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Make babies woman

A buddy and I often discuss the closing of Women's Health clinics that also perform abortions  She and I came to the conclusion the issue was not about abortion but access to the pill.  The uproar by Hobby Lobby over having the pill covered by insurance seems to give some credence to our thoughts.  There is a movement by some to force women to give birth.

When I discuss the matter on Twitter the response is usually, "Well Black people have more abortions".  First, I don't care if humans look like me in the future.  My concern is that we have evolved to a level that speaks to the love we should be showing now. Secondly, who here wishes they had that Cro-magnon or Neanderthal look working for them?  Yet, there is a sector in America very concered about the "browning" of America. 

How many tanning beds do we have in this nation?  In all honesty, I know my Chickasaw and Choctaw ancestors were worried about the "whitening" of their land.  They had goo…

Who is the governor? ??

I have posted the contents of an email from David Vitter.   What is he saying about Jindal? Is Jindal not the governor of Louisiana?  What is Jindal not doing? I know he is at CPAC but is he governing or is Vitter?   Is there a plan to send Jindal to DC? The email Dear Friend,You probably remember the massive fraud and abuse of welfare cards in north Louisiana last fall. If not, there was a computer glitch that essentially left welfare cards through the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) program with no limit for a period of time.We later learned that some of the beneficiaries took advantage of that glitch and knowingly checked out grocery store items far above their legal limit –some stole hundreds of dollars’ worth in groceries.This is absolutely a case of theft and fraud –especially against taxpayers. Additionally, it hurts the honest beneficiaries of that program who really need the help.I’ve been working to get Louisiana’s Attorney General Buddy Caldwell and Department of Children…

The GOP plans for jobs: Beware of GOP bearing jobs

It seems I may have hit a nerve with a certain person I follow on Twitter.  While not responding to me directly, I saw the response to my question of "Where are the comprehensive job bills from the GOP House".  Well, as I have often stated there have been no truly comprehensive job bills from the GOP that do not defraud the public.  (Twitter limits one to 140 characters)  GOP Ideas for Jobs  Before voting for bills look closely I say and obviously Harry Reid has seen the light.  Each of these bills produce the means for more public money to be transferred to private individuals/corporations.  We the public get shafted while others become wealthy during our jobless recovery. 

I shall not go through the entire list but know they all are similar vehicles for the transference of wealthy from the public to corporations.  Click here for entire list

Jobs at expense of health #1
I live in Mississippi where my governor was okay with letting BP off the hook for payments.  I enjoy havin…