Americans tied down in medical debt?  Who benefits?

I am not writing to answer any of those questions.  Hell, they have been answered several times over.  I am writing to address the bullshit that exploded after the CBO report.  I am one of the 2 million people who waited almost 4 years for one of the major parts of the ACA to kick in.  October 14, 2013 I was one happy person.  I knew my forced labor in exchange for affordable health insurance was at an end.  The timing came at a great time for me. 

I am a single parent with one child left to get …