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When trolling goes wrong

Tonight, as I responded to a tweet about the recent tragedy in California, a user on Twitter responded to my post.  This user thought to be a troll.  After an exchange of roughly 100 tweets to me, he decided I may make money off his tweets.  He stated don't publish my tweets to your website.

I informed him the internet is still free.  When you post in a public forum you face many risks.  This person who sought to troll me about gun control attempted to threaten me.  I have little respect for trolls who lawyer up (Zimmerman style) when getting ass kicked.  As I explained to the person, he/she had two choices call lawyer to get understanding of laws or start scrubbing his/her tweets.

What he/she fails to understand is a lawsuit over his/her tweets to me(while trolling) would increase my readership and allow me to be able to blog full-time without having to work my 60 hour weeks.

....and he continues to cry foul while trolling.

....and he continues to threat while trolling
A little …

Alert: Progressive, Liberal, and Dems Read and Learn Time

This posting  is the contents of an email sent from the Tea Party to a buddy of mine.  Dems if we are to win this mid-term we need to put the money raised into action and not into personal bank accounts.  Time for action not dinners.

Actual content from email sent to a buddy:

Right now we have teams in Mississippi knocking on doors
and talking to folks about the primary race for US Senate.

Will you come join us in Mississippi for
a day, two days, or through June 3?

travel and lodging paid for by TPPCF


Will you make simple (really simple), quick
phone calls from home with our
easy to use website system?


Will you do nothing?

“Bad men need no better opportunity than
when good men look on and do nothing.” Contributions to the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund are not tax deductible
as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

When Boehner crows it is time to check on the chicks

When Boehner crows it is time to check on the chicks

I am not a scholar on public policy or even transportation.  However I have learned to watch  the sleight of hand that occurs in DC.  When  our policy makers pass legislation but only crow about there being no ear marks, I hear warning bells.  As of this writing I have not fully read the bill but a few key things about it demand questioning.   I pulled from the following questions and quotes. As I read on the website, I was immediately drawn to this statement: “Several agricultural groups and the Waterways Council expressed support for the conference report - even though many were still digging through the details.” – It seems I am not alone in fully reviewing the legislation that passed in the house.  As of May 15th 20014 neither had several agricultural groups and the Waterways Council.  I skimmed…

Don't Sleep on OAS: Read the comments

This posting is about not sleeping on the actions of a specific group in America.  These people have watched hours of Fox News and have lived in fear since 2001.  These people hoard food and prepare for zombie wars.  I watched the chatter on Twitter as millions failed to appear for the Operation American Spring take over of DC.  Most was ridicule a few saw the dangers lurking.

Allow me to state the obvious, these people could be routed via 3 drones in less than 1 hour.  However the real danger is we are dealing with a cowardly sect.  They buy guns and ammo in bulk.  They put their women and children on the front line.  They shoot unarmed Black teens and scream the teens threatened them.  Although we did not see 30 million in  DC marching to overthrow the govt, I don't doubt they exists.

Some of them are just flat-out racists and others are those who have lived in government sponsored fear since 2001.   Fox News has been continuing the fear campaign since the end of the Bush admin…

Wasting money

This posting is quick.  I have some studying to do today.  Although I have been known to throw money on the crap table, I am relatively thrifty.  Given my thrifty nature it is natural for me to be perturb with the hearings being held by Issa.  Issa has wasted both time and money attempting to create scandals.  At this point I can only see the scandals as being a nod to the base(Tea Party).  Just a nod mind you for theses hearings have no foundations.

One would think, after the multi-million dollar pornographic novel written by Kenneth Starr at the tax payers' expense, the GOP would give up the hunt for impeachment.  The only scandal I can see sits in the House.  It is a scandal that Issa is allowed to waste the money and the time of the American people.

Congress needs to get busy with our infrastructure.  We need for the EPA to be made stronger to handle the mass violation of regulation by corporations cutting costs.   We need for Congress to do the work of the people not run a t…