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New century no time for old games

As I prepared to write my comments on the Marcus Smart/Jeff Orr incident, I noticed a grown-ass man push a chair in the path of two running children at McDs.  I moved the chair and informed the man I was helping him by preventing the children from tripping.  I informed him that if the children tripped he and I would have an altercation.  He had not one word to say to me.  Punk assed grown assed men don't fuck with grown-ups only those they consider weak.  These people are the ones who will take pics of their gun collections to post on FB or Twitter.  These are the ones who will heckle college kids with racial slurs, "go back to Africa", or "Where is your green card."  As a mother, I can only hope my example of not being a punk has become embedded in my kids.  Real strength comes from knowing who you are and not seeking to belittle others. 

My thoughts on Marcus Smart and Jeff Orr are simple.

Marcus don't let it get to you.  It is sad to say but there are many simple minds at work in America.  Look at the shit hurled at President Obama.  Don't expect Orr to man up for he is a punk ass mofo.  How do I know it?  He heckles college kids during games.  Who heckles kids?  Marcus, stay focused.  Don't let the small minds get you off your game. 

Jeff why are you a punk ass motherfucker?  Can you man up to say on television what you said to Marcus? Honestly?  Jeff we are no longer in the days of when Black people just have to take bullshit hurled at them by assholes.  It would be a good idea for you to accept not all Black people are Jackie Robinson or President Obama.  Some Black people will whip your ass.  When you feel the urge to be mean, swallow it. 

I am not given to violence, unless a child or elderly person is involved.  In those cases, I have to remind people don't let the package fool you.  I will not stand by and allow anyone to be mistreated.  I treat others with love and respect and expect others to do the same. 



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