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My SOTU response to the SOTU Comments of Others

SOTU:  I’m Loving It
The president made the right speech last night regarding the state of the union.  Unlike many Democrats, he showed a spine last night.  He didn’t run away from the good of the union.  The President put the smack down on the GOP last night.  He bagged the teabaggers last night.  I loved it.  He called out Boehner who had spent the day stating Obama was concerned about his legacy.  The President responded last night with  #IknowBecauseIWoneBothOfThem.  We are blessed to have Obama as president.  He is in it for the people.  I loved last night’s SOTU.  Although, I was loving each moment of the speech, there were some not so happy with it.  Republicans and Black people didn’t like it. 
The Republicans’ response to the speech was not a response but propaganda.  Sen. Joni Ernst stated at the start she wasn’t address the SOTU speech given by President Obama.  She instead focused on selling Keystone pipeline and Fox News talking points.  This tactic by the Republicans was predicted by me.  The first part is to dismiss President Obama as not important by not responding directly to his SOTU address.  The second part was to sell, for the Koch brothers, the making Keystone a priority in Congress over all else our nation needs.  The third part was to wrap all of the crap in a “doom and gloom” fig leaf of falsehoods. 
The Republicans seem to have forgotten where six years of all Republican rule got us under Bush.  When the Democrats did regain Congress in 2006, they were too spineless to challenge any of the Republican policies in place.   Last night Joe Manchin was on Rachel Maddow dry humping the idea of Keystone.  He is a Democrat.  Until Dems find a spine and run actual progressive candidates for office, we will have more Republican rule.  President Obama has brought this country a long way from where we were under Bush.  It is self-serving for the GOP to continue to promote “doom and gloom”. 
There is a segment of Black people falling for the “doom and gloom”.  Yes, police killing unarmed Black people is an issue.  It is an issue when unarmed Black people are killed by vigilante citizens without redress.  Yet, there is more to America than being Black.  I have stated over and over again, President Obama is president of America not Black America.  He has done much to help Blacks but it is up to us to take advantage of the help offered.  We will bitch and moan without doing the research.  Last year we didn’t vote.  What did we hope to gain by not voting?  The Republicans have shown to us what they will do.  Last night’s no-response from Joni Ernst is just continued validation of what GOP will do to you.  It is time for Black people to understand politics, government, and economics. 
I ask in all of the marching and die-in activities who are the new candidates?  Where are the people who will work within government to make the changes we desire?  What publications have emerged to inform people of local elections?  What  media is dedicated to discussion of local, state, and national legislation?  If we can get on Twitter to discuss #Scandal or #IKnowBecauseIWonBothOfThem, then we can use social media to stay informed.  However, if we continue to give into the crabs in a barrel syndrome we will achieve nothing.  Look beyond being a media sensation to creating a sensation around being involved in our government. 

The best means for getting involved is economically.  It is time to teach ownership.  We must return to actually owning business concerns that service our communities.  It is time to end the step-and-fetch routine of running to corporate America with our degrees.  Let’s support one another as each builds his or her business.  Being mad at Obama won’t change jack.

Links: As always read the links for the facts found in my opinions.


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