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My error

I was taken to task last night on FB for my blog post yesterday. In my post last night I mentioned Obama had low poll numbers. I received a link that his poll numbers were in the norm.

I apologize for my error. The purpose of my post was to get people to see beyond poll numbers. I desire to see progressives go on the offensive. They must become involved with the president. We need to let him know we desire change

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Obama has low poll numbers

This posting will be very quick. The president's poll numbers are low. So what?! Maybe he will listen to real Americans rather than tea bagging, media controlling, Koch brothers funded groups.

Now that we have his attention we need to use our 30 seconds to deliver our coherent message. When we deliver this message, we must stay on point. We are a diverse community with one simple message: do what is right for all Americans.

We need to engage our president. He needs to know we support him even when we are critical. We understand that he is the last stance between us and the wing-nut legislation of tea bagging elected officials( see news for Ohio's actions today). We need to bring him back into the reality of life in the United States for most Americans.

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I Need More ....

Today, a buddy and I argued over United States' involvement in Libya. She is for it, saying our president had no choice. I am against it, saying we did not have enough facts to act so quickly. I need more information as to why we are really in Libya. There are so many African nations where people are being slaughtered yet we are doing nothing. Why did we react so swiftly? Who are these rebels? Is our mission to bring down Qaddafi or to hamstring him enough to allow his people to bring him down? If we hamstring him enough to allow his people to bring him down then is our goal to bring him down?

Sen. Levin this morning explained that we became involved in Libya because the international community called for us to take action. I need more information as to why an international call was made for us to act against Libya but not Saudi Arabia, a country that violates human rights, support terrorist training, and has oil(…

Don't bring me down

I awoke with the chorus from the song Don't Bring Me Down in my head. The chorus played as my thoughts continued to be focused on Libya and the reaction of the liberals in America.

There seems to be a rift in the fractured grouping of liberals in America over Libya. Some are for the invasion while not happy with the constitutionality of the invasion. Others in the liberal camp are outright upset with the invasion while understanding the precedent Bush established by invading Iraq. We need to not allow Libya to bring us down.

We need to come together to maintain the fire that Scott Walker started for us in Wisconsin. That fire forged a bound in American liberals that has been missing since 2008. We need not allow Libya to break the bound.

We need to stay focus on the narrative that bounds our diverse group together. The narrative that puts all people first. This narrative does not allow corporations to usurp the power of the people. This narrative calls for corporations to pay …

Organizing an art form

This morning the art of organizing became a life lesson for me. I have worked as a project manager in another lifetime. However I was working with people who shared more than a common goal. We were are all technical people(geeks). Political organizing is different. It is really different when working with a diverse group of people as liberals often do.

My passion for progressive change in Mississippi is not enough to overcome the problems of disorganization. This morning I learned a few home truths of organizing in a liberal political environment.

Plan for the unexpected
Work with those who understand the importance of the cause

The rally planned for Gulfport did not turn out as desired. The responsibility rests on my shoulders. I now understand the importance of communication in organizing. It is important to communicate clearly the objective. It is important to clearly communicate expectations of those involved. It is important to listen to…

No Courage Required

Today, as I debated weather to appear at my son's school to encourage him to do right or to cut the lawn, I received a call from a kindred of soul. As we discussed an upcoming event, he said to me he admired my courage for taking a stand on certain issues. My mind went to my grandmother at his comment. She always said, "Do right and stay in church. God will be with you all your days." Although I have yet to find those words in the Bible, I do believe in what she said. Doing right does not require courage, it just requires doing. It is right to breathe and it requires no special courage. There are times and events in one's life that requires one to do right, and just like breathing no courage is required.

Where is the courage requirement to tell Congress "No" when it comes to exchanging UE benefits for continued tax cuts? What courage is required to pass a health care reform act that allows all Americans to have access to health care via…

My American Moment

Today, instead of maintaining a sense of anger, I choose to hangout online with some buddies on FB. We laughed and joked about the serious issues facing out country. As we worked to understand the mess and think of ways to mitigate the mess, I lost my anger. Therefore today I have no blog post. It is because of my FB buddies.

Please do not think I should accept any responsibility.

Also, I have been working with MS Unity Caucus to create a rally for the 4th of April. We must come together as a nation to get out of the mess we are in. We must come together to show the president and congress that America is not a land of oppression but home of the free.

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What is going on in Libya

This morning, I find myself having to work extra hard to find anger inside of me. My FB buddies had me laughing so hard I was crying. They were joking about the absurdity of our responses or lack of responses to serious issues.

One issue that has my attention is Libya. We have involved ourselves in yet another foreign military matter. Gas is already high here in the states. Our bombing Libya will not lower the price I pay at the pump. Why are we bombing Libya? Why are we in Libya?

I am not afraid to say I am against our bombing Libya. If we need to help the people in Libya so badly then we need to do the same for the other African countries. There are some who say to me I should say nothing for it would not look good on President Obama. So the love what?!?!! Spending money to bomb a foreign nation that has not attack us does not look good fiscally. In fact it looks downright terrible given we are looking at cuts to several domestic spending programs.

I do not have a ph.d.…

J-State is so scary

I have just arrived home after attending a meeting in Jackson. I should be asleep yet I feel compelled to write my thoughts on a matter that occurred last night on my job that really pissed off my other self.

A young lady at the job informed me that she was thinking of going to the "W" in the fall. When I asked her major she stated pre-med. After learning her major and her ACT scores, I suggested Jackson State University. I suggested JSU for I had recently learned of the number of students from other universities in the who transfer to JSU. A Black woman nearby overhead our conversation. She immediately stated how dangerous JSU was. She mentioned the woman that was abducted from the campus. I informed the young girl that women are snatched all over the world. As women we must remain alert when out and about. I then informed the young lady that her scores would qualify her for a larger number of scholarships at JSU. The other woman them piped up to say that JSU was a sorry …

GOP Hostage Takers

Once again the GOP is threatening to hurt the poor and the working poor. Just as the GOP held UE benefits hostage in exchange for an extension of tax cuts for wealthy, they are now threatening government services that benefit the poor and working poor. Instead of admitting extending the tax cuts for those making 250k a year was a bad idea, they would rather shutdown government. I am at a loss for civil words to describe shut thought processes.

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A shot in the foot

I am a devout independent when it comes to politics. I refuse to be roped into supporting either of the two main parties in the United States. I will stand behind a candidate who speaks to issues I find to be most important to me. Having said all of the above I shall now rant and rave about the Democratic party. I am sleepy and a bit perturbed with Democrats.

After the November mid-term elections many blamed President Obama for the losses. I blame spineless Democrats. In 2006 Democrats were elected to office across this nation. Instead of using the power of a call from the people to implement progressive policies, they continued the failed Bush policies. Local and state Democrats across the nation began to adopt Republican practices in vain attempts to cement their political careers. Instead of coming together to support progressive legislation they turned on each other. It is an embarrassment. I have watched Republicans stand together on bone headed policies such as subsidies for o…

Young Mississippians at it again

This afternoon, I took my son to a rally held by some amazing young people in Mississippi. These brave young people are with UnCut US Mississippi. It does my heart good to see young people doing more than just complaining. It is with shame that I think how my generation focused so much on making money that we lost our souls. We were the young Reaganites.

Between my mother’s generation and my child’s generation this nation lost its soul. It is with great joy that I see the children returning to the soul of America.

Please take time to listen to their skit about American tax dodging corporations. As always, remember I am learning to use the camera. If The Blair Witch Project made you queasy, only look at the still pics.

Going on the record

This morning I took my independent voting hinney to a Democratic gubernatorial candidate meeting. I awoke early to meet these candidates for I wanted to know who was brave enough to take a stand in a state so red that the current Republican front runner for governor is acting as if he is governor. I knew it would take someone passionate about Mississippians and increasing Mississippi’s economic success to beat the Republican front runner. This morning I believe I found that candidate. Please note I am not owned by any sponsor so I can write what I dang well want to write. I am an adult and I have adult conversations. I enjoyed Kirk Fordice and Ronny Musgrove in regards to how they brought adult conversations to Mississippians and the legislature. Bill Luckett seems ready to return Mississippi to the realm of adulthood.

Mr. Luckett let it be known that he and his opponent, Mayor Johnny Dupree, had made a decision to keep the primary race clean. I knew then we had two Dems who u…

America Land without a King: my letter to P. King

Contact King via fax 516-541-6602/202-226-2279 to express your view of his actions. I just did. I am done with the hate in this country. We need to get over ourselves and allow the sunshine and love into our lives and world view.

Rep. King

I am writing to you to denounce your actions in Washington. Our country is in a financial crisis and you are wasting money on investigating Muslims. I am not a Muslim, however; I am an American citizen. I find your actions to show fiscal irresponsibility and to be against the doctrine of equality.

Eric Rudolph and Timothy McVeigh were not Muslim. The person who put the bomb in a backpack in Spoken during the MLK parade is not Muslim. Your actions are racist and go against the doctrine of religious freedom. Your make a mockery of our military actions to maintain freedom for the citizens of this country when you seek to oppress a portion of the population currently enlisted in the United States Military.

I live unafraid and without guns in…

King Size Religious Fear

Whew!!! I am one tired woman. To be honest I am more tired than mad. I am tired of same stuff different day. This post will be short but not sweet. Who makes a grown man cry? WTLOAGAH(What the love of all good and holy) is going on in DC?!?! I mean really, WTL? What year is it in America? When did we adopt a state religion?

I thought our constitution forbids any form of a state religion. I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but I can cut more than butter. (
Rep. King needs to be recalled, impeached, or somehow silenced for his actions. Our nation is still in a financial crisis and he decides to oppress a sector of our population. WTL?!?! He needs to take his scared butt home.

I live in Mississippi and I am oh so not the flavor of the day in this state, yet I live my loving life. I do not seek to oppress anyone not even those who let me know they are out to make my life hard. When we live in fear, we have fear based actions. Actions born of f…

Mommy what is a warchest?

Last month as a gaze through the local state paper in Mississippi, Clarion Ledger, I read a piece about my senator, Roger Wicker. The article mentioned how Wicker was a shoe in to be reelected in 2012. The article also mentioned something about Wicker doing little to protect Mississippi in regards to health care and public education. The two items Mississippians use the most. Given Wicker does not work hard to protect Mississippians, I had to wonder why he would be a shoe in to win. The article mentioned a war-chest. This war-chest is Wicker's right to win the election.

Why is a war chest required to win elections? Who fills these war chests? What do you get in return for filling a war chest? ( Is the system honest when it depends so much on war chests?

It would be a major upset if people in this country would look beyond a war chest and see the candidates running for office. It is important that we stop relying on the media to give us third party …

Mighty Might

I wonder if we will flex our muscles in Saudi Arabia? I got a tweet today about a promise by the Saudi government to use force against those who would protest.

If we must flex in Lybia then surely we must flex in Saudi Arabia. They both have large oil reserves and women have little freedoms in Saudi Arabia.

I find it funny that we would intervene when our own countrymen are being threaten with arrest in Wisconsin.

So will we give into hypocrisy and flex our mighty might in the Near East or will we fix around our own backdoor first?

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Progressives speakers in Mississippi

Last Saturday, February 26th, a few Mississippians gathered together to support unions, teachers, police, firefighters, protesters in Wisconsin and to alert Mississippians to how we too may shoot ourselves in the collective foot. I expected a large number of Tea Party people to appear. The Tea Party propaganda machine is well oiled and sexy. I, a member of and the teamsters union( do not have a sexy, smooth sales pitch. We only have the naked truth, which has been trying to get attention for the last 11 years.

I am not sure how to dress the truth where it will gain attention of those who are opting out of the political process and those who continue to fall for the sexy-smooth pitch of those who encourage voting against self-interest. I am not sure how to dress the truth to get progressives to run for office in Mississippi even when it looks to be a losing battle. Currently the Republicans in Mississippi do not have a Democratic challenger for L…

Are We Alive

I have worked very hard this week. The pain in my body reminds me that I am alive. Yet as I work to motivate people in Mississippi to come together to make a plan for the progressives in the state, I wonder if our cause is a lost one. I wonder what does it take to keep the energy alive.

The people in Wisconsin have been ordered home by a judge. The governor of Wisconsin plans to arrest the Dems who fled the state. Ohio legislature has passed legislation to nullify unions. The Republicans in Mississippi run for public office unchallenged. I however am having a very hard time getting people in Mississippi to host a planning party.

I wonder if I am alone in feeling a sense if urgency? If I am alone then why? Am I the only one not willing to just rollover and take what the Tea Party lead GOP is handing out. When do we come alive?

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Listening Skills

I think I may know our problem in America. We are not listening to each other. After I got Vitter's message of "not listening to me", I got another message of "not listening to me" from Congress. I now know Stivers is not listening. It is ok if he does not vote as I desire but at the least acknowledge you have heard me. I do not think I shall "like" him on FB. I know, childish, yet I am ok with my behavior. Smile. We need to listen to each other with acknowledgement of one another's view. It is no longer enough to just say hooray for our side. We are discussing our country. At the rally Saturday we allowed a Tea Party member to say a few words to which we listened. Listening did not change me but I understood how he could hold such views. The House needs to listen to me, you and other Americans. The House needs to put aside the dictates of corporations. We must make them listen.

February 15, 2011 Click here if you have trouble viewing this ema…

Someone who is not working with me

What happens when Congress does not work with you. You get these types of email.

Dear Friend,

As you know, I enjoy hosting town hall meetings. In fact, I've been hosting regular town hall meetings all over the state since I was first elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004.

Last week, while Congress was home for its district work period, I hosted six town hall meetings in Webster, Natchitoches, Avoyelles, Jefferson Davis, Iberia and Lafourche Parishes. And although I visited different parishes in different regions of Louisiana, three issues dominated the discussions: spending, debt and rising gas prices.

If Washington stays on this reckless path, it will kill our economy. Every man, woman and child in this country right now has $45,000 worth of debt on the federal level. We need a spending straitjacket for Congress. That's why I'm coauthoring a bill to require Congress to present a balanced budget each year.

At the town hall meetings, I also discussed how I'm using every to…

Doggie Wants the Ball?

This rant will be quick. Am I alone in noticing how much coverage has been given to the Oscars vs the amount given to Wisconsin by the MSM? What is happening in Wisconsin is a wake up call for the rest of the United States. The Wisconsin moment and it's outcome is vital to the United States as a whole. Yet, even today I am being forced feed Oscar news. The different spins have been too many Brits, nit enough Blacks, and Charlie Sheen. I love movies. I normally see movies first run with my son; snacks and all. I love movies. However, I do not think or feel in my heart the Oscars should be the lead story when we have basic American rights being threaten by the government.

We have a problem and the powers that be are dead wrong if the think the Oscar hype will take my gaze off Wisconsin. We must not be distracted by award shows and celebrity drug issues. We must continue to press our elected officials to serve us and not to oppress us.

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