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Make babies woman

A buddy and I often discuss the closing of Women's Health clinics that also perform abortions  She and I came to the conclusion the issue was not about abortion but access to the pill.  The uproar by Hobby Lobby over having the pill covered by insurance seems to give some credence to our thoughts.  There is a movement by some to force women to give birth.

When I discuss the matter on Twitter the response is usually, "Well Black people have more abortions".  First, I don't care if humans look like me in the future.  My concern is that we have evolved to a level that speaks to the love we should be showing now. Secondly, who here wishes they had that Cro-magnon or Neanderthal look working for them?  Yet, there is a sector in America very concered about the "browning" of America. 

How many tanning beds do we have in this nation?  In all honesty, I know my Chickasaw and Choctaw ancestors were worried about the "whitening" of their land.  They had good reason for the whitening came came at the cost of almost total genocide.  Maybe I am blind but I really don't see genocide of White people in America happening.  Most people of color are tired of such violence and oppression.  We just want to live and to evolve to a higher level. 

Yet, this sector that fears the "browning" of America seems to run things or at least have the ears of those who do run things.  We are now fighting battles that were won prior to my birth.  Why are we discussing abortion when we refuse to provide food for the post birth children?  Why are we discussing access to the pill when we provide Viagra?

This sector also feels the need to show strength by buying guns & ammo in large quantities.  Mitch McConnell was greeted as a Roman conquer by the mere waving of a gun in the air.   Sarah Palin longed for a man such a Putin to be leader of America.  She seemed to be enthralled by his bear wrestling ability.  There are laws that allow for persons of color to be shot/killed even if the person of color was not the aggressor.  It is my view, nothing scientific, as America becomes more brown we will see more unnecessary aggression from some people.  It is my desire that these people wake the hell up and realize we are all Americans.  Even if you don't look like me, I still got your back. 


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