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Libby's Co-sign Diary January 31, 2015

This posting is the first in what may become a series.  I say may become for it depends on how much crazy people expect me to co-sign.  When you meet me online or offline, I am very open about the fact I call myself on my own shit.  The hint and a half in that confession is don't expect me to co-sign on your shit when I have shit of my own.  
If I am wrong, I don't expect you to agree with me.  Be real with me.  Don't co-sign on my crazy.  The only thing gained is more crazy.  We need more sanity.   Today, I had the pleasure of listening to  my sister degrade a school district in Georgia.  She was a little perturbed when I didn't co-sign on her rant.  How could I co-sign when the truth was already made known to me? 
The particular district of which she was bemoaning, happened to be one in which I once had a child enrolled. She lamented to me her time as a pupil in this district.  She felt the district had been  under preparing students for generations.   I spoke of the…

My SOTU response to the SOTU Comments of Others

SOTU:  I’m Loving It The president made the right speech last night regarding the state of the union.  Unlike many Democrats, he showed a spine last night.  He didn’t run away from the good of the union.  The President put the smack down on the GOP last night.  He bagged the teabaggers last night.  I loved it.  He called out Boehner who had spent the day stating Obama was concerned about his legacy.  The President responded last night with  #IknowBecauseIWoneBothOfThem.  We are blessed to have Obama as president.  He is in it for the people.  I loved last night’s SOTU.  Although, I was loving each moment of the speech, there were some not so happy with it.  Republicans and Black people didn’t like it.  The Republicans’ response to the speech was not a response but propaganda.  Sen. Joni Ernst stated at the start she wasn’t address the SOTU speech given by President Obama.  She instead focused on selling Keystone pipeline and Fox News talking points.  This tactic by the Republicans w…