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Black Boy my Nightmare

The murder of Jordan Davis sits heavily on my heart. As a Black mother, I can only birth Black babies. I have all boys. Each time I read of a racial motivated killing of a Black male my stomach knots.

There are those who say I should be upset with the gang violence.  I say to those I don't celebrate violence of any nature.  However, while I can warn my children to not be in a gang or to not deal in drugs, I can't tell them to not be Black. I refuse to teach my children to not excel. 

The fear in America of Black males, from a  historical view is ridiculous,  is justified each time an aggressive killer is not penalized because he can say he was afraid for his life.  At no time in American history can it be shown where Blacks organized into parties designed to seek out Whites to murder.  The Black Panther party wasn't formed for such actions.  Yet American history is riddle with such instances of Blacks being hunted for sport. We have been murdered with the blessings of the government.  Yet we have never formed an aggressive organization whose main purpose was to terrorize White people. 

It is odd, to me, White people live in fear of Blacks. As a Black person in America, based on the history of this nation,  I should live in fear of White people.  Watching the treatment of President Obama I should live in fear.  Reading how three White youths from Georgia can't be tried with a crime in Mississippi,  I should be afraid of White people.   Yet, I am not. 

I rise each day with the intent to treat all I meet with love and respect.   Even when I engage others on Twitter,  I remember to be kind.  I am not stockpiling arms waiting for some racial unholy war.  I shall not be moved by the racially motivated actions of some to behave as they have. 

At some point humanity will evolve.   Sadly it seems we in America are stagnated on fear to evolve.  A fear that if based on American history is ridiculous.  


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