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Abortion not an issue

I write this quick posting for it came during a conversation on Twitter.  I am pro choice and believe in the value of all life.   When we speak of abortions it should be noted that in spite of Roe v Wade 40 years ago, abortion is still a taboo in minority communities.   I was shocked to learn such attitudes existed amongst young minoritiesin 2013.   I am not stating minorities do not have abortions; only they are not willfully keeping the clinics in business.  

Coercion and prostitution are two things that pop into mind when I hear of a minority having an abortion.  I also think rape.  The sad fact of life is minority women give birth to children who are the result of a rape.   Gang culture has moved into human trafficking in America.  Pimps care nothing of forcing a young woman to visit " the clinic ".  She may get a week's rest if lucky.

The tears cried when learning she is pregnant are silent compared to the ones she cry after an abortion.  The overwhelming sense of failure and loneliness are enough to drive one insane.  It is at that point she needs a friend.  She does not need more condemnation from others. 

All of this push to have forced births in America is not about minority children but a twofold long game.  The first is to reduce the number of women in the job market.  It is becoming harder for me to compete when they are not getting the educational training they need.  The second is to keep the majority the majority in America.   Earlier this year Texas saw the results of a population study done with a given of no Planned Parenthood.   The study showed a huge minority population growth.  The state of Texas stopped attempting to shutdown Planned Parenthood.  

The GOP'S love affair with controlling reproductive rights is disturbing at best.  They have reveled the true nature of their quest today in Ohio; eradicate female birth control.  I think Ohio GOP needs to see the Texas study.  I know all women need to come together to stop this push to get women out of labor market, to stop the  return to forced births ,and to stop the rise of human trafficking in America.     

I am typing from my phone no links. I encourage everyone to talk to the children.   Banning abortions or contraceptives is not the answer.   Talk with children you may be shocked to learn they desire guidance. 


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