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Teachers with guns

I may be paranoid but I don't trust teachers to not have sex with the students let alone have guns around them.  It seems there may be a few others who agree.

Stupid shit from tge South

Here is the first of a new series of blog postings.  Stupid Shit from the South.   Someone in Louisiana is upset over the flying of the rainbow flag on public grounds.   As a Korean war vet he feels it is disgraceful.  Really? ?!!!?!! Effing serious??!!?!Gay people as have oppressed and dehumanized what group of people?  Every day I am in Mississippi I see the Confederate battle flag flown over public buildings.  I did not enlist in the Navy to be subjected to a reminder of Blacks being less than humans in America.  Maybe I am super sensitive this weekend but proposing legislation to ban rainbow flag is shitty.  It also says much given the other ills that plague Louisiana.   It is time we end oppression in America.

Voter ID MS

Let's get busy people time to get unproductive folks out of office.   We need to be sure everyone has an actual voter ID from the state. Keep this ID in a safe place until it is time to vote.  If you must pay for documentation to obtain state issue voter ID, document it.  We are not to pay to vote in America (poll tax).  It is imperative we all vote in 2014, 2015, 2016 and beyond.

Please click the link below even if you do not live in MS.  This draft will be similar to what is proposed in any of the the ALEC controlled statehouses.

Abortion not an issue

I write this quick posting for it came during a conversation on Twitter.  I am pro choice and believe in the value of all life.   When we speak of abortions it should be noted that in spite of Roe v Wade 40 years ago, abortion is still a taboo in minority communities.   I was shocked to learn such attitudes existed amongst young minoritiesin 2013.   I am not stating minorities do not have abortions; only they are not willfully keeping the clinics in business.   Coercion and prostitution are two things that pop into mind when I hear of a minority having an abortion.  I also think rape.  The sad fact of life is minority women give birth to children who are the result of a rape.   Gang culture has moved into human trafficking in America.  Pimps care nothing of forcing a young woman to visit " the clinic ".  She may get a week's rest if lucky. The tears cried when learning she is pregnant are silent compared to the ones she cry after an abortion.  The overwhelming sense of …