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SOTU: Infrastructure

A call went out last week from OFA asking what do we the people desire to hear in the SOTU.  Given I recently decided to break out on my own, I did not place much importance on the request at the time.  However, after hearing of the three GOP planned responses to the SOTU, I decided I should make my desire known.  Maybe just maybe the GOP will hear me and stop the wandering the path of obstruction.
It is time for America to progress and we cannot do it as long as the GOP continues to be focused on the destruction of Obama's terms as president.  Instead of spending the last five years focused on improving infrastructure in America, they have spent time attacking every GOP think tank idea put forth by President Obama.  Enough of the crap. We, the working poor of America, don't have time or money for rich boys' games.  I don't have $1B to give to the person creating the perfect bracket.  I do have a voice to encourage progress in America that lifts us all.

I use my voice…

Walking my talk Living my purpose

There comes a time in life when one is called to make a move beyond one's comfort zone.  When I moved to Mississippi many years ago, my friends asked if I would be safe.  They pondered how long I would last.  I told to them, Mississippi is home for me, I shall be okay.  Once I arrived home, I discovered being a Black lesbian was the least of my concerns. 

Although the state had had economic improvement, trickle down economics had not reached all of the population.  I arrived to a Mississippi that still employed what amounted to modern day sharecropping.  I have watched those with money abuse via legislation the rights of those without money.  Some members of the LGBTQ community expected me to be more vocal for our issues in Mississippi but the level of poverty in the state prevented my being able to do so. 

When I spoke out against poverty, the poor asked me to not stir the waters for they needed their jobs.  Yet, there comes a time in life when one is called to make a move beyond…

Moving past the assumptions

Earlier this month I launched a project on Kickstarter.  It was not funded.  I shall launch it again.  I had thought to not launch it again, allow another to tell the story. However, I had an email from someone on the 17th of January that inspired me to try again.  This person read my blog and assumed I had no work ethic.   She read a line I had written on my blog of dong no work during the holiday period.  She informed me I did not have the work ethic to produce an important documentary.  I replied to this person with a thank you.

This person's assumption is one of the reasons I am doing the project.  An assumption that Black people are lazy is why there is much talk and money thrown at the issue of drop-out rates amongst Black males but little real effort to correct the matter.  Money and talk without effective implementation will not correct the matter.  My work ethic is similar to that of many single parents and some two parents homes in Mississippi, we work.  I would work fr…